: It is the reasoning of someone level-headed. If you want to take a video game so seriously then it's your prerogative, after all you're only young once. On the other hand, it is a little counter-intuitive to create such a post as this and then to subsequently assert that you fully intend to take the game seriously. This is what you get what you take the game seriously. So, in short, put up or shut up :)
real quick question, Why the fk did riot put normal / aram then ? ,if u wanna fkin tryhard u ganna play ranked if u wanna play for fun and maybe practice u got normal if u wanna just chill wasting time u got aram , so stop talking about it's only game ,people who care will only play ranked and probably will face player like u who just wanna make people mad or just wanna troll for no reason .
: Tired of losing because of trolling team mates
go play minecraft and try to build a good house is much better atleast it won't get u mad believe me it won't for me playing trash game like minecraft is much better playing this game with stupid people


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