Eurel (EUW)
: Bug with fixed Cam after minimizing window
Leftclicking and dragging on your minimap fixes it.
: Riot, I am really disappointed about this year Snowdown
He will get the santa hat in July, cause Rito will make their events independent from the actual season. Like Harrowing in mid november =)
: Your are implying that Yasuo has damage early game,which he doesnt,not even with a shiv and a agility cloak,in a straight up fight any other champion will dumpster him with the same gold worth of his items unless the Yasuo player can outplay him. Thats why Yasuo will not be nerfed,because the champions core resource is player skill. No matter how much people cry and claim hes easy. BTW: riots official chart with riots official data found here:
Yasuo main spotted.
Coterus (EUNE)
: Pre-Season's snowballing is really gettin' out of hand here~
I've seen a post on twitter by sneaky i think, they changed a lot about the EXP system and didn't write it into patchnotes..riot balance team in a nutshell. Nah this doesn't change anything, no need to tell the players.
: [BUG]: "View Profile" Masteries in Champ select
It's only 3 years old, gonna be fixed soon™
Stell (EUNE)
: Recipe for spaghetti [How to cook part 3]
disappointed, expected a joke about rito code.
: Man, I love Soraka. Carried me out of Silver, even. A bit scared that she'll become popular now though (already seeing tendencies)... Or banned out a lot. Thing is, she's easy to counter. Run and assasin that can burst her/her carries down and you're good to go. Kha, Rengar, even Blitz. She's almost helpless against them, especially if her silence is on cooldown (at which her carries are dead in a split second. Crossing my fingers that she'll remain sonewhat unseen for a while, I do love her to death and intend to keep her as my comfort-pick.
I already see her banned in like 90% of my games though :D sorry man
: Truth is, is one of those champions that dont have hard counters, and every time its a skill matchup. You can go and say that irelia counters, or pantheon counters her (like everyone hurp) or kennen counters her, but in reality, its always a skill matchup. Skill matchup, mind you, doesnt mean you 1v1 the riven and u win. Is, you outsmart riven, and win the game. Go defensive, wait cooldowns, play like a pu ssy, go even, engage at lvl 8/10 , dont push the lane but dont let her get the tower, and see how useless riven is, and always was. Thats why shes 5 years trash tier in comp. Just an example, half people claim she dominates nasus (which is true) , the other half say that nasus destroy riven in every way (also true) . There is just no right answer when it comes to riven.
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DogIsGod (EUNE)
: "RNG is a bad game design" so we've decided to
{{champion:157}} {{item:3087}} {{item:1018}}
Rioter Comments
: KOOs attitude is an example for ALL players of this game!
: Best of CLG Doublelift
Best of CLGs teamwork & failing enemies serving Doublelift Pentakills on a silverplate.
: I keep falling in divisons and the season is about to end, help!
I can only give you the advice to stop playing if u get matched with Plat 3 and 4 regularly, had the same problem 1 League below u and got demoted go gold, thought there was a warning but there isnt. :D
QueenD88 (EUW)
Uhm..not sure if we're talking about the same game, basically every support is viable if you can play him decent.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do platinum players not know how to close out late games?
SoloQ man..some people understand the game, and others are just good at laning 1v1, but got 0 clue what to do thereafter.
: *Brace Embracing something means you welcome it.
Shame on me :( danke.
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: Trying to find a good ADC
Actually all of the ADCs are in a pretty good spot atm. I've started to play ADC with caitlyn, she's one of the safest pick to learn the role, cause of her long range and selfpeel. Jinx and Vayne are really strong, but I would not recommend them if you are new to the role. Sivir is a good pick as well, spellshield is very strong and nice waveclear. =)
: Aaaaand Origen did it again :D
They ALWAYS take something when giving up an objective, wolves should've known that :D
Smittles (EUW)
: Well if it happened at Worlds then it's safe to say they know about it, I have only played one game since the Kindred patch, and that was with Amumu, so maybe the fix was in this latest patch, who knows!
Well, they decided it was not a gamebreaking bug hurr durr rito pl0x.
v1rtue (EUW)
: You do get soft-ish warnings that you're about to be demoted when your LP gains for winning a game are much lower than the LP losses for losing one. When it gets to +12 for a win and -25 for a loss, you're about to be demoted. I myself have been demoted from plat V to Gold I twice this season, but both times I fought back to plat V. It's not impossible and you can do it.
Hm yeah had those i guess. Already back =) staying away from wanked til season end i guess. :D
Kauski (EUNE)
: u deserve to be gold
Thanks for your explanation and nice words, helped me a lot! :)
LZ Flame (EUW)
: if you had a plat 5 mmr you cant get demoted for only 7 looses in a row
My mmr was below, like gold 3 ish. However it is stated, that you get warned prior demotion which i didn'nt. :X
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: Hai gave Febiven the middle finger
Really bad mannered, after i saw this i'm glad they got rekt.
: TP mid laners are ok. Especially if they play Lulu or the enemy is Lulu. Basically, every mid laner that has a weak pre 6 (Diana for example), every mid laner that is hard to kill (Lulu for example) can run TP in a viable way. Assassins however should stay with Ignite. Control mages should stick with Barrier/Exaust. Burst mages should stick with ignite or eventually cleanse vs tricky match-ups.
However, my Oriannas take Teleport and no Armor/MR facing fishes and shadows, then complaining how op they are.^^
: Thanks FNC
+ TP midlaners all over the place
MistWind (EUW)
: Diana does alot of damage and is also tanky?
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Malefîcent,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iUfsOGPB,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-10T00:36:22.585+0000) > > I peaked Plat 3 this season, eventually dropped back to P5 cause of some losing streaks. Now my MMR is smth like G3 but i keep losing more and more games, cause there seems to be at least, AT LEAST one smurf in a game, usually enemy team unfortunately. While i got nothing against smurfing in general, it just sucks to get matched with 1, 2 or even 3 guys in the enemy team, gotting main accounts between mid plat and dia, stomping through the rift. I am able to hold myself against a better player without ending 0/10, but many people cannot, which is reasonable, cause preferred champions of smurfs are the flashyplay ones, you know what i'm talking about. > the kind of champion you can do nothing against if you got an average +2 kill +20 cs on your own lane. > These kind of games are simply extremely frustrating, not only for me, but especially for the poor dude getting demolished by > xXxBestRivenZedKataLeblancLeesinFizzxXx being 1 or 2 Leagues above him. > While I got no solution for this, i just wanted to share my thoughts and see if anyone elsed noticed smth like that. If i may ask, something i always wondered in this threads: You say u have 1, 2 or 3 smurfs in enemy team, how do you know enemies are smurfs? Cuz u see high Gold,Platinum and even low Diamond are all mechanically similar, only warding and certain decision making are different. So how can u decide if someone is smurf and not just better player of same division?
Sure. Maybe im wrong sometimes and ppl are just extremely good players or experienced from other mobas, but if i see a 100-200 normal games playerin completely stomping games in midgold, i **assume** they are smurfing. edit: i usually check their profile as well, im not a whiny retard who can't handle a loss, in fact i like playing against better players in my own lane. But when, for example, i play adc and win my lane and end up getting rekt by a 15 kill riven after 20 minutes i just want to cry in a corner =)
Drasilvia (EUW)
: Probally lots of boosters due to end of season or people who want to push there smurfs to diamond or master like me. Just dont play anymore and you will have your plat rewards i cant give any other tips than that
Thank you man for actually reading my whole post and not just "oh complain about smurf, l2p nub"
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Dr Sup (EUW)
: she's an assassin but she is till cd dependant and her secendary role is mage
: high ping / latency issues (yall wanna check this out)
been posted several times by several me included, random lagspike is the deadliest. rito got 0 clue of their servers again, lets blame it on the community, problem solved.
: First 20-25 seconds rather, otherwise it can give you an advantage once you've seen the enemies'. But I agree:) Although it's not riot's fault when we fail to change, it would be a really favorable feature.
You never experienced changing runes or masteries 3 times and still got the wrong ones? That's absolutely riots fault. ^^
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: If Lee Sin can jump on ward...
{{champion:55}} - can wardjump (is a midlaner, needs ability to do #lcsflashy plays) {{champion:24}} - can wardjump (is a toplaner, needs ability to do #lcsflashy plays) {{champion:64}} - can wardjump (is THE #lcsflashyplays champ ) {{champion:201}} - is a support, enough said.
: Xin Zhao Top/Jungle
max Q, thereafter E. Build: (Jungle devourer or warrior), botrk, trinity force, tank items, some cooldown reduction.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Well, until he has about 2 items he's not really a tank, since every Garen I've seen has gone with Black Cleaver first, so it's not really that much of a surprise that an anti-tank struggles to take down something that's not really a tank.
No champ is a tank without 2 items, and garen tends to go fulltank after cleaver so he IS a tank.
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: Khazix (Assassin) vs Shyvana (Fighter) With results!
shyvanas items vs yours? did you fight her alone or with creeps around? kha can still deal with anyone isolated.
Xevestos (EUW)
: If you are snowballing it's perfect as a second item, u can assasinatr people instantly. I prefer the extra dmg. My build is: Runeglaive Ludens Rabadons Voidstaff or zhonyas/rylais next depends if they build mr or if their ads have high kill pressure on me. Somewhere in between first 3 items i build sorcs. If you know what u are doing, u will snowball realy hard and even carry 3 losing lanes. Build changes if I myself am behind. But im only some diamond v scrub .... It's my opinion, feel free to hate <3
Might be strong if you're snowballing, but definitely not if you are 1/3 and all lanes are equal :3 I still prefer Zonya or sometimes Abyssal 2nd
: Luden's a subpar choice for lane Diana either...
Yeah, Ludens is like the worst Item you can get on Diana. Still my teammates usually buy it -.-
: PLAY the champions you HATE!
Ahri is balanced, the rest ain't.
Rioter Comments
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Nononono, NOT AD Assassins, I think AD Assassins are a bad concept to begin with, since Assassins are all about burst, AD Assassins having both burst AND DPS gets annoying really fast. AP Assassins are better for that.
THIS. AD Assassins are the cancer for this game.
: Janna nerfed before Riven?!
Yeah, she can stop muhflashyplaymakers, therefore she is toxic and needs a nerf.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What's the longest winning/losing streak you've had so far?
~20 losses with 1 win inbetween, Plat V to Gold IV.
: Client crashing too often?
This client is a piece of shit? Hm, let's create some new icons and sell them for RP.
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Sekio (EUW)
: Semi-Serious Ranked Team *Plat/Diamonds+ Only* Recruiting: TOP, MID, JUNGLE.
IGN: Malefîcent Age: 23 Languages: German & English Rank: Platinum 3 Role(s) by skill: Jungle, Top, Mid Top 3 Champions in order: Nautilus, Renekton, Jarvan Top Strength(s): Map awareness if im jungler, objective calls Weakness: Superlategame teamfighting = deciding between engaging or peeling
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