: Gnar has a pathetically small attack range early game (400, which is one of the lowest ranged ranges in the game), in the bot lane range dictates how strong a champion can be early... with a low attack range and a ‘sluggish’ mobility (not something fast like lucien) gnar will be bullied heavily early game... more so in mega gnar form... this isn’t even taking into account the support engaging on him. Mid lane can work but adc doesn’t What your experiencing is a bias to do with match up knowledge... even in bad lanes the winner is the one who understands the lane best not always the one who counters the other, the advantage that comes from off meta picks is that your almost guarenteed to understand the match up better regardless of how experienced the enemy is, so a top lane main will likely know how to navigate a gnar match up and will understand gnar’s strenghs or weaknesses in lane but an adc or support main likely won’t therefore you can abuse them So no it isn’t strong or at all good, your just abusing the match up knowledge... not a bad thing I do it plenty with kayn top or koggie mid, but don’t confuse that with it being good and beware players who can figure out the match up.
Then that is why mate I learned Gnar's weaknesses and strengths and the Champions he is even with and who gnar is well with. So I play safe when one of my weaknesses are on the same lane as me and out-smart them so trickery is key to success with Gnar
: Gnar ADC?
By the way for those who read the comments I just want to say in one game when I was ADC as Gnar I got over 30 kills, 1 death and 9 assists
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