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DaWrath (EUW)
: My quick tale of some random guy guessing (or hacking) my account password
You got lucky, one of my accounts was permabanned because I didn't play league for a year. I checked my mail and I had over 20 requests to reset my password in different languages, and eventually the guy gave up on trying to steal that account and instead started using hacks and got it permabanned. Of course, the support team gave me 2 automated responses, not even giving me an actual person to talk to so I can get my issue resolved, but whatever, good thing it was an alt account on a server I didn't really care about and I hadn't spent money on it. Had to change passwords on literally everything after that but hey, lesson learned, don't trust even the longest and most complex passwords, make different ones for different things and don't share with anyone.
: Is it everyone of you thinks everyone has a LOL cilent serves or No one going to changing computer
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