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Azters (EUNE)
: Junglers, please stop freaking
[{{champion:36}} will go where he pleases! ](
cr00cy (EUNE)
: max hp runes.
Max hp yellow runes are better then def on tank champions. For example i use them on Maokai {{champion:57}} .
SaB Ossian (EUNE)
: I'm Getting Warnings For Negative Attitude For No Reason
For example when I am 10 0 and lose the game because at least 1 of my teammate carried harder then me - only enemies, I honor enemies. If however game is not over and top lane is 0 20 and just died again vs scripting Riven wannabe and you are the main reason why we do not contest 4 vs 5 baron with at least chance to come back - i will get salty and report you 100%. If enough people think you impacted team poorly and they report you chances are you will get reported they just pick a random semi-viable reason.
iZeLightZ (EUW)
: Got a huge lead early but still lose it
Record your game with After that you can use it to spectate the game from Spectator mode. Take a look what they are saying, pinging or even what vision did they have before you get killed. * Could your death been prevented? * What path did they use and could you find a place where spending 75g on a ward to spot them ahead of time would save you? * Could qss+flash+e saved you? * When did they all left vision and why did you keep pushing? I play a lot of jungle. Solo farming AD before late game are EASIEST to kill, even easier then supports. Platinum player = Bronze players with higher ego. As a assassin I usually prefer to wait until they get under turret where I kill them (sometimes i leave support to watch). This is way better then killing them out in the open, as it is very likely they get **salty ** and flame quite a bit - now his your 6th member demoralizing his team.
: I can clear a wave with 120 mana or less..
0) Heimerdinger H-28G Evolution Turret (not just 1 but can clear at least 1h of waves assuming someone tanks for turrets and Heimerdinger is in turrets range) 1) Morgana Tormented Soil 2) Anivia Glacial Storm 3) Malzahar Malefic Visions 4) Singed Poison Trail 5) Nunu Absolute Zero 6) Ziggs Hexplosive Minefield, Mega Inferno Bomb 7) Janna Howling Gale (ap scaling nerfed so, it might no longer be viable) Not complete list.
: Nerfing the AD Junglers.
In addition ad jungles like (Darius, Kha'Zix, Vi, Riven) also Master Yi {{champion:11}} , Rengar {{champion:107}} , Xin Zhao {{champion:5}}, Twitch {{champion:29}} and Fiora {{champion:114}}. However reason behind it might be unhealthy snowballing. Rengar can still kill target with ~2800 hp and ~180 armor in 0.02s. Over 60% in ranked EUW gold/plat Rengar and Riven players use special keyboards or external programs with scripts to execute this combo so it hits as fast as possible. The item damage is still there, it is just not instant.
: Auto Attacks and Movement
You can do this several ways. Easiest of them is to use mouse 3, 4, 5 etc. button assuming you have a gamer mouse. If you do not have this then you can bind the mouse left button, but now you need to rebind a key that you use to manipulate Shop. You do this by changing bindings config file. However I am not sure if this counts as "Unfair advantage" or "Modifying the game" so I will not show you an example. However there is google...
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