: Anyone else feel like Akali is a little too slippery?
Y just played vs an akali. This champ is just stupidly overpowered and does not offer any counter play. I feel like after all the bullshit even with tank meta and all this is the first time i think something has to be deleted until its fixed.
: Will i earn tokens from playing bots aswell (arcade pass question)
it says matchmade games only, that means player vs player :D
: Why people cant play for fun these days? Why Riot doesnt punish bugusers/exploiters?
> ** People who abuse an ingame bug/glitch/exploit/Meta Brakeing stuff should get the same punishment as people who run 3rd party tools (Speedhacks, macros, ddos drops, scripts) to get an advantage. ** I dont agree on that because ingame things are not forbidden and is a mistake by the game on not the player. Also having fun is kinda connected to breaking the meta and play something different. Players in league are following the meta way to strictly. I dont play TFT so often and can only talk about normal League. Abusing a Bug can also be a game mechanic. Also even if you wanted them to be punished its quite hard to see who triggered it on purpose and who didnt. I cant remember of a bug thats so game breaking that id say someone had to be banned for that.
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: Just admit it.. You want the Ahri sounds Kappa
I also wants the Ahri sounds.
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: Err. Junglers have the biggest influence on the game's outcome, so he is kinda right. Nothing he said is incorrect, junglers need to have the biggest presence in the game, best map awareness, best objective control and best game knowledge of everyone in the team.
So if hes right that junglers decide it if its a win or lose its his fault for losing and not his teammates that dont listen to him.
Escalan (EUW)
: No, you just have to use one bad word and you are a goner. 2 days ago reported one kassadin for using the word nibber. He wasn't flaming or trolling or intiing, he was even nice and started joking about stuff. After one game BAM instant feedback. I don't say you are wrong but one bad word and they 100% will bann you even if you don't flame
well your instant feedback doesnt have to mean hes banned. It could also be a chat ban if he was toxic alot in other games or just nothing, If he got a ban for real than not because of one word, he was toxic or something else before then. Usually its starts with a chat ban, after that 2 weeks ban and if youre still doing wrong stuff it goes to a perm ban.
: bans/reports
You have to do alot to be banned actually, I have someone in my list who legit inted maaaaaaaaaaaany games. He didnt get a ban for that. He got banned after writing he will int in the chat. I think their ban system works only with the chat. So if someone is getting reported alot for inting they check their chat and if he writes hes inting he gets a ban. Its hard since in silver or bronze people could just have bad games and single games with Bad KDA is mostly no real proof that someone is feeding. And i think the chat system only checks single words like "int" "feed" "F*ck" so the words "hang" "yourself" are not toxic if combined. There are just too many games at the same time to check them manually. Its not 100% proof but i have the feeling it works that way.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: My team holds me back
Well you cant win em all, specially now. Teamcombo is stronger than skill, look at my last game, my team asked me to go tanky top instead of Yasuo, I went Malphite top and got destroyed by this Nasus, he had like 600 Stacks. Yet since I wasnt feeding intentionally Nasus wasnt Overfed. We just had a Strong Combo with Lux Malphite and Zac. Youre playing Solo carries mostly. As Weird as it sounds if you pick a Carry youre the one depending on the team. IF you pick a Champion that engages your team depends on you. I dont like these changes either but without a strong combo you usually win when you catch someone or if every lane destroys its opponent.
Airbend (EUNE)
: Just got this warning
Well your comment says that junglers are gods, and other players dont do sh*t to win.
Otivnaig (EUW)
: Tips for Yasuo's Early Game
conquerer first rune, second resolve with bone plating and chrysalis that will keep you alive in laning phase. then first item buy attack speed boots . They are cheap af with 1100 and give alot of attack speed and cd to your q. after that you go for pd your early game damage should be enough until you finish ie. after ie you will be able to win the game easily.
: what if im poor and i cant afford blue essence to buy the champions hmmmmmmmmm
> [{quoted}](name=BogAnubis123,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nkO4wkTQ,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-10T13:45:27.306+0000) > > what if im poor and i cant afford blue essence to buy the champions hmmmmmmmmm Dont play ranked that early then, just earn the champs. counter picks are stronger than skill, dont blame me for it.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >Works well with yas for example or gnar. Yasuo definitely doesn't work into darius. Gnar does to an extent but yasuo gets manhandled.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nkO4wkTQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-10T11:49:01.498+0000) > > Yasuo definitely doesn't work into darius. Gnar does to an extent but yasuo gets manhandled. Depends on the darius actually :D, im gold playing vs darius isnt the hardest if i keep playing passive, even though i admit its hard playing yas passive
: Nerf Darius
Darius is one of those champs that are weak if you know how to play vs him with the right pick, Darius is veeeery slow so pick something that can poke him and just run away if he tries to attack you. Works well with yas for example or gnar. But if you just try to straight up fight him hes stronger most of the times.
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BadBigus (EUW)
: Thanks Riot for making me a troll :)
I love Trash Talking in games. its the funniest part about league . But people get way to salty for one trash talk sentence and speaking some bullshit like "report - flaming" and then they start to talk bullshit, when they do bad they just say something like ohh i troll now , like that b**** there. I dont get that policy of riot. Sure flaming isnt fun for everyone but if i just talk some shit that didnt mean to be offensive and they get salty from that why am i supposed to be the one who gets banned. People banned my Champ so often. Nothing happend so far with them. i got troll afks and feeders. they dont get bans. People get mad 1 game and flame , instaban. I mean the chat log is the easiest way to see people and they cant watch every game. But some people get no ban at all and some people get banned for no reason. i know people that feed with their smurfs like every game. it never happend something to that acc. and im not talking about going 2/7 while loosing mid, im talking about buying shoes running it down mid and leave after 3 min. I myself trolled in some game because of some madness. and eventhough everyone said report that fool , nothing happend to me so far. I think if you dont write that you will feed on purpose nothing will happen to an account. Atleast it feels like it, maybe you guys have a good story to that one that proves me wrong.
: ARURF - All Random URF - Really?
i never see shaco :D i wish i could play shaco once in urf, its the only time shaco feels fun again. i hate all random urf, rather want normal urf, maybe with bans or something so you wont see zed 24/7
: Tristana + Garen + Alistar
Alistar : Subsrcribe to their Youtube Channel. Garen: was Facebook i think not sure, i know you get one skin of it for free, Tristana: follow them on Twitter. i think the Twitter thing is still working, but i dont know about the other things
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: Favourite role ... and why?
i love playing top, most people are talking things like noob team and i dont give a **** about it. i just play someone i like top and try to win my lane, most times people start to babysit , instead of telling my jungle he should counter gank i tell him to focus on bot mid and drake. if i manage to survive the enemy ganks or get a kill of it my team has higher chances to win the game because they usually play 4 v 3, it works most times. its not a 100% win thing, but you know what they , you cant win every game.
: Riot has a new troll.
so im watching your Games, your win rate is very low and like 90% of all games your kda is negative.....
: About Yasuo's current state
Nerfs are like the wind, always by my side
: Can you guys stop playing lee sin please?
Same with Taliyah , every fckin game. delete that Champion :D
: i hate ekko
Ekko is one of the best champs, just buy {{item:3100}} as first item and then build whatever you want and you gonna win.
: maybe something like "The Unseen is the AFK" if it fits. Im not sure about that
or The Unseen is AFK probably sounds better.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Summoner name for a Zed player
maybe something like "The Unseen is the AFK" if it fits. Im not sure about that
Lyxeonn (EUW)
: Ranking system S+
138 cs is still to low for 42 minutes in my opinion, and if your enemies are all doing very bad its harder to achive an S aswell.
: well, threads like this make me glad i am a Shen main. {{champion:105}} currently OP? You do not notice {{champion:245}} considered god-tier again? you have hard time undertanding why {{champion:58}} bullies everyone again? you wonder how possibly this can happen
First rule of fighting Renekton, do not fight Renekton
NitroDaxs (EUNE)
: New client and key fragments.
i have the exact same issue as you have. I dont know if theres any fix or maybe it is fixed already.
Sexy Win (EUW)
: New nickname --> Free Mystery Skin/icon
probably Taken but something like Trash Support, or Trash_Support, Trash Süpport something like that
Sexy Win (EUW)
: New nickname --> Free Mystery Skin/icon
Poromania , (Maybe your Country or something like that) Hooker . For Example Chinese Hooker, or 404 (your favorite Champion) picked. If 404 is fine for you :D
: "gg izi"
I say gg ez when i get babysit from like 3 or more people or my Opponent insults me.
Walltr (EUW)
: Permanently banned, let this be a warning
I flamed worse already a few years ago, i never got any ban or something, nothing happend so far. Im normal now but i got banned once for 2 weeks with a Chat where i didnt even flame, i wrote an email to riot and my ban was gone the next day. Your Chat is still fine compared to me tbh.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Not Xpeke,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PPUkMJ3W,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-05-15T21:51:19.282+0000) > > > Riot themselves have updated their policy regarding report calling. ^ What do you not understand from that sentence? I'll say it again, Report calling is NOT reportable unless you're spamming it and doing it to be negative/flame.
Ive never seen a Change like that, Where did they say that, Calling our reports is a form of threatining someone and thats not allowed, maybe you are right and they said it, but so far i didnt see any Statements from Riot. Since one Report is just as powerful as 5 theres no Need to callout reports. Even if the Player is a troll and is insulting you , thats still no excuse to threat him.
: Is report call and threatening to get you banned a re-portable offence?
Calling out for reports is not allowed since 1 Report is equal to 5 reports.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: No it's not unless you are spamming and trying to be negative while doing it. Riot themselves have updated their policy regarding report calling.
it is a reason to get reported, calling out for reports is prohibited, 1 Report is just as heavy as 5 reports.
: Report <insert name> pls, ty.
calling out for reports is a reason to get reported.
: What's going on with Shaco?
I have Shaco lvl7 and i love playing Shaco, but he feels useless to be honest. Lots of things that were cool on him were deleted. Ap Shaco nerf was waaay too hard. He wasnt really op but he wasnt useless. Now hes only viable on one or two builds, you can really test anything else.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Nerfing lee again...
Lee got nerfed enough already, his Playrate is high because hes a great champ to be honest. Sure his damage is strong in early game, but you cant do shit with him alone late game.
: Do you think?? I went to check if there were any games played that wasnt me, that is what i said... and there were no games that i didnt play...
Mabons (EUW)
: What champion can you just not play?
{{champion:55}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:268}} i dont Play them because im bad at them, they are hard to master
: "So i went to check if for some reason, some hacker was able to get my account and play a game... Well, everything was fine, only saw the games i played..." i already did, only i play on my account
Wait, if a "hacker" played with your account he got the message that you got demoted. i
Fïora (EUW)
: From 150 FPS to 1 FPS after 15min
Driver updates ? or maybe just some dust in your pc, or a bad cooling System, with a GTX 1080 you Need a good Cooling System .
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Looking for a champion good for high bronze low silver
i would recommend Yasuo and Fiora , even though People say Yasuo is a noobchamp , hes not as easy as the most People think. But in bronze you can easily carry with him, Play some games with those Champions. both Need some Training.
XxBeelZxX (EUW)
: Changing summoner name
Since you are Support main, i would suggest something like Supporting Poro
Weland (EUW)
: Flamed for Playing heimerdinger support
First of all, you cant get reported for playing a Champion outside the meta , so go for it. second , this is bronze People will flame you anyways because they dont know what real troll is .
Mangekyu (EUW)
: What do you guys evolve on Kha'Zix?
Q for the damage, e for the Long range jump and jump reset and R to look cool af.
Ahmi (EUNE)
: So if 4 people decide to troll 5 minutes in, it's ok, because democracy?
Sure it is, theres no way you got 4 Premades, if your Team is trolling you wont win anyways. You can get 4 Mates only in Normal games and who cares about normal games?
Zilion187 (EUNE)
: S but no chest
So you can only get one chest per week, but you can stack that , you can see that on your Profile. You can get only one Chest per Champion, IF you get reported many times you cant get loot for the next 30 games or something
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