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: You can't teach someone to be better if they themselves aren't looking to improve. As for what's best to do, you can have him be on voice chat with a good player in the bot lane (doesn't matter what role, either adc or support). At least that way the other player could guide him and he'd catch a few pointers on what he should keep in mind for the future. Also, it might be a good idea to keep all of this in normal games.
Ty. We usually play flex and people in our team get irritated if we start losing, so when he's out 1v5ing we might use a few not needed words, so normals would be better (but it's so boring). We do use a voice chat and we have decided we are going to put him on bot with someone who can guide him. Both will play adc and supp, their pref champs actually quite complement each other so it works out kinda good.
: That sounds a lot like me a few years ago tbh. What made me perform better was simply listening to everything my friend said. His knowledge how to rotate and which objectives are more important was way better than mine in those days. So I just blindly listened to him and did what he told me. My mechanics were good enough for the rest so we performed pretty well. He usually knew where the jungler was, he payed attention to when they warded where so, for example, abused the enemy jungler's positioning to roam botlane and stomp them. If your friend has good mechanics, why not put him on midlane and give him a jungler who practically "babysits" him and commands him where to go. (Of course that person has to have enough game knowledge for that role ^^) It helped me more than a lot to, on the one hand, learn more about decisionmaking, and on the other hand, concentrate on my mechanics, because I didn't have to concentrate on the rest. Over the time I just "naturally" learned when to go where and which objective to take, because I played enough games with my friend to already know how he would have decided. It's still not perfect but I improved a lot through this :)
Thanks that actually helped a lot. The guy is very hard headed so telling him what to do is hard and we don't always have time to explain why we say certain things. Also most of us are just focused on our own games, so we are going to have to do a bit on our side as well to guide him. But I think with you, you wanted to learn, but he already thinks he knows everything and there is nothing new that you can tell him. So we need to do as you say and guide him and look after him, but also change his mindset.
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Treycos (EUW)
: Try it What's your problem ?
Nah my friend's game can't get past the authentication in the login screen He's from NA, but plays on EUW server
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Tarolock (EUW)
: the amount of topics about league losing players and smurfs ruining new players experience despite both is false is amusing no, league did not lose players, actually they grow so big that they were able to make a server for turkey, which they cant do without growth then the smurf "problem", the smurfs are identified in a few games and once thats done they are queued up with other smurfs >He said that it's become so team orientated that individual skill isn't that important anymore because league is not 1v1, its a TEAM game so ofc it needs teamwork, your own individual skill can help you win your lane, but thats not enough to win the game >What I enjoyed when playing dota is that you can almost take any champ, any lane and play any role and it's ok. Now, thinking from the top of my head, you can take yas, block every particle with your windwall, buy redemption and be a support. So the new items does allow it, but it is still not optimal to do so, which is right, but if you do it, and it actually works you'll get perma banned. you can go with any champ in any lane and if you are not feeding/trolling most of them will work, wont be optimal (thats why we have meta) but it will work, either because of the enemy team did not see it before so they dont know how to play against it (reminds me of my games as illaoi support, fun times) or its just a situation that boosts a champ (ziggs adc for example, he can kill 2 champ he can farm while the support takes care of the enemy and he will be a towernuking beast) and i never heard/saw anyone getting permabanned for something out of meta... (if you mean the singed support, he got banned because he was toxic NOT because he played singed support) >And Riot Games' biggest focus is on pro-play and trying to get the non-pros to play like pros. Play meta and get rewarded, play out of meta and get perma banned. And their state of mind gets carried over to the community and everyone wants to become pros and no one should have fun playing league. this is just wrong on so many levels... first of all the meta is dictated by the players not riot, prolly this is the reason why they didnt say where will be Kayn or the new Urgot played, then the focus on pro-play, thats where the game is, silver players know nothing about balance since they dont know the best items/combos for their champ and they dont know how to play around enemy, and pros are pros because they have that knowledge, so why would they focus on casuals? in bronze/silver yasuo is ban/pick but as you go higher less and less player playing it because everyone knows how to play around him so he is not a threat, or azir, he is weak atm because if they give him a tiny bit power he gets stupid op in the hands of pros while still useless for soloq etc >Riot Games should put their main focus on having fun. actually they do, just look at the gamemodes, events etc, the problem with fun is that players are twisting and turning it into something unfun then cry about it i remember the first few days when URF came out, it was tons of fun, every match you saw new champs even the champs that were never played on normals, then next time urf was up the meta already formed and the fun gamemode turned into a crap with a pool of 10 champions and if you did not pick from that 10 champion you could watch the whole game in black and white from the fountain same goes on with the poro king, i still play it because its better than aram, but when i see the same few champs 5 games in a row its just boring then there is dominion, well the definitely not dominion, i would love that gamemode, something new that is not get to their base and destroy it killing everyone in the process, but nope ppl cant play it, they dont know what the bases do, they dont know how to use the buff, nothing, i had a game where ppl asked me at the end game screen how i got most points if i did not kill a single player the whole match... so how do you have fun when everyone else focusing on getting the most kill even if it does nothing (i won games where enemy was ahead with 20-30 kills), or the trolls who just focusing on ruining your fun?
Thanks for reading and replying, you definitely changed my views on everything you mentioned. One last thing, what do you think about dropping the lvl 30 idea? Just generally, not in the focus of league losing players and new player experience.
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Edimian (EUW)
: What type of internet is the best to play league?
lol first world problems... I'm here in South Africa, opening this in a new tab thinking: 'He'll probably ask which is better, ADSL or 3G?'. But yeah, I saw you already got your answer, based on info I got from a friend living in Australia, I'd also say Fiber.
Wallach (EUW)
: Honor progression
> [{quoted}](name=Wallach,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=VleXjq9a,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-06T21:06:17.361+0000) > > on this note, riot will we get a progress bar or some thing like it, so we'll know where we stand? a little transparency make the experience way better. That would be nice
: Flex players in Ranked
Personally I find flex a very relaxed environment which makes the game a lot more fun. There may be people who don't care about winning or losing in flex, but it's those who care about winning or losing are usually the ones that flame and get tilted. So for me it's about playing with non toxic people and have more fun.
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ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Just based on reports? so someone maining something off-meta gets put in that queue just because people dont want him to play w/e it is? there is a reason there is no report-only punishment system (without review of either a bot or someone in person).
Well this is obviously imperfect to put people in that queue just based on reports, but that is also why I said 'frequently" reported for the same thing, and if there are evidence suggesting that the guy is going afk on purpose based on the bot or person, why not put him in that queue?
: Cool I'll read it
> [{quoted}](name=Master Roshiii,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JY6clsB9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-02T23:16:30.247+0000) > > Cool I'll read it Ok I've read it, and reason 1 is bullsh*t, test it in beta or something and confirm that it doesn't work, but personally the best way to "reform" a player is to put the guy in a low-prior queue with the rest of his buddies... Reason 2: Is the small % afk'ers player experience more important than the large % non-afkers player experience? And if the low-prior queue actually work, it will mean the large % non-afkers will become even larger and it will = better overall game experience. Lastly, there is this other game called Dota 2 which does have a low-prior queue, why don't they go ask them does it work, y/n? Or do League and Dota hate each other too much?
: There was a Riot Q&A on why they think thats not a good idea. Google "Riot Prisoners Island".
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Fidda (EUNE)
: Click the button that was used for download again, it will start the replay.[/img]
Thx, but the replay I want to see isn't in my history anymore, but I see there is 3 replay files in my documents
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: Well no more ranked until January again.
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Andrexo9 (EUW)
: No, it's not just you. Neither mine does work
I've found that it still doesn't work when I use chrome, but on firefox it works fine... see if it helps!
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JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Riot could simply change Blinded to Disoriented or Confused and it would be the same thing.
I just think it could be a cool mechanic. Then he's like the one champ that is unaffected by blinds, and if satan is picked in the toplane you could just pick a lee against him and gg
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SatomiKun (EUW)
: You have to have a good game to have a good game with _them_..... Wut? xD But I didn't see Kindred for some time now, though. But buffing them is really dangerous, since they can become an insane monster in late game because of their stacking mechanic. What exactly would you suggest to buff, to make them more viable without being op?
It's a good question... Kindred's late game is still strong, but with good play it is possible to reach that late game potential... I'm trying to think of something that still requires good play (to be rewarding, and we don't want a Annie or Heimer like champ that requires no skill, or not much of it) I'm thinking as I'm writing... Something that did jump to mind is to bring back the q as it was (2 seconds cooldown when W is activated at all lvls) and maybe put a cap on the mark of kindred, and keep the rest as it is... it will give some early game mobility, for ganks and such, but still the late game won't get out of hand, just not sure where to put the cap though
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: How about creating a North Africa Server !
How about a South African server!
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: Try to search in spam folder or send a ticket to RITO so that they can resend your email, also is your friend toxic/feeder?
No he is not... he had some connection issues and was banned a lot so he stopped playing until he got better internet... now his internet is fixed and when he tried to log in... he got the message, but we can't find the email...
: Try to search in spam folder or send a ticket to RITO so that they can resend your email, also is your friend toxic/feeder?
No he is not, he had some connection issues, could be that...
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Skyè (EUW)
: tried restarting client?
Yes, my friend with who'm I am on teamspeak at the moment logged in a few moments earlier and he was fine, but when he also now relogged and is having the same problem now
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: Is there still a Tribunal?
Thanks for the comments, I'm now a bit wiser than I was a few moments ago
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Pik4s (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Accepting game
Made the same suggestion a few weeks back, would be a nice feature in the game
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: There is new client coming... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} do you read the news?
Wil it be in the new client?
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Kwathreon (EUW)
: Double Up about fixing toxicity in LoL - since it's both a Sugestion and about Player Behaviour
Upvote for you my friend. I do feel the player punishment for toxic players isn't where it should be and I think you got it right there in the end: Harsh and instant punishment = A cleaner ranked queue.
Drippels (EUW)
: [Suggestion] South African server
I'm from SA and if dota can have a SA server, LoL can too
: sounds so nice... :D ionia here i am XD
: It's like eating pizza with bread. P.s : trying to copy an idea from Skyrim is not the best thing to do cause everyone played skyrim and will probably see ;P
Hahaha it obviously have to be unique, but it's like pizza-bread (Bread with pizza toppings). You cut your bread slices and with some butter and maybe jam... it's delicious, especially if it's hot out of the oven.
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