Jmmd2002 (EUW)
I TOTALLY agree with this one! He fits in the whole Star Guardian theme.
: With which champion
Yorick is really strong, and his Kit is easy and interessting in my opinion. Nasus is pretty easy, but boring. Mundo is just straight up braindead and easy af, you just run at an enemy and spam Q, very fun. Cho'Gath is also a good choice, he is veeeery tanky and deals a lot of dmg
ByNo0o (EUNE)
: Idea for Mundo Rework
and btw, wrong board. This has nothing to do with ''help & support''
ByNo0o (EUNE)
: Idea for Mundo Rework
You mean like Alchemist from Dota 2? Nah, it wouldn't fit his character at all. Mundo isn't supossed to be like a normal human, he is supposed to be that purple stupid hulk all the time. I don't want to see a normal Mundo
: Banned for nothing
...well, this is hilarious xD
bmlevi (EUNE)
: How does corki supposed to be good?
basically, your skills aren't supossed to do that much dmg (except Q). Your W is for mobility, your E is to reduce the enemys resistances and you use your ult to activate the trinity AA. With Corki you have to learn to use your abilities efficiently, instead of using them whenever they are off cooldown (like ezreal for example)
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Xêm (EUW)
: Infinity Edge also gives crit, so you'd have 40% at the second one though
oh I made a mistake in the text. I didnt buy IE at all. Thx
Tarolock (EUW)
: you have to check it in normals/custom games, practice tool is buggy as hell in terms of spells (dunno if you know that you can do a 360° mf ult, ult 3 different guys at once with vi etc)
I'll try it out later in a custom, thanks ^^
Isajohoff (EUW)
: Was this against the Summoners Code? Did I still do the right thing?
I think you shouldn't do that, because, like you said, it is assisting the enemy. This time you won, but doing things like that can lose you the game, which is unfair for your team.
JhinNJews (EUW)
: Banned 14 days for 1 game
maybe you disappointed riot, becasue you had an excellent behaviou in every game...
Voidner (EUNE)
: is this a joke?
yeah, and his dmg comes ONLY from his auto attacks xD
: Kayn Ult and Lissandra's Ult
Kayn shouldnt get the dmg, becasue he becommes untargetable in his ult. You probably just stay in your Ult, just like when someone uses Zhonyas with Kayns ult on them
: You wouldnt really buy crit on SA kayn usually though right?
I wanted to build Phantom Dancer on shadow assassin. I wouldnt be going 100% crit tho
: ranked
i dont quite understand what the problem is
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: Take a guess why I wrote IMO
sorry for not knowing every single slangs
MrRemano (EUNE)
: Rageblade or Tri-force, Xin needs help??
: Imo CS Thresh is the worst of his skins. The other 3 skins are good and Dark Star Thresh is the best to date. CS Thresh feels weird, the skin looks edgy.
thats just your personal opinion
: will we EVER get doombots back?
Ohhh yeees, Doombots ist the best and most challenging gamemode yet. It was so fun to play and when you beat the 3rd difficulty, it was so satasfying. Urf One for All and all that stuff is getting boring. I want Doombots to be in the Weekendrotation!
: instead of just naming skins, how about telling us how they should look like? THAT'S what is wanted, not just saying "I want "Phoenix Anivia"" .... You know that Anivia is already a Phoenix? A cryophoenix to be exact
Phoenix Anivia as a fire phoenix, using flames instead of ice Football Sion with a football goal as his axe, a football helmet and big shoulders Poolparty Gragas could use beachballs instead of barrels with water comming out of em Dragon Swain would use small red dragons instead of his ravens and turn himself into a red dragon with his ult and Ziggs something like Safecracker eve and the Twitch skin, to match the theme better? PS: dont be so rude :( xD
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: hi im stuck in gold tips to geth to plat
One For All Urf Hexakill Random TWISTED TREELINE
Hangule (EUNE)
: Help.
no, unless you as riot. Just write them that you didnt get LP, becasue of a bug.
Valoran123 (EUNE)
: How to unban my acc pls help me
write an email to riot and ask them if they could unban your acc. I think they wont do it, but its the only option
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its not disabled forever you dumbo
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: i want a new zed skin
i want a new yorick skin. He never got a new skin since his release
: If you could have LoL abilities and 1 LoL item in real life, which ones would you want?
Passive: {{champion:17}} GIRLS BATHROOM Q: {{champion:9}} SCARE LITTLE CHILDREN W: {{champion:41}} FREE FOOD E: {{champion:24}} HELICOPTER DICK TO IMPRESS THE CHICK R: {{champion:4}} I CAN SEE EVERY ONE AND DONT NEED TO WALK Item: {{item:3303}} SLAP BITCHES, GET MONEY
: Does Gragas really need damage reduction?
if you max W he is broken so i think he needs it
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