Zanador (EUNE)
: Please let me tell you some things. The reason why your post got so down voted comes from an error in grammar. The down votes made you think that people hate you and the Turks, and you got angry and started attacking back in the same way a few people attacked you. I can see that you don't speak english perfectly, and that is completely fine. But you made a small mistake in grammar that actually makes a lot of difference in the meaning. You say: "racist Europeans" - It means that all Europeans are racist. What you should say is "European racists" - this means racists from Europe. Or you could just say "racists" and leave the "European" part completely, since Europeans will defend Europe, but nobody will defend racists. So, probably by accident, when you switched up the order of those two words in an English sentence, you created a different meaning. You yourself look racist because of that, and so nobody will come to your side. I don't know Turkish grammar, but in English, the words have a specific order in a sentence, and if you switch them up, people will either not understand you, or they will think you said something you didn't mean.
Yes. Thank u for say. This my bad. I am sorry for not racist european
Èclair (EUNE)
: So what? This doesn't mean those posts were examined at the same time. You said you _"refuse to believe this posts wasn't reported"_ so I take it you didn't even bother to report it. What if it wasn't reported at all or was reported after posts you speak of appeared in the report feed?
I've reported all messages 3 times. Still don't get a result. Idle talk. We do not swear the Turks size. If you learn a little Turkish, you can understand
: People have been toxic/ kinda racist towards me because I speak French, even though I'm English. Which is kinda funny. Anyways, point is that I don't mind or get hurt by it. You could just stop talking in chat if you really don't want people to know that you are turk, you could also try to speak english, like everyone OR you could well... MUTE whoever is being toxic to you ^^ You can also report "racist" players for being toxic/racist which will most likely get them banned. You could also try sending a ticket to riot. This post wasn't intended to be racist or force you to speak English. I'm only trying to hlp you out here by giving you solutions to your problem. I hope this helps.
I'm proud to be Turkish. I will never conceal that I am Turkish. Those who must hide their nation are racist europeans
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Why do you use generalizations? Just because few players were toxic towards you? By calling every European a racist you act the same way as them. If the problem is your poor communication skill, then you should racist from Europe, what does not put generalization on the entire continent. Also, offending a president of a country, sensu stricto is not a racism (unless he use a racist remarks, but then the position of offended person is not important). It is not like people can't state a negative opinion about a ruler/politician of the country (question if the game is the best place for that) or even about nation as general (Turks, the same as any other nation, are not saints). But stating your negative opinion about something should never be done in the racist way! Still none of the above should matter if someone is using a racist remarks. Riot has a hard statement on racist behaviour, so there are great chances that they were in fact punished already. You do not get a notification about player being punished every single time. In the case of extreme racism, and death threats, you can always send a support ticket.
generalization? I'm talking about Turkish racism. Topic is -17 votes now
Declined (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-syndra}} [Always watching]( Having an opinion is fine, but be mindful of how you express yourself. A lot of your most recent comments seems somewhat borderline, including this one.
League of Legends is a game in which racist Europeans are free to swear Turks.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mammali Turchi,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9oZw4KQV,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2018-11-11T01:14:16.933+0000) > > we don't need to be treated. You are the one who should be treated. Racism has your blood. you have misunderstood me for sure here, one moment,
Ok i am sorry my bad. i deleted this comment
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You have your own server, why not use that Like, i'm fine with people playing on whatever server they want, but it annoys me when they are incapable of speaking english and just speak their own language
Only in Turks? The Germans are doing and French, Spanish. Do you make them racism ? you can true read my comment
Lonser (EUW)
: I'm shocked about the comments here... Normally a comment with: "Good Turk = Dead Turk" what means: "Go Kill Yourself!" and "u filthy pieces of garbage" would be deleted instantly and the user would get a Boards ban. I'm sorry for all the bad talking people here and feel with you Mammal. Not everyone on EUW is like them and the most of us are multi-cultural people and no racists. I reported all the racist comments here too. Just one little thing: Better don't write turkish in chat (the same applies to russian/frence/spanish/german) because not everyone in your team can understand it and it can be disturbing while playing , better write english and use pings.
Thank you very much for your interest and understanding. I'm happy to know you're like you.. I know they never will ban i know. I hate this conditions
: Turk Racism
And none of these racists will be punished. I reported it all. But I know that no moderator and Riot games employee never will punish them. League of Legends is a game in which racist Europeans are free to swear Turks.
zykloni (EUNE)
: ***
This is a lie. You can't generalize like this. you are lying
jOhNyP (EUW)
: ***
15 up vote.. You will drown in your racist. {{summoner:11}}
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