MasterMYi (EUW)
: Full analysis and advice about the rework of Akail
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MasterMYi (EUW)
: About the reform of Akali
BTW, her win rate is very very low, except in professional match, like Azir Ryze. I don't think it is a good state.
253IQ (EUW)
: You wanna say "Buff Akali ?"
No, i just want the Akali before rework.
: Conceptually, Akali is fine. The issue is her numbers are too good and the time you have to react to her is too low.
The Akali player feel bad actually, because of the high cost of Q, after she cleaning any line, she will spend nearly all energy and can not strike back to any enemy.
: Akali is a strange snowflake. I find her manageble, but with a very annoying kit. Any buff or nerf to her numbers will either make her permabanned or useless. At lvl 1 & 2 there are plenty of midlaners that can all in her, at lvl3 if become a bit tricky but if played well you should have wave 4 bounce back to you. The main thing with her is like when talon get a rework on his rake. When ppl get used to the range of their harrass, they loose their all in effectiveness. And soon they'll be forgotten as the once terror of midlane. The main issue is that it's extremely hard to towerdive her with that shroud while you need to be carefull of getting towerdived yourself. This being said i only know the Orianna,Syndra & Karthus matchup in detail. On other midlaners i have no clue on how to deal with her to that degree.
exactly, but the problem is now no matter the player of akali or her enemy always do not like her skill, i just want to say uncomfortable, because of her shroud. however before the rework, her shroud is not op like now, she also don't need make damage with shroud.
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