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: Pretty sure you don't get the assist because Yasuos' passive was on.
Yes, that's why you don't get an assist for applying damage, however you also normally get kill participation for applying CC, not just damage. The issue is that it doesn't seem consistent which type of CC leads to an assist. Here's a few tests I just did, thanks to a friend, though I didn't want to waste their time too much: 1) Use Zilean's Time Warp to slow Yasuo. Yasuo walks into the tower. 0 Damage done by Zilean. Kill was granted to Zilean. So slow counts as a CC for the purposes of granting assists. 2) Use Ziggs's Satchel Charge to knock Yasuo into the tower. Weirdly enough kill was granted to Ziggs, I don't know why that's the case since this seems like a knockback, especially considering: 3) Use Vayne's Condemn to knock Yasuo into the tower while not stunning him. Yasuo was executed, no kill participation granted. That's what I mean with inconsistencies.
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