: Guys, seriously
Why you guys still hope for clash.All the time clash comes the servers dont work.And its not the first time that this happens.
: bot lane has less impact then 2 minion waves on top lane
Im happy im not the only one that feel this.I tried mid jgl too and i can say bot impact looks null to other roles. You just cant carry without a team.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: at least you get some good support players ,if i would have this luck on eune... , but they all banish ... There is more that you have to learn about adc... ,those ain't all you need to know as adc :)
Thats an issue too because is a duo lane but not that hard.Because ive won bot tons of times getting feed too and still couldnt carry games.Jgl mid even top have higher impact.With less kills too.
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: im a pogchamp supp but im stuck in low elo bc of my team mates. You can look at ym match history and add me if u want :P i can paly mostly all supps
Wouldnt mind tryng but im gold.So its restriction.I can duo with silver/plat players.
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: I never said Lee has highest banrate, btw Akali does, not Ekko. Not even close with that.
Ekko got highest banrate in jgl.. The point was..that broken ass champs need to be focused on .Not lee sin.He is not op.What about {{champion:523}} {{champion:84}} %%%%ing {{champion:38}} who got -5 movement speed nerf cuz riot is stupid. What about {{champion:245}} who seem to be op in the jgl.High dmg and no cd R.What about that??%%%% lee sin his not op idc no one should.Focus on real deal here.
: If champion is picked 35% of the time with 33% banrate, out of 30 different playable characters, I do, in fact, think said champion is strong. Also well done on ignoring my second argument
Yeh..when a champ is picked "is strong".Thats a bad way to think about it. And btw highest ban rate is ekko.And still not nerfed.Oh ye and he got 53% winrate too while lee 50%.
Rotchamar (EUW)
: We have a mage problem here
Mages are in the best spot right now.Yet riot is either sleeping or just dumb.Cheap items tons of dmg a lot of possibilities.
: There are 14 adcs right now, half of them playable. and 40 junglers, nearly 30 of them playable. See the problem now?
SO your logic...because a champ is played more then Others "NERF".I see...
: He doesnt have good winrate coz of his playrate. If only players who can play him played him, his Winrate would easily be around 55% Also yes, if champ is played often he should get nerfed. Because it means that champ is a safe pick. Something everyone can just randomly pick and do ok-ish with, is clearly a strong pick.
You know...{{champion:236}} gets picked a lot too.nerf him?I dont think so.I hope riot dont listen to people like you.Will ruin League badly.
: Honestly what the %%%% Riot games? When did playing support solo become this hard to carry matches?
Since forever.Botlane was Always team reliant.Especially ardent support or tanks.So i get your frustration as main adc too. I think {{champion:16}} is very strong tho.If you keep spamming her you might get elo.Soraka is the best{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Lee Sin is getting extreamly repetetive to play against
So because a champ is played more often he should get nerf?Who the %%%% agree with this lel.He is not op at all. Why should a champ get nerf if his not overpowered..People this days man.
The1One (EUW)
: Matchmaking for placements is rigged against certain players?
Same here.I got certain players that are worst then bots.I dont know how that even happens.Truth is when i lose a game is instant lose ff15.Literally dominated no way to comeback.Easy lose. But when i get the chance to win a game i must 1v9 and they such hard games is insane.It makes no sense.Begin of the season is pure luck.I see no skills in here.And i played with my both accounts.Placements i lost most of them no matter how well i did play those games.
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: I'm by no means saying that the guy stalking you was in any way a good thing - that kind of behaviour is very much on them and if what you're saying is true, I do hope Riot is able to do something about it. But... Tars and feathers the entire playerbase of EUW as "having big issues" and questions what could be wrong with them... ...yet the only anecdote in the post to back it up is based around the behaviour of _one_ person. You mind explaining _that_ inconsistency to me?
I played several servers.And this stalking think with this kind of "people" happened only euwest.This is not the first time too. This guy simply added me to play togheter.And i asked for main support.I did check his op gg and unfortunatly he wasnt main support so i said "sorry but no thx im looking for main support". He started sayng lies deleting me and then when i posted on forum that i search a main support he is Always there sayng that i flame and im a bad guy and stuff.The truth is i didnt even play one single game with him.So you can see the guy seems to spread lies about me. .Just because i refused to play with him.I dont wanna judge entire "euwest" but holy moly most of this problems happen in this server.Just because i refuse to play with them...Its weirdd
: He didn't flame one bit despite my Yuumi pick essentially losing him the game. He didn't even react to his team blaming him for it, so I'd argue that he's indeed a very good Duo partner that doesn't tilt imidiately and won't blame you for every mistake you make.
Dont bother with him this guy have big issues.I didnt even play with him.Not even one game.I just refused him bcs i saw his not main support.Now he is lieng and stalking me.Weird person.
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Rinart73 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Majordx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1EKZMEUZ,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2020-01-03T21:32:14.820+0000) > > First of all Cait is lategame She is pretty decent in early game. And she is more of a mid-late game champion. And even then, she is not supposed to be **that** strong considering her decent range. > [{quoted}](name=Majordx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1EKZMEUZ,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2020-01-03T21:32:14.820+0000) > > she got no mobility Technically she has E which is decent for escaping a single enemy. > [{quoted}](name=Majordx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1EKZMEUZ,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2020-01-03T21:32:14.820+0000) > > And you must be pretty dumb to walk on here traps No need to be rude buddy. In a wild mix of flashes, skins colors etc its harder to spot a trap. Plus now we have more bushes and traps behind turrets is still a thing. > [{quoted}](name=Majordx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1EKZMEUZ,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2020-01-03T21:32:14.820+0000) > > but you dont cry about Kassadin needs nerfs, his lategame is exactly 1vs5. Kayle lategame is pretty annoying but considering that she is pure garbage lategame, she is not the biggest problem right now. There are bunch of other op champs.
Dude cait is lategame.ONLY LATEGAME.Her early dmg is so bad.Play her then talk about it. Her e is not a big of an escape...Is probably a dodge potential.Most people use it for dmg for headshot. You dont play adc...I can see that.Especially that adc dont even have a proper rune anymore cuz riot is dumb af and nerfed evrything related to them.So you take fleet footwork for just a little heal early cuz you have nothing to take.
Skýcrow (EUW)
: I agree on this so much. There should be a save cap like in Master+ but for leaving games. For example, in master u have to play every day 1 game or ur save of "10games" keeps lowering each day by 1 savegame, if u don't play 10games in 10days on average u drop out of The tier. _This means riot already has made a system in league that is basically like a (gamecounter)_ ___ They could use smth similar for afk/ragequit/dc. (leavercounter)___ "lv1 Punishment" If u hit 3Afks in 15matches, ur going to get "leaverbustered" and ur locked for 24hours and should be notet. "lv2 punishment" Then the required number for the next penalty goes down to "2" and this system locks in for a entire year. If u afk in 2 games on ur next 15games and ur already penalised once u should be immediately locked for 7 days. This "lv2" punishment should continue until a new season starts. This for sure will not make all ragers dissapear but alot of them would stop ragequiting because the penality is so damn Harsh. I have seen extreme hardcore ragequiters who simply leave all games when they die once on lane, they do it severall times way more often than just 3 times in 15games duration. We could easely stop at least such hardcore ragequiters by creating a similar system that i have described. And in my opinion it's also not that hard to do so, since as i said riot already has a similar system invented but made so for games played instead of games left
The punishment needs to be more heavy.20 min queue is nothing thats why players do it. Increase that and we will see a big change in ranked.
: I didn't say he doesn't perform well. All I said was that I don't think he's broken because there's actually a number of champs that counter him decently. All you need to do is kite him and harass him off cs. That denies him gold, can force him to back, and widens the xp/gold gap. And just like you said, "a champ that can perform well in any situation is a champ that needs a nerf", but since there's a multitude of champs that counter him that's clearly not the case lol, so I guess we're in agreement :P Morde's not broken :D
"COUNTER DOESNT MEAN A CHAMP IS NOT BROKEN". Even the most op champ in League can get countered dude...Morde is op.And statistics show that too with his winrate and insane picks. One champ that can do DMG HEAL TANK SHIELD is OP.He can do what most champs cant.Thats why is in a favorite position.And it seems conqueror made him even more busted.
Rinart73 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1EKZMEUZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-03T20:33:46.354+0000) > > but bad late game as the carry She basically one/two-shots most of non-tank champions late game, not to mention her ult. She is overtuned, her charged AA deals too much damage, her headshot on trapped enemies does too much damage.
First of all Cait is lategame.ADC lategame should be strong.More then that she got no mobility so she dies easily.Her early is garbage.And you must be pretty dumb to walk on here traps. And even more then that you need 3 +items to actually start playng.And the items are expensive.{{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3095}} after this you actually start playng.You qq about adc doing dmg where they squishy af and getting 1 shot by evryone but you dont cry about {{champion:38}} or {{champion:10}} that scale better then adc and 1v9???You people are noobs.
: THAT'S MY POINT Maybe read my post less literally and in context to OP
You realise {{champion:82}} is broken at the moment right?Just because you can "counter "a champ doesnt mean he doesnt perform very well. Too mutch healing in the game and a champ like morde that can abuse Conqueror is overpowered.Its actually insane that riot still didnt nerf its healing. A champ that can perform well in any situation is a champ that needs a nerf.And all the time i see a morde seems to be a hell of a game against him.
: People who say "top lane is hard to carry as"
Why you care what people on forum say?Most of them have no idea wtf they sayng.They probably waste more time on forum then playng the game.Especially that 90% of them or more are low elo. Top is more then ok.Id rather deal with feed bot then a feed toplaner like {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:82}} dumb stupid Champions.
: Well, if you gave Faker or Uzi your account, they would reach challenger before long. So yeah it's down to you. Everyone's dealing with the same sh|t.
I dont know if faker is chalenger now.I remember he was stuck diamond for an entire season.
: Season 9 is just a total mess, i see people in plat 4 as an example with 2k games 1k games and so on with a negative win rate, simply playing the worst type of gameplay you've ever seen but yet they dont get demoted, this season ruined ranked soloq since ppl that play tons of games get rewarded instead of playing well, they only play alot of games, being able to climb with a 47% win rate which is legit stupid xD
Thats so truth my friend.If they do the same shit s10 with "soft reset" we will see 45% winrate players in diamond and higher.Sad.
: As someone who plays Morde in ranked, albeit at low-elo, whenever my champ isn't banned or picked first, I'm likely to go up against a Quinn, Teemo, Vayne, Veigar or Ryze, Camille. You know, champs with ranged(ish) damage and cc who can punish you the second you walk up to cs. Try playing any of those champs and tell me which one is "broken" in the new context, lol. Yes, you can win lane vs them as Morde, but you're waiting for them to make mistakes instead of actually engaging properly (unless it's like a flash-e R) EDIT: Because some people on the boards appear to be extremely literally minded, I feel the need to point out that I'm being sarcastic when I'm calling Vayne, Ryze, Camille etc "broken". I'm simply responding to OP who says that Morde is broken. None of these champions described in either post are broken, they are just good, or decent, counters.
Just because you get countered doesnt mean they "broken".
azztech27 (EUW)
: the way to beat morde is to just use a ranged champ and bait out his E during early levels, with a morde its hard to close a gap without your E so all you can do is either run the other way or try to rush them. if you run the other way they can still get a few hits onto you and if you try to rush them they can just slowly move under turret whilst taking shots at you. TL;DR: use a ranged champ and dodge the E before engaging.
Ye..so easy lol.Evryone talks but no one knows wtf they sayng.If it was that easy morde wouldnt be that op in the first place. The problem here is his sustain.RUNES HEALING CONQUEROR +ITEM {{item:3146}} that works on him..its just broken.TOo mutch god damn healing in this game.And he can build tanky too after his best items.{{item:3151}} {{item:3116}}
: Sure thing! Go to settings>interface, among the options you will se that there are two that can be ticked: one is "Show allied chat", the other one is "Show ALL chat". I have removed both and since then I have played WAY BETTER and had WAY MORE FUN. Also, you can see if someone has to be reported at the end of the game, because they will probably keep flaming :) Only advantages :P
Thx really didnt know about this.Will help me a lot.
bill98 GR (EUNE)
: Wintrading
First inting then ragequit/afk now wintrading..The game starts to be unplayable i swear.At least in ranked.If riot dont wake up i have a feeling solo que will die soon.
: Well from my experience (been playing since season 2), I have seen that many lose games after the chat starts burning. I can't stress enough how good is that they added the "remove chat" option. I can just ignore everything and focus entirely on the game. I managed to get plat 3-4 in both queues last season and now I am aiming to reach diamond {{champion:235}}
Wait wait you can remove chat?
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: Its not about being fed, its about the scaling. Adcs are late game champions, now the whole game is just being bad and doing more damage than you. Most adcs scale at 2 items rn. Stormrazor and IE
Adc was Always "lategame carry".However right now evry champ in League scale better then Adc.Thats why they pretty trash.And already they very weak early.Especially with nerf bot you get lv 9 while enemy top gets lv 13.. Even with this 2 items {{item:3095}} {{item:3031}} is not enough for adc to scale.You simple get {{item:3047}} and their dmg is reduced by a lot.Beside did you saw the costs of this 2 items?Is not even cheap. Youre talking like adc is so easyyyyy yet they can get 1 shot by evryone.There are tons of items armor that counter them and yet..you make them look so simple.
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: I mean, did you see how Draven kills any assassin? Ok, did you see Cait using : AA E AA Q R ? okay, what about Tristana W E 3AA R ?
You probably talking when they feed af….Ye evry champ can do that buddy.Evry champ that gets kills can do some shit.Yet an adc 30 0 can die to an assasin 1 0.So dont bother yourself. Adc does dmg in time they dont 1 shot.And to actually do AA E AA Q R.....you need time to do so +items.Thats mean you either fed as hell early or you get to lategame where you get 3+items. Isnt adc supposed to scale at 3 +items??Their early is garbage af.
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: How's there an adc that deals no damage ? All adcs are dealing some "ridiculous" damage and you're telling me you have an adc that deals no damage
LOL "ridiculous" dmg you funny dude. Most of adc cant even autoatack more then 3 times before getting 1 shot."RIDICULOUS DMG"LOL.
: uh oh he got told off 👀
Call me Jhon Cena {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Is this the last game you're talking about? https://i.imgur.com/odF3POL.png Let me give you a quick reality check then.. Nobody cares. You go on a tirade about saying how the game isn't fun anymore and how all of your friends have stopped playing it, whilst simultaneously blatantly %%%%%ing about a shitty game you had. "And of course I'm the one to blame." - Yes, yes you are. You're getting overtly tilted by a shitty game you had. Suck it up. You've played a total of 4 ranked games *today* with two wins and two losses. Your winratio is 54% over close to 400 games. You're playing in preseason. You explain your games as if you're taking it personally and it's something that you're going to remember for the rest of your life. You *manage* to be honor level 5 as if it's something that's so damn difficult to achieve. The only thing that's derived from all that you've written is that you're angry and you decided to be a keyboard warrior on a public forum complaining because you amount to what's called an 'excuse' player. I'm currently in Master I @ 215 LP. The only thing you can actually do to improve the way you play is the good old saying "Go next". Here's some actual advice: Queue up, game after game, no matter the result, and you'll get sucked in. It'll start to feel fun again once you start actually grinding. Talk to a friend, try duo queue with a friend or with someone you find to be a good player, listen to whatever music you'd like and actually play the game instead of complaining. No matter how direct (And quite possibly rude) this post is, just remember one thing: Nobody actually cares enough. Play your own game and have fun doing it.
Damn dude you have no mercy.{{sticker:darius-angry}} But you must agree with him that League is not that fun anymore.ITS PURE TRUTH.
: Kassadin’s ult gives him great mobility late game... early game he either doesn’t have the mana for that mobility or hadn’t unlocked it yet. While it’s not a major change it does make him more vulnerable to ganks and lowers his ability to dodge pre 6 which should be his weakest point. Again like with irelia nerfing isn’t something you do once and it’s done, you give gradual nerfs till they are in a good spot.
Even tho i agree {{champion:38}} early is bad...once he reach lv 16 game is over.Like {{champion:10}} .And is not even difficult to pass early game right now.With all this new runes and healing runes is just dumb.Gives them decent early. You just dont get to play the game anymore..
: Real Kassadin nerfs when
Really?They nerf him -5 movement speed xDD.Riot balance team is on drugs i swear. They did same with irelia and that didnt change nothing.Beside why they think nerf movement speed will change something?They dont know how its ult works..
Zounatic (EUW)
: If I was the Balance Team right now..
You know most of champs you talking about are either bad or super strong. {{champion:266}} buff why??He is more then ok.{{champion:516}} nerf what?You realise tanks do bad right now because bruisers...Riot balance team is a joke lost faith in them but seriously your ideas are not that great. I agree with conqueror tho.It should be nerfed.And some nerf on champs like senna. Pyke is pretty bad right now.Still annoyng to deal with but not op at all.No need to be nerfed even more. {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} are not broken.And {{champion:64}} op?LOL.Just because they are popular doesnt mean they broken.
: It's not exactly drop is still and more regarding what happend over the seasons: * **Ranked system:** To be fair Silver V used to be the average elo, Silver used to be the place where the average player was located. Because some experimental changes towards the ranked system this line quickly changed to Silver I and ever since the removal of the V division it's everyone silver became gold and every gold became plat. Currently Gold IV contains 1/3 of the entire silver division!!! Yes you heared it right. Gold IV contains almost 15% of the ranked playerbase. Silver I contains about 7%, Silver II has 8%, Silver III 6% and Silver IV about 9%: https://www.esportstales.com/league-of-legends/rank-distribution-percentage-of-players-by-tier But hey plat IV only contains 9% of the playerbase right... It's flat out stupid... So next time you see * a Master, don't worry he's just Diamond * a Diamond he's Plat * a Plat he's Gold * a Gold, he's Silver; * a Silver, he's Bronze * a Bronze, he's Bronze * a Iron, he's Bronze V * **The fall of marksmen:** having bot diversity in the botlane was a really nice change. The problem is now they changed it up again where it's required to have a markmen in the botlane again. You see many inexperienced marksmen popping up. They haven't play it since last season so it's not mistery they make & break teamfights not just in lower mmr.
Wtf are you talking about?Diversity bot?If a %%%%ing top can be played bot thats not diversity.Thats mean adc is completly garbage.And someone else do their job better.Is like s8 where bruisers were evrywhere.Because they were the strongest. You couldnt play tank or adc or assasins.Just bruisers for the win.Its not diversity.Its something bad af.I cant believe people think its good when an assasin could replace your adc in bot bcs adc is garbage..
Skýcrow (EUW)
: EUW has a problem. RAGEQUITERS
You have no idea.Ive played with a support that actually even stalked me lol..She still does probably. I played with her and beside the fact shes toxic as hell she ragequits even tho the game just started xD.Like what mentality is that.Ive never seen this in many servers.Only in euwest.She simply blame Others and even tho the game just started she ragequits simply for no reason. Thats just one example there are many Others..Im glad i got rid of her tho.Her attitute was discusting.I believe there are tons like that .To simply ragequit because...you just die once or you dont feel like playng when you started already a game. Yet riot punish flame because they think thats the biggest issue here.
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: It's not broken, it's called MMR. You've probably been losing a lot on your main, and your MMR is low, that's why you're only gaining 18 lp and you're matched with worse players. On your smurf you've probably had a very high winrate, so you got matched with better players, and you're gaining more. It's literally just how MMR works, there's nothing broken about it.
What do you mean better players??Its gold evryone have the same skills.Same with plat.Just because you play better doesnt mean you get "better players".You find same skilled players or less. He probably got lucky to get plat on smurf.50/50 teammates right.MMR was broken from the begin of the season anyway.
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Shamose (EUW)
: That's easy. It's Size. EUW is the biggest server there is. That's the reason EUW is always last when Riot is implementing new things. First try the smaller servers, then onto bigger ones to see if it can handle the load.
Aight fair enough.But still..Being the most populated server should have more attention.
Shamose (EUW)
: > Tell me "2 different servers" when actually west gets this big issues all the time while eune dont..LOGIC for you ah? What are you on about? Yes they are 2 different servers. EUW is bigger than EUNE. EUW is in Amsterdam, while EUNE is in Frankfurt. Are you gonna tell me they are the same server?
No they not same server.My point was EUWEST Always have this big issues while many other servers DONT. Its not first time this think happens.Yet we there.And honestly people from euwest can play eune too easyyyy.Its still part of europe.Actually i get better ping in eune even tho im from italy.So thats euwest. SHOCKING.
Shamose (EUW)
: > But the big issue here is that EUNE works perfectly fine. Almost like they are 2 different servers.
Tell me "2 different servers" when actually west gets this big issues all the time while eune dont..LOGIC for you ah?
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