: New Challenger Icon..
The old one was better compared to all the other old icons. Like it was "More" better than the other icons that the new challenger icon is. But i feel that the upgrade made them all better in general. I really like that instead of just a badge the ranks are helmets.
: I approve this {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I also got to meet many great people thanks to league
: I love ranked :)
Looks like a tough and very very VERY unlucky game. But everyone has those. I am sure, and I mean this, that the Camille knew she had a bad game. The support not getting sweeper is annoying, but in Bronze 2 it can most likely just be something she forgot. I really understand how tilting it is to play as well as you did, and then get a loss. But if you play this every game, you will soon be out of bronze, I promise you. The thing is, even if you play perfect every game, you will still lose some games. I remember on my smurf having a 4 game losing streak, even though I literally did not have a single death in those games. That is super annoying, but it can happen. BUT you will win more games than you lose if you play well enough. That is for sure. My best tip used to be DONT TILT. But even the most positive players, like myself ;), can tilt. So my new tip is "Do not play when you are tilted." I wish you the best of luck on the rift :)
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hdr0n (EUW)
: There's a massive difference between commenting on something and getting tilted. If you cannot control your emotions in a game, then yes you are mentally weak. This is akin to someone throwing a chess board over when they start losing. Or if you want to use soccer as an example, walking off the field or having a massive argument when your goalie misses a save. Being passionate and a sore loser is different. Poor excuse. I play a variety of competitive games, and none come close to lol in toxicity. Mostly people who are "passionate" about the game helps others and takes a leading role, instead of blaming. ;)
Hmm, i can see what you mean. Maybe you and i don't see the word "mentally weak" the same way. I find it a bit extreme, and would much rather call it a "sore loser" as you said. You can throw a chess board over and still be good friend, father or other. But you are right, i think LoL is a bit more toxic than other mobas. I know that in Overwatch the flame is also huge, or at least it was when i played it in Season 1 and 2. But i also feel like LoL is by far the game that can get you the furthest on the Esport stage, maybe except for CS:GO. That might be part of the reason for people tilting. People are already in High plat thinking about going pro, and each loss is a step back for them.
hdr0n (EUW)
: Yeah man I only recently started playing this, and it has by far the worst community I have ever seen. This is a moba thing. So many disillusioned people, who are convinced they are better than they actually are. Very very selfish people to boot, the worst kind. People who think they are smarter than they actually are. The way they respond to adversity in a simple game is testament to how weak they are as people. As far as I am aware, you cannot play to a draw in this game. That means, there WILL be a losing team, and there WILL be a winning team. There will be people who make a lot of kills, and that in turn will of course mean there's people with a lot of deaths. This is just basic logic, and if you can't get to grips with that, you really shouldn't bother playing. There is no honor or sportsmanship among these people. The best parallel I can draw is that they are exactly like 4-5 year old kids throwing tantrums when they don't get what they want. There is a saying in my language, basically translates to "When emotions rise, intelligence drops." I mean I've been playing like 2 weeks or something, and often after a game I will find someone going on a bragging tangent. Can't help but laugh, and remind them that if they were placed in game with me, they are bad. Win or lose you are bad. I know this because I am still bad. Knowing this I don't feel the slightest urge to berate someone else on my team when they are getting pooped on. It's a game, this stuff is supposed to happen. Needless to say on a real life battlefield these are the kind of people you hope and pray are not in your unit, cos they will get themselves and you killed. Mentally weak. If you get tilted for any reason, then you are effectively beating yourself, and you will most likely remain a low level player forever. If you are flaming someone else don't think they are suddenly gonna start playing the way you want them to, in fact you just made the situation far far worse. Well done, YOU are losing the game for your team, not the guy who is trying but having his opponent getting the better of him, YOU are the cause. Luckily when I play I just mute all. No interest whatsoever in the garbage they want to spew. I just carry on, trying to have fun with the game. Sometimes I win the game for my team, sometimes I get killed a lot (and of course reported) but who cares. If I feel I'm irritable, I don't force myself to play. Do something else. Getting tilted at a game, is exactly the opposite of what should be happening.
I have now come to the conclusion that it is just because the new season is here. I remember in the start of season 8 there were also a rise in flame and toxicity. People are tilted over getting placed lower than they think they deserve, and a lot of people haven't played in a while so they make mistakes, and that can tilt a lot of players. Nothing special, and nothing to do with "mentally weak" people. I like to look at LoL like every other game. People often say things they don't mean in the heat of battle. "%%%%ing idiot" is something you could easily be told in a game like Soccer if you loose the ball. Does that mean it is okay? No, of course not. But it means that the people saying it in LoL is not "mentally weak" or "%%%%%%s", they are just people really passionate about the game.
: I 100% support that. When I got Dia III MMR but I'm still Plat I is beyond stupid. Same goes for players stuck at the bottom of their divsion that only lose MMR but do not get demoted and sit there being gatekeepers (looking at you Dia IV 0 LP with low plat MMR players). Being Plat with Dia MMR will not give me Dia border.
I can understand the frustration, but if you had Dia 3 mmr, you would likely be in Diamond 3 games. The mmr is a secret kept by riot, and all platforms that say they can tell you it, is using an algorithm to guess. The matchmaking in the start of every season is always a bit whack. It will change :)
: Every game is 1v9. You are alone. Accept this fact, act accirdingly and you are good to go.
That is just something people in low elo tell themselves. Problem is, it is not true. I am 100% convinced that most people in LoL actually want to win. It is when they tilt, or get flamed at, that there morale starts to crack. The thing with "elo hell" and "my team always feed" is weird to me, because it just can't be logically true, that you have the person that feeds every game. If that is the case, then it is your own attitude and perspective that is wrong. When i climb in low elo, i sometimes give up first blood just because i am being a bit careless. When i do that, often one on my team will say something in the lines of "%%%%ing inter" or similar. That is not int, nor feed. That is just a mistake ;)
: LF supp for lulu+twitch gold/plat
Funneling or bot lane?
: I get ya. It seems kinda easy for me to win just about any 1v1 early game if it's not one of those players who play safe and farm. I think there's lot for me to improve in mid to lategame. Sometimes I throw games where I'm clearly ahead of others (not on purpose). I've been thinking of paying some higher rank player if they analyze my replay. Then again I'm not sure if I want others' help if I'll make it on my own with time.
The most important thing is to NOT TILT. Recently at least 60& of my throws in games have been because someone tilted. And if you check, you will quickly realise that 100% of your losses had at least one player who flamed/tilted. If you keep a cool head, you increase your chance of winning tenfold.
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: Bunch of actually good players stuck on bronze???
The new season have made changes to the ladder. That means that there are currently a lot of people in Master, who used to be around Diamond 3. However, since Iron have been added, people in Low and mid silver should belong in mid bronze now. When you are Bronze/Silver, it is because you are Gold/Plat in some areas, but Iron/Wood in other areas. You might have a really good understanding of lane phase, but you know nothing about rotations and general macro in the mid and late game. I am currently Plat 2, Diamond last season, and i know that my macro in the late game is terrible. On the other hand, i would say i am probably high diamond on my early game pressure, knowing exactly when to roam, stay, or ward deep. (I play support.)
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SepharU (EUNE)
: What i learned from League!
This is gold. Made my day.
: Sylas and elise ult
Might just be a mishap that had nothing to do with your ultimate, but happened right as you transformed. It could also be something with the ultimates code, not being able to understand the kind of ultimate Elise have. If it is the ladder, i am sure riot will fix it :) Try to write a ticket if it happens again.
: A little consideration goes a long way
THIS IS THE BEST POST I HAVE SEEN THIS SEASON. You sir, are truly a mature, positive individual, with a philosophy we all could learn something from. Very nice :) Wish i could upvote more than once.
: Checkmate @Hansiman.
I think he just got tired of explaining the same thing twice, and Sirius still not getting it. If the pool has to effect someone before it can root them, and it does not, then it can't effect them. Very simple.
Thrego (EUW)
: Why am I worth shutdown gold while I'm the only one keeping my team up that already fell FAR behind.
It is as balanced as it can get. It is very logical actually. You are doing better = more fed = more dmg/hp = harder to kill = should be worth more gold. In some cases, when playing good while your whole team is behind, it can be a bit tilting to have a shutdown bonus on your head. But in most cases i would say it is a nice feature :)
: some random kid claims that he is GOD ??
I understand you are tilted. What that player did to you was not okay, and i assure you he will be punished for it. But writing it on boards instead of sending a ticket to riot wont help anything. It will only spread the negative feeling that you are having right now, to the whole community. We need to focus on more positive things on the boards.
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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Some adcs are CLEARLY stronger than others.
This is like saying that Rammus is underpowered because he can't win a 1v1 against Lee Sin level 2. Every champion, even in the same role, have different purposes. Ezreal have better burst than Caitlyn and therefore won. If it was a team fight, and you had support or jungle to peel for you, you would be better. It all depends on the situation. You should know your champion well enough to see which situation they excel at, and which situation they suck at.
Antyss08 (EUNE)
: As season 1 player, I quit Tencent killed the game!
Well, aren't most of the designers still Riot games employees? I mean, they just bought the company, they did not change the staff.
Marcua (EUW)
: One trick champion guides
{{champion:432}} #**Bard**# *** *** ##**Runes**## For beginners i would suggest taking: **Sorcery** * Aery * Manaflow Band * Celerity * Scorch **Domination** * Zombie ward * Ultimate hunter With 2 x adaptive dmg and either armor or mr depending on the matchup If you are more experienced with Bard, and can manage his mana well, i would suggest going this instead: **Domination** * Electrocute * Cheap shot * Eyeball collection * Ultimate hunter **Sorcery** * Celerity * Waterwalking This will give you more dmg and trading power, while also making you more efficient in your roaming. *** *** ##**Items**## Starting {{item:3310}} is optional. However, if you are against a duo that outranges you hard, {{item:3301}} can be taken. This will also provide you with more sustain in lane, so might be better for beginners. After upgrading your supp item, you should look to get {{item:3117}} as fast as possiple. This will help you with roaming, and the extra movement speed + your chimes will make you able to pressure all lanes, even top. After that, you can get items like {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3174}} and, if playing with a hyper carry, {{item:3504}} If you feel like you need to deal more dmg yourself, items like {{item:3115}} and {{item:3905}} can be very useful A final build will often look close to this: {{item:3312}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3905}} Remember to buy {{item:2055}} as often as possible. *** *** ##**Early, mid and late game**## **Early game** Focus on harrasing from level 1. If you have picked up all your chimes until now, you should have an empowered aa, and that with your Q will deal a lot of dmg on the enemy. Try to trade as often as possiple. However, make sure you aren't getting too low, since Bards level 2-5 isn't something to brag about. Roam to mid after level 3, if you have room to do so. Make sure your ADC does not get behind in farm though. Early game overall * Pressure and trade from the start * Roam to mid when you see an opportunity * Ward deep. You want control in bot enemy jungle. **Mid game** In the midgame you should ideally have gotten a lead in both mid and bot. You would have your {{item:3117}} by now, and should use them to apply pressure to top lane too. Go for objectives mainly, prioritizing in this order: * Herald * Infernal drake * Turret * Other drakes **Late game** Focus on setting up teamfights with your ultimate. This can make or break a game, and Bards ultimate can equally win and loose you the game. Often times it is best to use to set up a teamfight, instead of using it IN the teamfight. There is too much that can go wrong, and unless you are a Bard god, i do not recommend doing it. *** *** ##Combos and Tips## The only real combo on Bard is his Q, _AA or AA, Q, AA_ It should be used whenever possiple in lane phase. I have 2 very important tips when playing Bard * Don't underestimate your dmg. If you have 30+ chimes 15 min into the game, and ignite is up, you can often kill junglers, mid laners and AD carries. * Don't overestimate your surviveability. If you play well as Bard, it is almost impossiple to die. However, if you make mistakes early that makes you fall behind, you are useless. Even going even in lane is not favorable. Make as few mistakes as possiple, and abuse the enemies mistakes as often as possiple. That was my quick guide to Bard :) I hope you learned something.
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: I wish it was so easy to stop the toxicity, but let's be honest you don't do any change with this discussion.
ZERO people would be affected and inspired to change if i DID NOT post this. If just ONE person gets a bit more positive in ONE game, it would still be better than ZERO. If noone gets affected, it is a shame, but still not a loss. The outcome would have been zero without the post anyway.
radetari (EUNE)
: So what does that change? There is still 2 people that are most likely screaming at eachother for their own justifiable reasons The real problem is when they are only arguing and not playing I have played many games where people, even if they hate one another for the mistakes they made, still try to help eachother That is not toxicity That was just doubts You should have seen a Kayn I had today Never did anything, just screamed and fed That is toxicity
I will show you with my best friend, MATH 2 people screaming at each other is better than 3 people screaming at each other. This is simple to show 2 ≠ 3 2 < 3 If you were being neutral, not positive nor flaming, just a quiet player, the end result would be unchanged. Just 2. However, if you decide to be positive in the chat, that will give you a -1 on the negative scale, and make it look like this 2 - 1 = 1 Now, 1 < 2 and 2 < 3 tells us, that the worst option is to start flaming with them, while the best option actually is to be an active positive force in the chat.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Because at least it won't be three people screaming at eachother.
Dammit Hansiman! That was what i would comment!
: could have left jungle alone for once, i main the role and now i'm considering to stop playing this game since the nerfs
Riot makes mistakes, and i agree that the jungle role nerfs is one of them. But they do a lot of good stuff too.
: don't blame other players, blame RIOT for making poor decisions that make the game frustrating {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I agree on the first part, second part not so much ;) I honestly believe that Riot is doing a good job. Balancing this many champions and items is tough, and they do a good job with it.
Shamose (EUW)
: > well, good chance is, you deserve that flame No one deserves to be abused. Any reason to try and justify it is wrong and you know it.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: im sorry did you just write that trolls and feeders and the minority??? what elo are you in then because you have missed them then because there are more now than ever before dont be so naive.
I am not naive :) I do not know where you have that information about there being more trolls than ever before, but i can prove that they in fact ARE the minority with 2 simple things. Your own and my own recent games. In the 6 games i have written down below, we dont have a single person who have "intentionally feeded" based on numbers. You might argue that the Sion on enemy team in your game 3 might be feeding, since he is 0/15, but in a 60 minute game, that can be possible if you have a bad game. If we count SIon as a feeder, we can count the 0/5 Vladimir in my game 2 and your 2/10 Jinx. That is 3 people out of 60 players, and they are not even inting. TL:DR Nah man, feeders are a minority, and so is trollers My games **Game 1 - Won** My team Zed - 8/6/6 Rammus - 2/4/12 Vladimir - 5/6/5 Lucian - 7/2/9 Me (Bard) - 5/5/11 Enemy team Fiora - 4/3/2 Kindred- 9/7/8 Ekko - 3/7/8 Jhin - 6/6/4 Thresh 1/4/8 **Game 2 - Lost** My team Vladimir 6/11/5 Rammus 6/8/11 Xerath 6/8/9 Jhin 6/6/8 Me (Bard) 3/4/16 Enemy team Gnar 4/7/11 Gragas 9/5/12 Lissandra 8/5/18 Ezreal 10/2/10 Pyke 6/8/10 **Game 3 - Won** My team GP 7/1/5 Camille 4/6/5 Lissandra 4/2/6 Jhin 4/0/5 Me (Bard( 4/1/5 Enemy team Vladimir 0/5/1 Lee Sin 8/6/2 Lux 2/5/5 Ezreal 0/4/2 Rakan 0/3/1 Your games **Game 1 - Lost** Your team 8/8/7 Garen 11/7/9 Pantheon 8/8/6 Heimer 7/5/12 Maokai 11/8/10 Amumu Enemy team 7/9/15 Mundo 16/7/6 WW 10/10/3 Akali 2/10/4 Jinx 0/10/18 Leona **Game 2 - lost** Your team Garen 3/9/5 Wukong 4/10/5 Talon 12/3/2 Vayne 4/4/9 Lux 4/12/10 Enemy team Teemo 6/8/7 Pantheon 9/3/14 Tryndemere 14/3/7 Kaisa 6/9/2 Morgana 2/4/18 **Game 3 - won** Your team Teemo 11/6/13 Skarner 8/18/21 Diana 16/13/19 Ashe 10/3/16 Karma 10/15/16 Enemy team Sion 0/15/8 Xin 13/9/23 Velkoz 17/10/19 MF 5/12/17 Lux 20/9/16
Blakex13x (EUW)
: what a childish post XD.
He has a point. When you have this kind of view on the game, with people getting "carried with luck" and stuff, you should not be playing a competitive game. Everyone has a bad game, and saying that they don't deserve their elo just because they had 8 deaths in 1 game, is not fair. Trollers and feeders are the minority, and they are in every single competitive game. If you can't take it, a game like Stardew Valley would be perfect :)
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: mega corperations specially like riot need the tough love it deserveµ they want change i change from a decent player into toxic then {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Well, that does not make sense. That is like saying "Because i am mad at my dog pluto, i am going to slap someone in the face." If you tried to be positive, and not focus on the negative sides of the game, i think you would have a better time :D
DeCoqq (EUW)
: -Decrease the number of champions, with 142 the game is never balanced. -Shielding supports shield to actually shield something, i.e Riven's, Urgot's, Rumble's shields are stronger. -Decrease true damage in the game. -New/reworked champs not have everything in their kit, now they all have tons of dmg, gap closure, hard cc, soft cc and shield/heal. Champs should give up one thing to get another (i.e lose dmg to get sustainability, lose cc to get mobility).
On the champion problem, i agree. There can never be complete balance with all 142 champions. However, i do not think that they should remove some of them. I look at it like this. 40, 50 or maybe 60 of the champs are "Viable in ranked/competetive" at least to some extend. The rest are not unless you are really good with them. I would personally say that there only are a few champions who can't be played at all. But with 142 champions, there will always be some who are stronger than others.
: I wish Riot Remove feeder from the game Pending ReLearn game. Remove Fiora from the game pending a rework Remove Shaco from the game Pending a rework Put hashinshin Into Game Design. Nerf mage buff toplaner and Adc
Will you explain more about what makes Fiora and Shaco so annoying/broken that they have to be removed from the game? :) I personally feel that there kits are balanced. Allthough i must say, i do not enjoy going up against a Fiora. I think that ADC are slowly coming back, and Top laners too. There is a lot of different champs in top lane right now, and the tank meta is not there anymore. You can play a lot of fun champions now like Jax, Darius, Irelia etc. Champions where you can do a lot more alone, and have more action in the early game in top.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Rito will never give me back old Urgot :(
I miss old Urgot too. But he was not healthy to have in the game.
: I personally like the direction they are taking. I love the diversity we find in this new meta. A lot of champs can be played in different lanes (like the swain bot, or victor top). But I would like to have more simple characters like neeko instead of stuff like akali who have overloaded kits (multiple dashes, invisibility, cc, sustain etc) PS: I'm not saying she is broken or unbalanced, I just don't like champs who can do everything.
Hmm, yea i agree with you. I think riot got a bit lost in all the new things they could do with improved technology (Ex. Kayn's E was an ability they wanted to make for a long time, but they just recently had the right... code i think? To make it work.) I think that they will come back to the more basic champions for a while now. I would love to see a Tank support who focused mainly on giving team buffs. A mixture of Soraka, Sona and Braum maybe. That would be lovely :D
: yea im on strike only comming back if urf is back (not arurf not blitzblablabla) the only time i wil do league it wil be as a undercover troll trying to trigger people so that they lose games
Ah, don't do that. Then you will just add to the toxicity. No need to do that ;)
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xWazzy 2 (EUNE)
: Is Yorick unbeatable If you master him?
I would say that if you master any champion in low elo, you will climb :) But Yorick seems like a nice champion to do so with, since he has that "annoying factor" that i personally really like to have in low elo. Champions like Teemo, Riven, Tryndamere, Yorics etc. is champions that, if ahead, will make the enemy team tilt very hard. For mid lane champions like Zoe and Katarina could work, and for jungle Master Yi is always nice :) But it is important that you pick a champion with a low ban rate. TL:DR Champions who you hate playing against, are good to master, since enemy team also hate playing against it. Tilt wins games in both high and low elo, but in low elo it actually is the most common form of win xD
Naaajak (EUW)
: Judge my Chatlogs , Currently Permabanned.
Well, you where not extremely toxic in any of them. But the way i see it, even a large amount of small drops of water (in this case, words like stfu) can be enough to get the glass full. So in some way, i would say yes, you deserved it.
Shamose (EUW)
: Highlighting positive things doens't make negative things go away.
That is true, but if you never focus on the positive things, your life will be filled with negativity :)
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Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, Taking a break is always good! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Maybe this will gonna make you feel better xD https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AcclaimedQualifiedElk-small.gif
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Ceberuz (EUW)
: His Q has very low cooldown once leveled, so baiting his Q and moving off until it's over accomplishes nothing.., sure you can engage for a couple of hits afterward, but at the same time you take dmg from his E while he can reduce dmg with his W, then he starts regaining at a braindead pace while you sit there wishing you could use 3 potions to regen at the same speed.
Yea you are right. Too op, riot will never nerf him though, because they do not want low elo players to climb. Sorry about that. That way he moves in a straight line towards you is just something out of this world. Can't be dodged, can't be countered. Just plain broken.
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