Saibbo (EUW)
: Deficio at the end "Pls end the shoot fast it's disgusting"
That's not true. No danish person would hate a hotdog. You can trust me, because you're Mark too, but I'm greater than you.
: how about you give something for free for once :P
Then who will be paying for the bus, the bus driver's salary, gas, ferry tickets, and entry tickets? 450 DKK (~60 EUR) is **very** reasonable for 5 hour event + return transportation from Copenhagen to Berlin. If I was to take a normal train ride from Copenhagen to Berlin (_one-way trip!_), it would be only 1 hour faster and cost minimum 300 DKK (~40 EUR).
Vapertank (EUW)
: Full AD Garen jungle is useless and trolling -> ban it, nobody needs these people in a competetive gameplay. Not following the Meta actually is inting, because people who refuse to pick a.e. AP mid when the whole team is based on AD , these are obviously the reason why you will lose this game for sure after minute 30. If you say to somebody " hey, pls pick a mage , we need AP damage" and he ignores it, its basically refused communication and someone who doesnt try to win games. The Game is based on teamplay, and even in Solo Q it shouldnt be possible to troll down any game as inting Teemo without getting consequeces.
>Not following the Meta actually is inting It actually is not. Meta has previously changed without any new patches. So which is better? Previous meta or new meta? If you think the previous meta is better, then why did it change? It did because people learned new things, combos or otherwise. If you think the new meta is better, then clearly following the old one was not optimal. >when the whole team is based on AD , these are obviously the reason why you will lose this game for sure after minute 30. You can win games as full AP team but is more problematic due to itemization than full AD. But I've never seen this happen in a Summoner's Rift match. Full AD team is easier to play, as there's more items effective against tanks and it could even end out being an advantage. If your whole team mainly deals AD damage, and the enemies buy lots of armor, build differently than you normally would. 1 item will mean they're wasting 45% of all gold they spend on it, there's items to deal % of current hp, there's increased dmg against targets with higher hp than you, there's lethality. You've got options. If you lose those games "for sure" after 30 minutes, it might be because you or someone else tilts yourself or some people start flaming eachother, which is proven by Riot to reduce chances of winning. >If you say to somebody " hey, pls pick a mage , we need AP damage" and he ignores it, its basically refused communication and someone who doesnt try to win games. Someone picking based on what they want to play or can play is not intentional feeding, even if you wanted him to play something else. That's the thing: Others do not pick for you and you do not pick for others. So if he doesn't want to or can't play mages, what would you have him do? He could tell you "No, I'm picking something else" and you'd still be angry, because you're not angry. You're not angry that he refused to communicate, you're angry that he didn't obey your order. You want to pick for others and be in charge of who they want to play and who they can play, which just isn't going to happen. Picking what he wants or what he can play, is not equal to "doesn't try to win games". Intentionally feeding does bring consequences, even if not after a single time (which is because it would lead to massive bans hitting more innocent people than trolls). No, it shouldn't be possible to troll a game by intentionally feeding with any champion without consequences. There's no solution that will do so, however. AND what you're talking about isn't intentionally feeding, it's someone playing differently than you and you don't like it. You want people to be banned for having a bad game or for playing a champion you don't like or building differently than you like. This is **not** intentionally feeding. Perhaps you should be looking into finding a team that shares your values to play with, because it's not Riot's vision that people generally should and thank God for that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mark The Gr8,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=aQKb7XFg,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2016-11-29T01:46:16.662+0000) > > If your respect is so easily lost, it may not have been worth much to begin with. Respect is easy to lose but hard to gain and when dealing with companies that make as much as Riot makes , you would expect professionality and to atleast be on time if already announced.
Yeah, you can spout off clichés all you want, but refer to the second half of my previous sentence.
Praes (EUNE)
: They're still the same thing, both of them were wishes, not actually doing. The severity is irrelevant here, the only proper argument here is that he was being a prick, but for that we've the legal system etc to punish people. I still think he's doing the same thing, which is just as bad.
So it doesn't matter if you kill someone or just punch them? The severity is irrelevant, they're both just actions. The legal system punishes things society frowns upon. If no one frowned upon anything, the legal system would have nothing to do.
: >what is your point with the post? How to get an S [Orianna Mid] Seems self explanatory to me. >what is your point with triple-posting the same thing? I didn't
> How to get an S [Orianna Mid] This does not show or say how to get an S as Orianna Mid. > I didn't 1. This one "How to get an S [Orianna Mid]" 2. "How to get an S [Cho'Gath Support]" 3. "How to get an S [Jhin ADC]"
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: As I said, lane and role are interchangeable as terms, except for bottom lane, of course. People call out their lanes if they go anywhere but bot, because they're soloing that lane and, let's face it - even in Solo Q most couldn't care less about whether you're going to play an AP mage or an AD assassin, not to mention normals. Besides, if you call out a role in a non-draft game, it will be confusing as to whether you're going top, jungle or mid, because Tanks, Fighters, Mages and Assassins can all go into either of the three. The person, who I argued with, however, insisted that the jungle IS a lane, and not just as a term. #Beware! I'm a League Nazi
Lane and role aren't interchangeable terms. There's a lot of difference between being an AP mage and AD assassin and a tank. The reason people call out their lanes, not roles, is because that's more immediately relevant, as a role is not confined to a lane, so people wouldn't know where you go if you call out AD assassin. And there's more than 1 type of role. Being a jungler may be a role in one sense, but when it comes to teamfights, whether they're playing the role of an assassin or a tank matters too. And if you look at champions, you'll find role descriptions such as "mage" and "assassin", "fighter", etc. but not a single one will say "jungler". So one could argue you'd be wrong in calling jungler a role. While the jungle isn't a lane, when you talk about which lane people plans on playing, it's entirely natural to include jungle in the discussion even if it's not actually a lane. Which is probably why that person considered jungle a lane, since it's not unthinkable that he learned the word "lane" from playing MMORPGs, most popular games of which contain a jungle as a "lane". But either way, whatever you call things, we all have different connotations to words and sometimes they're maybe a little weird or downright wrong, but let's try to be respectful to other people anyway, because they may be wrong now, but tomorrow you're gonna do something wrong. Everyone does sometimes, and as Riot has proven: flaming someone for doing wrong, generally doesn't make them do better.
: Is there any good spells guide?
Guide to which summoner spells to use, or how/on who/when to use them?
stunlinxo (EUW)
: Club issues?
I had the same happen to me, no clue why. So I made a support ticket monday night and got an answer tuesday afternoon. I think I classified it as technical difficulties, but just great support all around. *Looks around for Yivanna* Anyway, I'm sure it's no secret, so here is the message I received. 3 minutes after giving her the information, she replied that it was completed. So now you know what information to have on hand, good luck. > Hello there! > > I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing with your club. Please provide me with this information in order to get to the bottom of the issue more quickly: > > Name of the Club: > Club Tag: > Summoner Names of other members of this Club or if the Club has an officer, the Summoner name of the Officer: > Can the other members of the Club see you as the Club owner? > > Also keep in mind that in order to fix this inconvenience we'll have to remove you from the club and if you have an Officer in the club, we'll give him the ownership. Then you'll have to contact him and assign the ownership back to you. If you don't have an officer, please provide me the name of the Summoner that should be the Owner until you get it back. > > Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.
: Where the heck these upvotes come from?
First, that you have 200+ upvotes doesn't mean your topics need to come close to that. If you've made 10 topics, they just need 20+ each. Secondly and lastly, everytime you post a comment, you automatically upvote your own comment. Apparently, Riot thinks you have to like what you post :). But yeah, every comment you make gives you +1.
: Except that only really applies to bot lane... top and mid share the same name for both role and lane, while jungle mainly uses the 'lane' name... jungler is acceptable but the most common one is jungle and abbreviations of it. So when calling where your going the roles only come into play when calling the lane would lead to confusion... which is bot lane. The rest are very much interchangeable which does speak to how similar/intertwined these terms are.
Top and mid doesn't share name for role and lane. Top and mid refers to where you plan to go. Being AD carry is a role. Being AP carry is a role. You can go mid without being AP carry. You can play a tank in top, but you don't have to go top because you pick a tank, you could be a jungler. And if you're an assassin, well, you could be top, mid OR jungler. This is without including that AD carry could also refer to an AD assassin, even though AD carries are usually said to mean marksmen, or ranged phys. dmg dealers. And while you may consider lane in that context referring to where you spend laning phase, others do not. I said above that AD carry is a role, top/mid is not, which doesn't have to be true. It's true to me, it may not be to others. It's all intertwined, so let's all just agree to be friendly towards each other and accept one anothers meaning rather than by what they literally said.
: The amount you need for a champ varies from champ to champ and from champ in X role to another role. Obviously anyone who manages to get the S requirements will get the S. What's your point?
I think his point is what is **your** point with the post? And further, what is your point with triple-posting the same thing?
: Don't blow it up, just say you wanna see people suffer like me :>
: things like this confuse me...
No, you can't bump your ticket if you can't access it. I think they've received it, since it seems Daymjo has access to it. Perhaps it'll show up once they reply. When they do, you'll receive an email with a link to it. If you still don't have access to it, make a new support ticket stating that you can't see it and they'll help you out.
: That's easy. The exploding glitter bomb, of course. Substitute glitter with salt. YouTube tutorial from HouseholdHacker: /watch?v=eJkLdr5Q6qw It may be possible to combine this with multiple boxes around the bomb itself. Also, if he is going to be opening the present in his home, poke a few holes in the bottom of all boxes except the outermost one, and then put a little salt in all of them. The only way for him to learn to be less salty is by spilling salt on the floor while being salty about having so many boxes to throw out while being salty about getting a salt bomb present.
Also, if you think he's just a little salty and you don't actually dislike him, you can put a present in the middle below the balloon, a.k.a. bomb mechanism of the present. I suggest a present in the form of a DVD/BluRay, perhaps one of these titles depending on what kind of movie he likes: — Salt - 2010, Action/Crime/Mystery, 6.4 on iMDB. Decent action flick with Angelina Jolie. — The Salt of the Earth - 2014, Documentary, Biography, History, 8.4 on iMDB. About a photographer documenting deprived socities around the world. — Salt and Fire - 2016, Thriller, 4,5 on iMDB. Only 4,5 on iMDB by people who saw it at a film festival. I included it because it's a rating by 138 people on a film festival and there's bonus points for implying flaming with the title. It may be hard to obtain though. And if the present is a success and he doesn't change his salty ways, repeat it next year with "Salty", an action movie being released in 2017 about an aging rock star being kidnapped in Thailand.
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: So this about my christmas present to my cousin.
That's easy. The exploding glitter bomb, of course. Substitute glitter with salt. YouTube tutorial from HouseholdHacker: /watch?v=eJkLdr5Q6qw It may be possible to combine this with multiple boxes around the bomb itself. Also, if he is going to be opening the present in his home, poke a few holes in the bottom of all boxes except the outermost one, and then put a little salt in all of them. The only way for him to learn to be less salty is by spilling salt on the floor while being salty about having so many boxes to throw out while being salty about getting a salt bomb present.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mark The Gr8,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=jfU5ymY6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-28T22:51:14.061+0000) > > I also think levels come too fast. They do nothing, but you go from level 1 to 5 in like 20 games. That's just a number I came up with, I don't know about how many games it actually takes, I just feel it goes by way too fast for no reason. It took me 33 games to get lvl 5 on Lee Sin. And that doesn't show any skill especially with a high skill cap champion like Lee Sin, Yasuo, Ekko etc.
Exactly. And since you don't lose mastery points by playing un-master like, it seem redundant. And new summoners might have several high mastery level champions once they reach level 30, but let me tell you... most of them haven't even mastered how to use a health pot yet.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
EtK2000 (EUNE)
: I like your idea. It is essentially the same as mine, it might take more time to data mine, though.
I believe Riot measures everything, I'm sure they already have the data on win rate of teams with AFKers. I just think it's important to avoid overcompensating when first trying it out, so you avoid having situations where it could be advantageous to have an AFKer. But yes, it is mostly the same idea :).
: > While I agree with you some of the way, I consider it very flawed to claim direct financial punishments and prison time or death penalty is equal to a chat restriction for flaming. I never said these punishments are the same. The underlying reasons for the (lack of) effectiveness of these punishments are the same. > Also, longer chat restriction is 100% effective against stopping flame from that summoner. If not in the future, at least shorter term. First of all: No. Since you can still chat during a chat restriction (just not so much), it's not 100% effective, not even short term. It is a very effective punishment, but the success ratio is "only" about 95%...which is huge, but still not 100%. Secondly: Even if Riot would change that....flaming is not the only way to be to toxic. Players who can't chat anymore often pick other methods to express their aggression. Riot already tested that a few years ago. > You've got to find the point where you reform people the most. Yes and a thousand times yes. I couldn't agree more. Luckily Riot does that. By now they have tested warnings, 1 day bans, 3 day bans, 1 week bans, 2 week bans, permanent bans, permanent bans that can be lifted with certain requirements, 5 game CR, 10 game CR, 25 game CR, increasing numbers up to 10000 game CR, ranked restrictions of various lengths and several methods of negative punishments (i.e. declining toxic players positive stuff like loot, honor, gifts, season rewards etc). The current system is the result of these experiments. Interesting fun fact: In the past Riot had punishments (temporary bans) that actually increased peoples toxicity instead of reforming them. Interesting fun fact 2: Over the years the reform ratio (i.e. the percentage of people who reform permanently after just one punishment) has increased from roughly 60% to 94%. This was mainly achieved by improving the circumstances of the punishment (how fast do you get it, what info is provided etc), not by changing the punishment itself significantly. > Lastly, I don't know what you mean with "ridiculous low fines for (...) speeding". I don't know where you're from of course, but a lot of countries are stepping up their game on this, especially in more recent years I'm from germany. And I was thinking about parking violations, which begin at 10€ here. In many cases it's definitely the more "logical" decision to break the law and risk a fine for wrong parking instead of paying for a parking spot. But despite this possibility (and you don't need to be a math genius to come to this conclusion) people rarely do that. And the reason is the effectiveness of low punishments. Harsh punishments have the negative side effect that they often overshadow the intrinsic motivation not to do something. In the false parking example this motivation might be something like "If I park here I annoy other people and I don't want to do that, so I don't park here". A low punishment allows this reason to continue existing. However a harsh punishment overshadows this and changes the motivation to "I won't park here because I will have to pay a fine", a purely external motivation. And if that external motivation is not strong enough (for example because you have a lot of money and don't really care about the risk of a fine), it simply doesn't work anymore and the initial intrinsical motivation you might have had once is gone too. Thats why low punishments are far more effective at genuinely (and permanently) altering peoples behavior.
Can't argue with your correction, I wasn't remembering you could still chat some during chat restriction. Interesting fun facts indeed. A temporary ban seems like a natural increase in severety of punishment, but it seems plausible that people would return to the game, still upset at being cut off. I seem to remember reading "94% of offenders won't be punished again" (or something along those lines) in one of their posts, but I don't feel confident it believing it and would like to know over how long a period it was measured and whether it was punished for any reason or just punished for the same reason. But right now I can't even find the post about it, unfortunately. I keep getting back to "Player Behavior Design Values" posts. I did find one interesting tidbit though: _"about 67% of players improve the way they communicate after coming out of a chat restriction."_ - Whatever else, I do trust Riot to make better decisions about the game than the rest of us, especially about an aspect they have indeed tested repeatedly and sit with actual data on.
wigleht (EUW)
: ***
I will not regard 'gg ez' as praise or honor to an AFKer. And whatever punishment an AFKer receives, he should not receive undue punishment for comments made by other players.
Matriarch (EUW)
: RE: Rito tribunal peoples. Do me a favor and have a chat with this young man. Convince him to reform
I wouldn't regard his random comments to someone he has a conflict with as damning evidence that he actually bought the account. It could simply be further inflammatory comments in accordance with the rest. Don't consider me as defending him; clearly his toxicity level is above safe-to-drink.... But I've got no clue why you would accept his friend request anyway. I'm gonna go right ahead and assume these are not the first negative comments you've gotten from him, so just report him, and possibly block him, and move on.
EtK2000 (EUNE)
: AFK LP tweak suggestion (or such)
I really support the idea. But instead of us sitting here randomly thinking up the number on modifiers... I'd rather have Riot support the idea, and then base them off stats on how often a 4v5 wins/loses with slightly lower changes as right now AFKers tend to tilt team members to a degree that may not happen if they also had more to gain. Let me explain with an example, as I'm not sure if the above only makes sense to me. In a game with no AFKers, you have 50% chance of winning. Let's say Riot looks at their data and finds that teams playing with a 10%-of-game AFKer only have 40% chance of winning, I think the modifier should be 15%. 20% is the reduced chance of winning (10 is 20% of 50) minus 25% of this number, which here is 5 (to prevent overcompensating, of course number could be another one and is subject to change as more data is gathered on the system). I'm not going to think a lot about it right now, but I feel it may be best to only use one of them (AFK for X minutes or % of game) and not both. Perhaps % of game would be most fair. Riot can brainstorm that. Generally, though, your scalings are OK. But I feel that the losses for AFKers' team drops off a bit fast. If they lose a lot less LP, I fear people wouldn't care that much about losing anymore and therefor not even trying anymore. And although neither of us have mentioned it, I feel it's worth noting that it would probably be best not to start out with full modifers upon launch of the system, but start with lesser variations. Riot could plan modifiers they'd like to work to and then start out with only half of it, and see if game health improves. One way they've previously commented (I think??) on judging champion health by is if they have around 50% win rate. Perhaps they could do the same with this system with LP. Measure the bottom line LP gain/loss and over many games, you should be able to see whether the modifiers are too high or low. _Finally, I just want to say it does however seem like a lot of work for a relatively low effect. I don't encounter **that** many AFKers, and since it can affect either team, rank is unlikely to shift significantly. How much average game health would improve, I don't know. Stats from Riot on numbers of AFKers in games would be helpful in determining this, but from my own experience I would once again say it seems like a low effect for a decent amount of work._
: I don't think he is working for Riot. If the player has such an attitude, then Riot will not make him work for them. And he has no "Riot" infront of his name. Then this must be a smurf. So sad player be so salty... Anyway, cool that you stayed so polite and friendly m8 :) Thumbs up for you :D
Technically, he said he has a friend who works at Riot. But I have more trust in Rito employees than to believe that is true.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: What the fuck does go through those people's mind when they are typing this shit? I will never understand it.
I think the first thing to understand is that there isn't much going through their minds while typing it. This could be a joke about them being stupid, but that's not necessarily the case. Being upset or angry often pushes out most unrelated thoughts, which is why it can be hard to communicate with someone who is feeling that way. While writing in all caps was the sign of anger in the 90's and early 00's, it just seems the 10's has embraced more passive aggressive remarks filled with and excessive amount of D's in the xD smiley, and hearts for some reason. Or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about. There is that option.
Panth (EUW)
: Players like this always get permanently suspended. We keep seeing them because they make or buy new accounts and do it again. Blizzard charges £40 for a level 100 character boost that would normally take a good bit of time even if you were grinding intensively. In comparison, websites sell level 30 League accounts for $5 or $10. That is nothing for these guys. Banning isn't making them go away when they can just buy another account. They deserve the ban, yes, but other solutions need to come from Riot... Riot needs to instead work on a way to incentivize a good atmosphere and friendliness, instead of just continuing to try to deal with an increasingly toxic community by throwing endless banhammers. Do these people deserve a ban? Yes, no question. But you need to come up with other more innovative ways to deal with the issue. Think of the League of Legends community like a human body. We eat our porridge oats, vegetables, and some fruit, we don't smoke, we don't do drugs, and we stay healthy and don't get illnesses. League metaphorically is like a human body that has just been left to rot, then the doctor (Riot) is attempting to cure it by throwing endless pills (bans) at the diseases (toxic people like that guy in OP's post). Yes it will deal with the problem temporarily, but it's not optimal. **Prevention is better than a cure.** It's incomprehensible why Riot after 6 or so years of running the game hasn't gotten a great deal more involved in setting a positive and friendly atmosphere in their game, than they currently are & have been. You can only blame the player base and the community for so long. Yes toxicity is a problem. Yes anyone who acts so negative deserves a ban, I don't question that. But foresight and prevention could stop at least some of that happening. Negative people will always exist in the world, they have their origins and lives they're human beings maybe they have problems in the world or maybe the game made them negative - banning them over and over and over isn't going to make them go away. They SHOULD be banned. But ANOTHER solution needs to be put into practice too. ^Find a way to make the community relaxed & friendly, & less of the [40% toxic 40% passive aggressive & only maybe 20% genuinely friendly] headache it has turned into.
"Riot needs to instead work on a way to incentivize a good atmosphere and friendliness" I would say they don't need to do it instead of, but in addition to. I would also say they've been working on that for years, with decent results. It used to be much worse in my experience, and from the numbers they've written about gathered data, I consider my experiences verified. You make it seem like there's a simple solution Riot has just avoided for years for some reason, which I don't consider the case. If you have a good solution to toxicity problems, do Riot and all other popular multiplayer games a favor and share it, pretty please. A last, but lesser thing. "Prevention is better than a cure". While I get your sentiment, I would say that certainly depends on the topic and related complexities. There is no universal prevention against toxicity, nor is there a cure. There are things you can do to discourage it, which Riot has put effort into. There's also no cure, but things you can do to encourage reform of offenders, which Riot has also put effort into. It's not either/or and there is no simple solution. Online multiplayer games have been suffering from it for years, and if there really was a realistic and simple solution available, I would think it was common in games by now. Please tell me what you feel/think/believe Riot could've/should've done differently regarding toxicity.
Praes (EUNE)
: And some people just deserve cancer, kinda the same idea, isn't it?
Praes (EUNE)
: What's the difference? Both of these things were verbal, mind elaborating?
**Wishing someone getting a shiner for engaging in assholery:** - Brought it upon himself by acting in a jerkish manner. - One hour to a few days of pain with no lasting effects. **Wishing someone's mother falls ill with cancer:** - A presumably innocent person unrelated to the events leading up to the encounter is struck by a horrible disease (In case of wishing it upon their mother). If wishing it upon the other person, it's still a tough wish for someone you encountered a conflict with. - A long lasting treatment plan that, depending on where you live, can financially bankrupt the diseased and family. - In a country where taxes pay for the treatment, it will still require permanent changes to lifestyle, is socially damaging, is incredibly taxing on the persons general well being, as well as friends and family. - Possibly death, either relatively quickly or after a long, painful process that devastated their life to begin with. While I feel nothing when someone says it to me, I do recognize the difference in severity.
: Wow, some people are even defending cancer wishes. Why does somebody has to grow up, because he doesn't want to play with people, who make death threats?
How do you grow up to be a productive member of society without people hoping the heavens will split to send down waves of cancer on your family? I can't see how it'd be possible without such statements thrown at you every time you sit down to play a video game. On another note, where do I find the sarcasm emote?
Strigina (EUNE)
: I tried to tell our adc to buy armor pene. The word "pene" is censored too. O.o Edit: 6-4 is probably censored because of China. But I don't understand why is Riot censoring a political chinese term...
I don't disagree that some words are oddly censored.... But can we also agree for a moment that the proper abbreviation for "penetration" is pen, not pene? Thank you, good luck and goodbye.
Sceizer (EUW)
: What happened
You know how sometimes you go on a winning spree where you win like 10 games in a row? Yeah, this isn't that; it's the opposite. Perhaps a combination of the two factors you describes, or maybe a Riot employee found out you're dating his GF/daughter/mother/son/father/himself-while-sleeping.
TpT Sanity (EUNE)
: What is right abbrevation for jungle?
Just write jungle. If that takes too long, just copy jungle and ctrl+v it all over the world in an effort to prevent a build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere. Be Ivern, not Singed.
xilien (EUW)
: well aware of the rules, treat everyone like a 2 year old emotionally unstable child and sugarcoat everything = no ban got it boss
You mean be respectful towards strangers instead of excessively inflammatory for no reason? Well, your interpretation is interesting too, I guess.
: > [{quoted}](name=Amigao29,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3YdJ8zqs,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-11-28T19:18:55.547+0000) > > A statement from a Riot person on twitter > > This was posted by someone after they asked about the skins release on twitter........... Are you freaking f**king kidding me , please tell me this is a joke , otherwise its disgusting for a multi milion dollar company to be acting so unprofessional and casual.... IF YOU make something and set a release period for it and give it an exact date and then at the last day at the last hour say that your going to delay it and push it to the NEXT PATCH ,Youve lost all respect from me and many others Riot......
If your respect is so easily lost, it may not have been worth much to begin with.
Rismosch (EUW)
: My ears are already bleeding cuz I can't reduce the volume of the sound in the Championselect. And if that's not enaugh, now you want to kill me too? ;_;
Of course you can reduce the volume of sound, but if Sion yelled COWARDS, why would you want to?
: We need it! Nice idea! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I don't know if we need it... But I certainly want it now!
: Refund then. This would actually be a legal case. Something was paid and not delivered.
Money was paid. RP was delivered. There's no case.
: I have a suggestion about the new client
I also think levels come too fast. They do nothing, but you go from level 1 to 5 in like 20 games. That's just a number I came up with, I don't know about how many games it actually takes, I just feel it goes by way too fast for no reason.
Kjelldor (EUW)
: Give us back the random button.
I just miss the random button in Howling Abyss :(. I find myself keep playing the same champions. Kidding aside (yeah, that was actually a joke, believe it or not :O), I like the random button as well. If someone wants to troll, I don't think it's the random button that's going to prevent them from doing so. I especially miss the random button in featured games, as I've never used it in SR anyway, but want it in unDominion and Diary of a Poro King (in fact, what I'd like more is all random in Poro King, since it's kind of lame with everybody just picking the same 20 champions).
: Elementalist Lux - Diary entry #1
I don't even know what the big deal about elemental Lux is. The elemental part is just alright and I don't like Lux.
: Well... at least you know what to not do now. To deal with toxic players use the mute button and report them after the game without saying anything in the game/after game chat. 1 of 20 toxic players will get banned for sure and you will feel good for it when the message shows up. Good luck with the new account and i hope you realised your mistakes.
Players can also be banned without the message popping up. The message only pops up for the more recent reporters. If someone you reported is banned in 2 days, you may not get a message, but you will still have assisted in getting him banned just as much as the ones who received the message.
Vapertank (EUW)
: Its totally normal to get banned... You can watch Garen and Teemo jungle + AP Kha Zix runing your ranked games without getting anything, but if you are that mean guy who gets toxic at themyou will get toally fucked.... its league, mean words are bannable instant but it took like years to ban a smite support singed. This System is just broken.
Playing something that isn't meta is not, and should not, get someone banned. If the person is trolling and intentionally trying to play badly, that's a whole other thing and IS banable, but a lot harder to detect than flaming. The punishment system is not broken, but yes it IS flawed. A punishment system can never be perfect. You can only try to make it better.
: Nice mentality m8. Good to see you learned out of your ban. Sad that Riot don't urban players after a permaban, they don't care if they changed their mentality. So sad
Well, a permaban is only given after repeated written warnings popping up in the client and temporary punishments (short-term bans). Those were all opportunities to change his actions. But why do you think he would not flame again? Sure he is sorry about his flame, I believe that too. But that is no reason to think he wouldn't do it again. He says himself that he takes insults badly, and if he has never learned to ignore it or mute the people insulting him by now, what makes you think he would in the future?
: Yeah I really don't think this is a bad thing, if anything I feel that more perma bans should be flying around much faster... I've decided to stop playing this game because it's full of negative little kids with bigoted, racist, hateful views and they project them on others. You have to have been a horrible person for a very long time to achieve a permanent ban. No doubt you've probably made people punch keyboards, quit games, shout and you've probably messed up a few friendships too through tilting people. Honestly other than making you aware of this the only comfort I have is that one day you will change and you will have to live with yourself until you do.
I share your belief that it may require too many reports before someone is punished, but as to how effective the system is, I have more trust in Riot to be the judge of that, since they sit with the data and we only sit with our own experiences and what they've published about it. On another note (sincere question, not intended to be offensive): If you've stopped playing this game, what makes you still peruse the board?
: Under rated comment.
It really isn't. He just helped "cleanse his karma" by making the comment, therefor counteracting the point he was trying to make.
: You have hurt some nerds feelings, and because they can't use the mute button you must suffer now. Forever. No LoL.
The mute button is not an excuse for excessively flaming. Just like the curse filter is not an excuse for excessively swearing. Also, OP is the one who didn't use the mute button after being insulted, so way to go, now you're just a jerk to everyone.
: i wish his ban is the ban until year 3000 or something, because it would be unbannable, but a perma? nah, its not.
Don't you mean un-unbanable? A single unbanable would mean it IS reversible, while I get the feeling you meant that it it irreversible.
: > I'm also advocating for harsher behaviour penalties. I feel this should be the way it works: 1) 50 game chat ban 2) 100 game chat ban 3) 14 day suspension 4) Permaban Tha's almost how it works right now. But you make a mistake that a lot of people make, simply because it sounds so logical and easy: You assume that harsher punishments work better. But they don't. This isn't limited to League, this a fact that psychologist have researched for decades; it's a fact beyond any doubt: Harsher punishments are actually less effective than soft ones. The reasons for this are a bit complicated (i can explain it, if you want me to), but you don't even need to understand the reasons to know that this fact is indeed true. Just think about it: If scaling up the punishments would work, why are governments not doing it? Why do you have to pay ridiculous low fines for most all-day crimes (like speeding)? Why is crime not solved yet, if you can just scale up punishements? And why do you think Riot doesn't simply scale up punishments? Wouldn't that be the easiest solution for them? The reason is that harsh punishments do not work. As logical as they sound, they simply don't work. Humans simply don't work that way and deterrence is a muuuuch weaker effect than most people assume. That's the reason why the death penalty has no effect on crimes rates btw, the deterrence effect governments hope for doesn't exist. The main reason for that is that most crimes (and toxic behavior) are commited by people who are in a very emotional situation. And in emotional situations we simply don't consider the possible consequences, that's why it doesn't matter what these consequences are. Long story short: The problem is not as easy to solve as you seem to think. Human psychology is complicated and there is no such thing as an easy solution.
While I agree with you some of the way, I consider it very flawed to claim direct financial punishments and prison time or death penalty is equal to a chat restriction for flaming. Also, longer chat restriction is 100% effective against stopping flame from that summoner. If not in the future, at least shorter term. The point on any punishment system, excluding the death penalty or permanent ban, is to reform the offending parties. It's true that you can't just increase prison times by 200% to deter crime and it does not necessarily better reform offenders. But neither can you just lower it to $100 fine for murder. Longer =/= better, and shorter =/= better. You've got to find the point where you reform people the most. What that is, I'd rather let Riot come with guesses to, since they're the ones sitting with data on punishments and reformation. Regarding death penalty and permanent ban: They're to be used when an offender is believed to be beyond reformation and it's to be believed that no other available punishment will be able to reform the person. The death penalty may not be a deterrence against crimes, but may prevent future crimes by the executed person after he/she is released from prison. Of course the death penalty is far more controversial for a several reasons, however I won't go into those as it seems irrelevant right now. Lastly, I don't know what you mean with "ridiculous low fines for (...) speeding". I don't know where you're from of course, but a lot of countries are stepping up their game on this, especially in more recent years. The reason speeding isn't punishable with prison time is that it would, by the general population, be regarded as way too harsh for the punishment, and as you said yourself: tougher punishments won't simply make it better. Also, it is often a mistake and giving extremely heavy fines would probably cause bigger problems than someone speeding, even if they'd never speed against in their life. Speeding fines are also in some countries used for road maintenance or other aspects of society that benefits the general population, so they actually give back to the society they wronged.
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Playing since season 1 too, same opinion. Unlike you though, I feel like penalties for verbal toxicity are fine the way they are now. However, I would like way more harshed penalties for feeders. I have one of those game ruiners in most of my games (like 70/80%, a bit more often on my side sadly but this is not the topic here). Whatever the reason is, ruining the fun or your teammates' playtime should be way more punished. Don't get me wrong, I know some are : I often receive the message saying I contributed to better the community, blablabla. But there are still way too many of them playing unpunished.
Absolutely agree. I understand the hate against verbal abuse and it should be punished, but you can just mute them. I've got no idea why there's not more people using that function. You can't mute a player to stop him from feeding, though.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Honestly, if you want to keep playing, play. If you don't, don't play. Nobody can tell you anything to make you feel better about the preseason changes. Nobody is forcing you to stay. It's your choice.
I feel confident when I tell you that it's not the preseason changes that makes him consider quitting. I also have no idea what made you say that.
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