: Ok, qual o teu nome do LoL?
O mesmo que vês aqui xxxmrmcxxx
: Bronze Jungle main looking for players! Reply asap :D
MathiasC (EUW)
: Kalista player LF silver/bronze Tresh player
Thx dude i will try my best ;)
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: SILVER 5 Looking for a team/friends to play with LOOKING TO COMPETE IN COMPETITIONS etc :)
Can you play other roles properly? Because our adc is prety good
: Serious ranked team bronze/silver
i and building a team i would love to have you doing try outs for my team because we are need a jungler
Galadriel (EUW)
: Looking for Duo - Silver/Gold
I would like to play with you but since i am bronze 2 you probably think i am noob i also play mid and top.
: add me in game pls ign: Lord Pupen
: Since the Server is down i'll just reply here, I'm a midlaner/supp and i'd like to join the team if you find me fit.
server is back up add me in game. If you want to come will be playing as supp.
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Shrav (EUW)
: Find someone who IS NOT salty after losing like 7-8 games in a row XD the point is, you shouldn't have to be carried. You should be able to play with people who don't run straight into enemies. Sometimes you could swear they're bots. Another thing is, its IS possible to carry games, yes. But even getting fed, establishing CS leads and having more than half your teams kills and like 2 deaths (assuming the kills you have are above 5 or so), its really difficult to carry people who LITERALLY run into the enemy base and die. Its like, you're playing Lee Sin. By 18 minutes you get 6 kills from ganking and 7 assists from the same. You have participated in every kill of the game (13 kills for your team). Your team is not really behind by the looks of it. But then you look and see that a bot lane Jinx has fed the enemy Vayne by dying 7 times to Vayne already. Your mid laner is struggling but managing to hold their own. And top is just horrible with your Jax (who chose Jax just because they think Jax is easy and will guarantee a win) feeding a Fiora. Thing is, you'd have to ask your team to stop fighting and just farm and play safe but they insist on fighting even without your ganks and then they die. And then you factor in the fact that it is a ranked games and people are just choosing "POWER PICKS" instead of doing something they know, and then you will start becoming miserable. And on TOP of that, your next 4 games are nearly identical. I mean, I think that could really break a person's spirit... Which is kinda sad.
If you as a jungler camp a lane and make it a winning lane, you two should be able to carry or if you play with a pre made you at least get two lanes ahead
Shrav (EUW)
: The Feeding Is Becoming a Problem
So salty men! When will you understand that if you lose its your fault not everyone else? If you cannot understand this maybe find a premade to carry you!
: Procuro team de ranked Portuguesa!
Fui silver 5 sou bronze 3 mas podes jogar uns normals comigo para veres o que achas sou main mid
Ziaja (EUW)
: [Team Hawk] Recruiting new players.
i am bronze 3 almost bronze 2 i was silver 5 last season i am main mid and i can do well shotcalling!
DrBryan (EUNE)
: Top/Mid/Jungle Looking For A Team [Bronze going for Silver]
what was you rank last season? i am main mid Bronze 3 and Silver 5 last season.
: Looking to join a team (Silver+)
I would like to have someone to play with some rankeds i am bronze 3 but i dont play bad if you want we can play some normals to test my knoledge and playstyle.
Dunlop (EUNE)
: Or shall we say I want a group to play dynamic with, not a team because the 5vs5 doesnt exist whoops.
only now i noticed that you are EUNE not EUW srry
Dunlop (EUNE)
: Creatting a team for Bronze-Silver players to climb the ranks.
IGN: xXxMrMCxXx Skype: Give you latter In game Age: 18 Rank now and last season: Now( Bronze3) last season(Silver 5) Pref roles: Main mid but i can do well on top Pref champs: Oriana ahri Le Blanc, fiora and Nasus A little about yourself: I am from Portugal I speak well English and i am willing to make some good player friends
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I don't know what to ban anymore, there are too many strong champions atm, halp ;-;
Learn one champ and carry with him or simply learn who to play!
: more bans?
Like this is just right to ban the more overpower champa and one or 2 from your preference
: Disappearing Ranked wins
i had the same issue!
Ymir (EUW)
: Party Rewards Now Live on EUW
In my latest match i should be getting arround 1300IP becuase i did my first win and i was with 5 premades, instead i only got 750ip can you check if everything is allright?
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Ymir (EUW)
: Party Rewards Now Live on EUW
Are we getting more time because of the issues you are having? And also are we gettig a free mystery skin like last year because of all this trouble with new updates?


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