: support looking for adc
: Gold player (preferably adc) for ranked WANTED
you do realize that playing as a premade makes it a lot harder than normally right? when you duo the system recognizes that and gives you harder opponents due to the fact that you probably have better communication with your duo. I'd advice to soloqueue only. a gold adc is probably not good enough to carry you if you're not good enough for gold plus increasing the enemy MMR by a lot.
Grubz (EUW)
: High Silver Team looking for TOP/ADC/SUP
SmB Koji (EUW)
: You just made a fool of yourself by talking nonsense and using an irrelevant sticker. Congrats.
what he said makes perfect sense, you did contradict yourself. you say that individual skill doesnt matter and in the same sentence you say that once one guy feeds his opponent its done. hows that hard to grasp?
: The worst experience I've ever had with a multiplayer game.
Depends on what your goals are. if you are a competetive person its probably worth it. if you can shrugg of losses and continue playing its probably worth it. if you can keep your cool when others in your team/ enemy team can't its probably worth it.
: How do you win lane against Caitlyn + Brand
So I've read the comments and pretty much all of you say : you dont, you get pushed and hope for your jungler to come
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: Got 7k blue essence for no obviois reason
Just go to settings -> messages -> "Dont tell anyone and be happy about the free essence"
: its only you, Whats your FPS average while playing?
my fps are fine,constant 140 and it isnt only me. there are a lot of threads about it, some of them older than a year.
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Treycos (EUW)
: > I really don't get which he's allowed to have an aoe 1200 range nuke. You can't give him stealth+1200 range...That's simply stupid. You could say a totally random quote like that about every champion Let me try... Why is a champ allowed to attack with an INSANE range with stupid soldiers that you can't even target, WTF ?? His dash has a SO OP RNAGE WOW Azir - 45% winrate
your reply is counter productive. Azir was considered one of the most overpowered champions. his range was op, his attackspeed scaling ap soldiers were op. his escape/ult engage was op. thats why got nerfed to the ground over and over again. 45% winrate doesnt say shit. he had a 45% winrate when he was op, thats true, but thats only because people didnt know his potential up until the point where he was played in lcs and raped every single game.
: Why does Riot refuse to nerf Twitch?
I agree and its just the truth. bad early phase is not even true. he has an okay laning phase compared to other hyper carries but his late game potencial is way better and safer due to his high range and stealth. People who say he is balanced now are the same people who said that yasuo was balanced up until that point where riot themself said he isnt. just wait till he gets nerfed and all those people will suddenly agree with your statement in the future
Teejoon (EUW)
: The only reason not to implement it would be cause it would add more information on the screen to track. I don't really see a point in implementing it you probably be more annoying than help full, like take up too much space on the screen or being a very small icon. You don't need to know abilities exact but more like if they have around 5/10/15/20 sec CD. By knowing what the ability does you can make a good estimate on the ability's cooldown.
Thought about that too and one of way of controlling that would be A: by using a very small icon like you said,or B: making it totally optional. Let´s say you want to use it - you click on your Support´s portrait and a little circle appears, you can then click on it again to select one of the 4 abilities and put it in. If you think its too distracting you can simply choose not to use it at all. I think more choices and more communication is never wrong.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You can already ping your cooldowns, what do you need even more? If you Support/ADC refuses to use that, then you play around it. Especially on bot you need to be flexible, because you will face and play with all kinds of players, and you need to synergize with them. So instead of adding unneccessary training wheels to everyone, why not learn the game, improve and simply play around it?
So your point is that if your team mates dont use a helpful tool, e.g. pinging their cds, means that adding a tool that helps you keeping track of their cd´s on your own is making things too easy? Sorry but that doesn't make any sense to me
Rismosch (EUW)
: The jungle timers are pretty long and because they are included, you can plan your jungle route better. Without the timers, the jungle becomes more unpredictable, because a counterjungler can mess everything up. To keep it consistant and predictable, the timers were added, even for baron when the enemy has slain it. Also, Blitzcrank Q has only a cooldown of 10-20 seconds. Of course I don't know the exact cooldown, but I know that it's pretty high, especially on early levels. Thus, you can play around it: If Blitzcrank hasn't used Q in the past 10 tp 20 seconds, you can expect that it's up again. If Blitz positions poorly, he either is not good or baits you into an unsafe position, that is especially true if his Q is off cooldown. Because of this, it is unneccessary. It's simply not needed, because if you are experienced in the game you roughly know when certain abilities are up again. Also you can play around the enemies playstyle. On top of that, don't you think it requires more skill to outplay your opponent, due to knowing when he is going to use his abilities? So better players dont profit it and bad people might not even know it exists. If you think that statement is stupid, then notice that too many people don't know how to mute, and in Bronze don't know how and when to use Flash, even though it's actually pretty straight forward. Your suggestion is unneccessary.
Im not sure if there´s a missunderstanding, but I'm not talking about putting the Tracker on an enemy blitzcrank, but your teammate´s. Of course it would be stupidly broken to know the enemie´s cd, but knowing your own team mates would just improve communication between each other. I fail to see any disadvantages of this idea.
Fathands (EUW)
: Just ask people to ping it. Or learn the CD's.
"asking" people to ping takes a lot more of your time and focus than adding that one important spell at the beginning of the game above your team mate´s portrait. Also, why do you think your team mates often ping the remainig CD of their spell? Because they know that no one cann possibly keep track of every single cd of their team mates.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Unneccessary. Learn the cooldowns and read the behaviour of your opponent.
How's that unneccessary. you could also say that Jungle timers are unneccessary because blue and red respawn after 5 minutes. Still, riot decided to make things like that clearer by adding the timer. Imo it's always better to improve communication between your team mates by adding such things. And no offense, but I dont think that you know EVERY SINGLE cooldown of every single ability in the game - especially if you include cooldown reduction into it
SplitPush (EUNE)
: Best champions and builds to carry gold
I think that many gold players, myself included, struggle to "finish" games when ahead. like rotating after taking bot tower, wave manipulation, keeping track of the enemy jungler by warding and also predicting where he could be based on the last gank position he made etc etc. However there are lots and lots of "guides" and tips about those things. I think that macro game becomes more and more important the higher you climb in your elo. Just google "wave manipulation" or how to rotate after laning phase and you'll see that league is far more than winning your lane.
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: Again 4 bots in my team...
let me guess...female? -playing against bots so game isnt too hard - check -need to talk to dudes on the internet to have "fun", which means getting attention - check
: Plat Iv Suport looking for serious team (tournys etc)
: Lux really shouldn't have the damage she has for so much utility.
easy to play my ass. play lux against assassins like zed fizz or leblanc and look how easy that shit is. her dmg is fine. she is not easy to play against popular match ups
: I noticed riot is pretty fast to ban in forum , but in game , nothing , toxic player still playing
Let me tell you why it seems like people are not getting punished. Because you are probably reporting people for "int feeding" when they had a bad match going 0/5/2 or something. You report them for toxicity when in fact you were the one spamming question marks on your dead team mate´s corpse asking things like "why?!?!?! %%%" etc etc Simply put, your reports dont have much effect because you brought that up to yourself. Solution to the problem: Only report people if its really punishable behaviour and if it was someone who deserves it use the textbox and describe what happened. it helps a lot. I get that instant feedback report SO OFTEN and the only reason other people dont get it is because they abused the report system-
Sywos (EUW)
: My main getting banned by team mate after I declared him.
you didnt think that through really. Let´s say you are a Yasuo main. We all know that, well, Yasuo is a piece of shit to play against. Let´s also say that your team mate sees you wanna pick him, but he also sees that you are last pick. So the chance of the enemy picking him is quite high, isnt it? You could argue that he could pick Yasuo for you, but then again your team mates are not your mother who will make all your wishes come true. There is also a chance that Yasuo, besides being Ebola Ehec Cancer,doesnt fit in the team comp. So thats another reason as why to ban him instead. I can understand that its a %%%% move to ban champions someone´s declared, but there are some champs who are just unhealthy for the game right now and I can understand banning those
: Some champs are really redefined. Will happen to Urgoth, too. Something similar happened to Gragas, and could happen to some other champ.
I agree, and that´s a good thing. however, Graves role was not meant to be redefined. He was planned to be an ADC, which didnt work.
: He's a jungler now. He's fine. He brings much more unique playstyle for that position than in other ones. I really like it. He just isn't the early adc anymore that he used to be.
I never said he was a bad jungler. All I was saying that he was intended to be an ADC but he doesnt fit that role anymore, therefore his rework failed in that regard IMO
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: it just happens way to rare in my opinion
How can u tell ? There are millions of people playing this game and the chances of playing with the same flamer dude are very low
pedkejus (EUNE)
: Incredible amount of ranked games will not even start
What I've noticed is that league doesn't pop up when your time for picking a champ has come (happened to me a lot with the new client) some of My friends had the same problem You get into champ selection, you realize that you are last pick and after banning phase you surf on YouTube because you think the client will pop up as soon as its your turn to pick - just like it was with the old client. Then you get kicked out for not picking your champ - major flaw with the new client imo
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F1 Rammus (EUW)
: Can you buff god damn Kalista?
This champion was a bad idea. She is not balancable. if you buff her she´s overpowered, if you nerf her she is too weak. Bad champ design. the jumping thing was a cool idea but too strong in practice
: Looking for friendly players
lost interest at age/gender.
KekalePoika (EUNE)
: unbang pls
worst troll ever
Iskierka (EUW)
: Yeah I lost both games with these girls streamers one of which was ranked and we lost it because of her. And have you seen the viewer count of some of these girl streams? Plus I play League to enjoy myself not to be judged by some random twitch audience. Is that too hard to grasp? I personally enjoy my privacy. It s nice that you dont see a problem with it well I do.
Well you shouldnt feel judged by some no lifer nerds who watch girl streamers in the first place. just imagine how they look like in real life multiply that ugliness by 3 and you got his real life face. Then you will feel better
Iskierka (EUW)
: Unwanted streaming
"Im a guuuurl too" nobody cares, no one asked. second, those people probably dont have a lot of viewers so what are you afraid of
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: To jhin's creator.
I agree and dissagree at the same time. He is a lot of fun. his passive is a lot of fun. being 1 shotted by every assasin and chased to death by every tank mid to late game is not. Having 0 mobility doesnt work at all in this meta.
: LoL without Team Builder sucks.
Dude...please. Almost no one used team builder
: Jhin... "the new champ"
I dont think he will get played in higher elos and high competetive plays because of his one big Downside: 0 mobility
Axelney (EUW)
: Literally me when i logged in today
Bombardox (EUW)
: The best skin in the game ?
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gaby1best (EUNE)
: Tell me, fellow silvers
Never ever look for your team´s faults. The only thing you can improve is your own playstyle. Stay behind your team, try to focus the nearest target (people who play adc often think that its really important to focus the enemy carries, but in reality, most of the time you just cant because of their tank line)
: Why do i get banned instead of people who truly suck.
Are you serious? you answered all your questions yourself. you asked why you got banned. you said you rage pretty hard and flame. to your second question. people like you, who behave like that get banned and people who are "bad" get demoted eventually after continue being bad. You deserve your ban. And you probably deserve a longer ban due to your attittude.
: "GG easy" and equivalents should be bannable
I agree and I always report people for doing that, doesnt matter if it was the opponent or a teammate.
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
{{champion:64}} Muay Thai Lee {{champion:157}} Project Yasuo {{champion:201}} El Tigre Braum you want a nice text, eh? you wont get that attention from me. get the f*** out. Gimme that skin. Report me. Ive learned my lesson. I'll never flame again. Cya.
Emoticons (EUW)
: [Skin suggestion] Flying Spaghetti Monster Vel'Koz
I dont think Riot would create such a skin because it would offend religious people (still not a bad idea though)


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