: Could encourage people to dodge in order to get a better team / a team that fits to their champion.
Yea, but that seems abit too much tryhard for an aram, don't you think?
: The idea is great IMO but i think it will kinda enforce toxicity and/or it will still be the same because they can just trade the champion they got in the next round therefore getting what they want by leaving anyways. But overall I agree, if that isn't too hard to program for riot's spaghetti code i would surely welcome this idea. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I had even a similar idea because Riot is all about those crafting stuff, why not make it that if you dodge aram you won't get any keys guranteet for the next 2-5 wins? It is kinda a punishment but also not because keys are kinda random if you win.
Yea, I thought about this aswell. However, the 15min penalty will remain so they can't leave and requeue to swap all the time. Good enough for me atleast. Since an aram takes 15-20min :) Take care!
: Ouch, that's a hefty time for people that had to leave for a real reason.
Yea, I thought about the same idea. What if you have to leave for a really good reason, but want to play after like 30min? I belive that my suggestion of a penalty will be better against those who really deserves a penalty :)
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