: no but they should have someone working on a game :) doesent look that way lately ... thats why im saying it ... if they do nothing but skins they wont have a game to make skins for soon ...
I mean, Riot is working on a lot of games at the moment, and many programmers have been moved to those games. They will probably be able to fix it in the future.
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Have you ever played Lol my guy? Almost every single person who spam pings you in Lol does not do it for a reason, but mostly to be annoying. He does not want you to listen to any useful advice, since that person does not have any. I agree, to mute the person is the way. The problem with muting though is that you lose actual advice that the person might come with. Also if the person realizes that you have muted his pings he will start spamming you in chat.
: While I agree, the same thing can be said about chat. And as we all know, abusing the chat function gets you punished but I've yet to hear about anyone being punished abusing pings...
Yeah. The thing is that there is a big difference between what you can convey with pings and chat. With pings you are only able to be toxic against your teammates with the "Enemy is Missing" ping, while there are many more things that you are able to say in the chat. With chat a lot of horrible things could be said (I'm sure I don't have to list them here). So basically, much more horrible things could be said in chat than what could be conveyd with pings. And in general, getting very mad over someone pinging you in a match is a little weird. /Mamaduck {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Make spam pinging reportable
There is a mute option for a reason man
itsMarek415 (EUNE)
: Lux ultimate too OP (pls nerf her ult)
Her ult is basically the core of her kit. It's like you would take away malphites ult.
Cemetery (EUW)
: she's actually in a good spot right now
Depends. She has a few counters that hardcounter her, but otherwise she often owns the lane.
: of all the overloaded and annoying champion this game has, you complained about.. syndra?? an immobile mage with hard to land cc, no easy way to disengage, completely skillshot reliant except for her ult. bah.
I would not say that. As an example, let's take Xerath. Immobile : Check Hard to land CC : Check No easy way to disengage : Check Completely skillshot reliant : Check But still his kit is able to be countered. The problem is that Syndra has a very unforgiving kit, which Xerath does not have. She also got a good escape since much of her kit, while being skillshots are not hard to land. Xerath has the same kit, but still does not get complained about the same as Syndra.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: They shouldn't Teamfights are already such messes Imagine if there were more added particles etc, that would kill some people's computers probably And skins already have different spell effects, use skins if you want different looking abilities This is a competitive game, so clarity is important Different spell effects and other particles would just decrease clarity
Maybe if you would be able to turn it of or lower the settings for extra customization?
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: good luck with your adc in a lane generally full of assassins {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It's just to ban Fizz and you're good. Most assasins are melee, which makes you able to poke much better.
: ppl actually play adc's mid atm corky, lucian, trist, ezreal. when cait was released her most popular lane was mid^^
Yeah. I just feel like more champs could be played mid. A good example is Jhin mid, whic works great against melee enemies. Try it, it works like a charm.
Poramies (EUW)
: I just had a game with {{champion:22}} vs. {{champion:18}} at mid.
10IQIrelia (EUNE)
: Sometimes I play kai's on top, i even seen tristana mid lately x.x
Nice! Try Jhin mid. Works great against melee enemies.
: > Why don't people play ADC's in midlane? They do. Tristana was this season's choice. In past seasons we had corki/lucian/varus/ezreal. In the top-lane we had Vayne/Quinn. Jungle had ezreal/kai'sa/twitch. Support had MF and Ashe Marksmen were played in every possible role basically, and there still are cases of it happening as we speak.
True. In my eyes atleast I feel like ADC's should be played Mid more than it does now. It get's played, but I find that people have not realized the strength of it.
: Basically in at least 90% cases don't play adc mid. That is the simple truth.
ADC works in some cases and some cases it does not. It mostly has to do with the enemy laner. It also has to do with the skill level of the enemy. That's why I don't recommend to play it ranked. You're right though.
Squanix (EUNE)
: Adc mid lol. You got lucky if you won that game.Adc mid vs {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:7}} .You get deleted.
I have faced these champs and i got to say, a great counterpick to Yasuo is Jhin. I'd say this mostly for Jhins movementspeed boost on his crit shots. And since Jhin shoot few but heavy shots it's a great poke against Yasuo. Zed is scary at times and he pokes quite alot. You can win against him by basically only focusing on farm, since ganks often won't succed against him. Diana is also scary, but you win against her early game. Fizz is horrible and i basically permaban him every game whatever champ I play mid. At the moment Jhin is in my opinion the best of-meta adc that can be played midlane (other than champs like Corki, Ez and Trist which I find already are midlaners.)
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Not all players are good at kiting and positioning safely with adc. Most of the popular solo lane marksmen were those with dash/jump-{{champion:81}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}} because it is easy to fall back. While {{champion:51}} do have similar ability and with her W she can be relatively safe in lane against ganks, but never seen her in solo lane. {{champion:202}} solo lane kind of pops up rarely(just had a jhin top lane), but for mid it is very risky unless the jungler is there to counter gank always. Scaling up in solo lane is easier because they don't have to share xp, but it is really dangerous because it is easy to kill adc as they're squishy and don't have much cc like the mages, lack in wave clear too. So if not played, they will fall behind a lot and though they're good for sieging+objectives they won't have good team fight potential that other picks may bring. The matchups in mid are with range advantage for adc, so as long as they trade well while farming to build good cs lead they can hit their item power spikes soon, which is very rare to see. Because most of the adc players I see neglect farming and go for kills continuously which is deadly in mid lane because most of the mid laners now have great burst damage who can punish such mistakes each and every time. Even if it is {{champion:236}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:119}} the early aggression without farming is bad. {{champion:67}} top was meta for sometime. She has tumble and R invisibility as escape tools, which added with her tank shredding kit made her good pick but may not be working in mid because of matchups.
Yeah that's true. But I find Jhin mid to work very good against melee enemies. A good example is when you play against a Kassadin. I think even I Keep It Taco have done a few videos on this. It's also pretty good since most people expect you to go bot, and since they can't see your lane before the loading screen before the game this is a great way to counterpick. Caitlyn works good against some and some she's worse against. She has to get a little ahead to get fed, so it's much riskier to pick Caitlyn. She is good against AP champs, but I don't know why that is. Good point though!
Karhast (EUW)
: A new champion suggestion
Yeah I agree with you, it would be sick. Don't know why you are getting downvotes though.
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