: Umm ? One-shotting the enemy adc & apc at the same time ? #RengarMains most of the games it feels like they dont have carries in their fights{{champion:107}}
Most of the time you die b4 you can touch my team. {{champion:121}}
yarror (EUW)
: hunter necklace with kha'zix head (woodcarving)
Are u selling these? It looks dope asf {{champion:121}} main
: How I celebrated my silver scrub successes :P
Well, gz. I guess? xD - Khazixstan
GawnMower (EUW)
: URF Diversity solution...!?!
They could make a gamemode like urf, but u dont have a set champion. It takes a random champion model and adds 4 random abilities from all the champions.
: Name Change
: hey Markellen how would you feel about joining a game community such as they one I'm in which is http://ethereal-gaming.com/ its full of nice people (such as myself :P) don't worry about not being level 30 we have people who are not level 30 in our community feel free to drop a app and join us if you want enjoy your gaming on the rift IGN IMT Trapp
I applied and got declined as im not 16 yet. and was told that children can't join!? so ..... yeah + it didnt state that its 16+ on the site anywhere. Iam very mispleased with this community and theyre disrespectfull behaviour towards me.
: Any girl gamers here? Or grill gamers?
This is so cringe. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Want long-term, free coaching? Catalyst Coaching recruiting!
Iam currently lvl 19 and 15 in age.vWhen i get to 30 an get ranked can i apply? Im a jungler and want to improve especially on gankin and lane pressuring.
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: Is flirting with the enemy a viable strategy?
Girly nickname 》 offerr nudes 》 dont just lie 》 $$$$$
MateNoobZz (EUNE)
: after a ban for how long i cant get key fragments?
I have the same issue i got banned 10 chat games. I sometimes just can't hold it... like how .... how can u even think thats a good idea ingame. Im trying so hard yet i still spill some flame here and there :( {{champion:121}}
Puckomodo (EUW)
: How to find your main?
Noone carries like **Kha'Zix, Zix, Zix!** {{champion:121}}
: >literally cry after i lose my games Why? That's pretty overly emotional for losing nothing of value.
Karkon (EUNE)
: Dude the only thing u need to do is to lvl up to 30 ! Win or lose it doesn't matter cause u still get exp ! Apart from that playing with ppl that are higher than u in skill and experience will only make you better down the road ! So chill , learn whatever u can from these high elo players ~!
Smack talking enemy team telling them how ''shit'' they are compared to him and bming people cuz u can?
Infernape (EUW)
: You don't get 400 RP anymore. You get a premium Hextech Chest containing a random skin for a random champion you own, orange essence and a ward skin.
U dont get a skin for a champ u own. I got a random skin
: It's not as bad as you think. From my experience those games are very limited and smurfs play against other smurfs mostly anyway after a few games. You can't prevent that and it would be silly to do so.
can utell me what champion i could play to win vs smurfs? i have 3.5k Ip atm. Im desperate i literally cry after i lose my games to smurfs. I play vs 1-3 smurfs **EVERY** single game.
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