Kalviras (EUW)
: that would mean more if you played Hecarim, I on the other hand have been OTPing him for about a year. I like Hecarims general play-style and the champions design and lore, however as he stands he's a OTP within an OTP as all he offers is his E and his kit is generally very out-dated.
I've played plenty of him, I quite enjoy it from time to time, but he doesn't fir my playstyle so I generally don't play it, if you OTP him you wouldn't want him reworked at all because that would mean a completely new kit and playstyle However since you are I can only assume you are a Pepega that needs carried by the champion itself and a rework would mean inflated numbers for more sales
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TB Sadik (EUW)
: Nasus needs to be fixed
Nasus is fine its just because you are seeing a lot of it and people havent figured out how to efficiently counter it yet. He still has the underlying issue of getting kitied by anyone who has any form of dash
: Please RIOT make Kayn good again.
got to be next level Pepega to be needing a, kayn buff
: Wait how do you get prestige aatrox?
Kalviras (EUW)
: Can we get a rework for Hecarim?
if you dont like him play something else rather than asking for a rework, there are plenty of people who enjoyed a lot of champs before they were 'reworked' aka removed from the game
: Why isn't BOTRK like the best item ever?
: What I hate most about playing in low ELO as a support
Your standards are too high, you need to play around your adc/team, learning how to play the game from a high elo standpoint wont help you as a support, you need to get out of the cesspool first, then learn how best to play.
: You just can't play shaco good enough ...
: So your at least starting to realise the state of tanks. The thing is that this descussion is focusing on adcs, while they counter tanks and can easily kill them it’s not what is killing tanks, though they are what kills their late game potential... we’ve had that for years now and we are more than happy with being mid game champions. The issue is fighters at the moment, conquerer plus black cleaver means that even after your first item you are working with less gold than your opponent, even if you are even or winning lane you get disadvantaged into having a weaker first item spike than your opponent because the stats become worse... same with things like melee adcs like yi or yasuo... their builds have stupid amounts of true damage or penetration meaning that tanks can’t tank anymore. It’s why they are dead, no point picking them over a fighter or carry when they die so easily. And tanks are left with just the effects... but that’s not good. If riot make the effects strong enough to validate the purchase then you have issues with everyone buying them, if you don’t then it becomes inefficient for tanks to have these items late game.... There needs to be counter play to penetration, so that tanks have an option to be strong I& they are good... that would be much fairer than currently
ADC's have always had tonnes of pen, they actually have less now than previously and the new IE is less damage overall Last whisper used to be 40% armour pen, and ghostblade had 20 flat armour pen and gave attack speed as part of its passive so it was a very common adc item. And the topic wasn't focused on tanks however taking CDR off of tank items (mainly Magic Resist items) in favour of raw stats would make tanks more tanky while increasing their cooldowns leading to less damage, which makes sense for a tank Yes Conquerer is broken and should be removed from the game as there is no real reason to take anything else in the precision tree over it
radetari (EUNE)
: which translates into every tank now pretty much and those who do not deal damage most of the time patrol with someone to make sure they deal damage
Then would would kill the damage dealer, if you dont know how to deal with tanks then you need to practice it rather than avoiding the situation
teklas (EUW)
: please help :( i get more games on second role than primary role (4 out 15 in the last 20 games)
Elohymn (EUW)
: Give me an idea for 1 to 2 junglers to learn :)
So everyone has suggested non-skillshot, AD melee champs that have no global presence (thinking of {{champion:163}} ult here) The solution, {{champion:30}} or {{champion:80}} if you really like that zoning ult gank but will lose skillshots etc.
radetari (EUNE)
: shaco isnt a champ you just pick every time you play, it is mostly a good pick if you are a god with him, otherwise best be lucky to have more than 2 squishy champs on the enemy team
You can handle non-squishies just fine, the issue comes from high sustain high damage bruisers like red Kayn and Aatrox who are near impossible to fight 1 on 1, and these kind of champs are all over the meta now because they get all this sustain and damage for free built into their kit
: The problem with my main :(
1: Deal with it, because it isn't going to get any better _(unless items get added or changed but even then other champs get way more use out of them than shaco)_ 2: Play a champ that scales really well per level so you can make use of a lead, Shaco gains 10 damage per level on his q and 0.75 stealth time, and 25 damage on his E per level. If you can land a Lee Sin Q, 40 damage per cast per level so 80 damage overall per level plus double the execute scaling on the second cast. _(per level as in points put into the ability)_ I also main Shaco and the sad truth is he is in a bad place right now, he works really well as a utility so you will find yourself winning a lot of games through objectives and smart play, but the end game stats wont look great. My advice would be to find a champ that has some tricks, something unique that gives them a lot of outplay potential, nothing top tier or broken because you wont get the same satisfaction from a champ that pretty much plays itself _(so anything released/reworked after Thresh release, except Azir and Sol)_
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: How are 10-15 win/lose streaks even possible?
GoToSΙeep (EUNE)
: When to pick thats champions?
1: Don't pick {{champion:203}} , thats just a free loss and you wont enjoy your game 2: Pick {{champion:64}} unless you want to use minimum brain power In this situation pick dependant on their team. As you say, {{champion:11}} when you already have good CC. If not {{champion:24}} and {{champion:5}} fill a similar role so I'd say its down to their **damage avoidance** _(Xin Ult Jax E)_. I would say {{champion:5}} in a situation where they have a caster ADC and a bursty AP midlane, and {{champion:24}} in any other situation.
xGuty (EUW)
: Baron or towers
In the Immortal words of Dunkey. Always do Baron first because theres 3 inhibitors but only 1 Baron_ (also theres 11 towers so yeah Baron)_
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Do you have FUN when you play League of Legends ?
Its fun with friends (I rarely play solo now), but they won't be your friends for long because the game makes you flame each other and fall out
: Zoe Paddle Star (Q) max damage AP ratio lowered from 150% to 125%
You're right this change is totally undeserved, It should be lowered to 80% and not do an AoE
Torkl (EUW)
: Too much damage!?
I feel like Cooldowns are too low for a lot of these OP champs, particularly Energy users and champs that don't use a resource at all. They trade for free far too often in lane which ultimately means they will snowball more easily as they control the lanes _( I'm purely talking about the 1v1, no influence from the jungler/team because there are way too many variables to make a valid argument that way)_ This snowballing is often what leads to the champs being way out of hand in terms of damage (though I agree many champs get way too much damage for free just by leveling an ability or just being {{champion:141}} after transforming) It also doesnt help that every tank/bruiser has built in %max hp damage on low cooldowns for no reason other than to contend with other tank/bruisers that have % max hp abilities on low cooldowns for no reason.
: The video was a proof that a tank won't have any problem taking 1 adc at full build. I didn't say that's a real game... He won't be full armor, but the enemies only have 1 adc. Also, If we follow your logic, his frozen heart/thornmail also make them have only 4 item slots lol. Also, the fact that they bought a pen item to "negate" his items means that it's equal since they sacrificed 1 item to negate 1 of his items. Anyway this isn't making any sense so I'm gonna stop the conversation here.
35% pen would negate 2 items, 1/3 of 6 is 2. Yes certain items have more armour than others but the more armour you have the more it negates. The only useful thing those items would then be the additional effects. You seem to be very stubborn and you make some valid points but understand it is important to question this stuff to get people thinking about it. Otherwise we wont get anywhere.
Wen294 (EUW)
: {{item:3158}} These boots always feel underwhelming to me. like, you can buy them but you probably end up selling them sooner or later anyway because most champs can get 40% cd reduc in 2 to 3 items anyway.
I always felt like boots were a great way to round out an optimised build and a really easy way to adapt to an enemy team comp: A lot of CC {{item:3111}} A lot of Right Clickers {{item:3047}} Move Speed? {{item:3117}} {{item:3009}} You want more damage? (dependant on champ and build) {{item:3006}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3158}} Lucidity boots used to be great, you would just pick up 15% CDR and go about your day, now as you say pretty pointless (10% CDR on summoner spells is maybe 1 additional cast per game)
: Only that it’s proof in a completely fabricated situation... therefore isn’t proof at all... that would never happen in game and the results would be very different in a proper game. The enemies might only have one adc but it’s one that’s built properly and more importantly going to be supported by magic damage threats, not to mention likely a black cleaver as well And the logic isn’t flawed... frozen hearth reduces attack speed by 15% (375 gold worth), a single attack speed item gives twice that amount... where as a lord dominik’s removes 35% of their armour, assuming you have 6 armour items like here you’d remove over 2 items worth of armour, in this example as you’d be getting roughly 600 armour from items that would reduce it to 390, that’s 210 armour completely useless... gold wise that’s 4200 gold completely ignored. Now for worst case scenario... its just the lucien... he’s gonna buy black cleaver regardless anyway, so that’s 24% of armour reduced before penetration, therefore that’s an entire item and a half shaved off. In your extreme example the lucien with a proper build (notice no black cleaver in the video, no lucien wouldn’t do that) would ignore 144 armour, then with lord dominik’s it reduces the armour to 297... yes you’ve now lost 303 armour... in your build that’s half of your items gone, 6060 gold worth of stats ignored. This isn’t even considering IE, which converts a portion into true damage therefore ignoring your items, or if it’s a yasuo who can ult to ignore 50% of your armour for whatever reason, or conquerer... Are you starting to understand now... in no universe does a champion who plays with frequently half of their item slots useable and a very good chunk of their income totally ignored have any kind of late game... and with things like conquerer this comes back to early game... a fighter verses tank match up is one sided because conquerer and black cleaver means that any first item is guerenteed to be a lower spike than your opposition. Tanks are dead and buried until riot fixes this issue.
Its also important to add, the Amumu also had Taric and Orianna buffs which unless you are premade, you would rarely have those two champs on you team and they certainly wont be buffing the tank. But the main thing, all of those ADC's with the exception of Ezreal are pretty much 100% Auto based Physical damage ADC's. A lot of what you will be getting now is Hybrid caster style ADC's ({{champion:145}} , {{champion:81}} , the occational {{champion:42}} , {{champion:202}} just because he doesnt auto much for the same damage output) which would already bypass a lot of the armour, not to mention {{champion:67}} and {{champion:96}} . And thats still only taking into account the ADC (although Ezreal and Corki are often played mid)
wolf jade (EUNE)
: lux late game has 8 sec ult cd. thats ridiculous. (with the build i play)
And I dont think that even takes into account the 50% reduction on kill or 1.5 second assist (which is also dumb there is a reason they stopped darius ult from resetting from a kill within 0.5 seconds of his ult)
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: yes bro you realize now why everything is so dumb and why i hate new league? unbalanced gameplay at least you realize it even from cd not even if you see unbalanced champions but if you see them how unbalanced league is at all you will wiss you never started playing this game and the start of failure balance starts from fiora rework:).
The game has plenty of unbalanced stuff, but if they were on longer cooldowns, or the player had to trade off damage or tankyness in order to get the same cooldown reduction, it would help across the board.
: > The same is true for the opposite though, they can reduce cooldowns as a base, which for a lot of the proper tanks is exactly the case where they get much lower cooldowns per level I didn't understand you well. Can you rephrase it please?
As in they can just balance the champ as opposed to having to balance around the item, much simpler
: Tanks are generally late game champs that have long cooldowns so they rely on that cdr to scale. That's why most of their items have cdr. Aso, keep in mind that when riot make a champion, they take into consideration what he will build to fix his cooldowns. So if they remove cdr from items, they will reduce the base cooldown from the champs. So if a tank spams his spells, then he was meant to spam them, it's not because the items he buys happen to have cdr by coincidence. But I definitly agree that having over 40% cdr on your items always feels bad because you're basically throwing gold away.
> [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JwdefA2P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-11T01:18:47.820+0000) > Aso, keep in mind that when riot make a champion, they take into consideration what he will build to fix his cooldowns. So if they remove cdr from items, they will reduce the base cooldown from the champs. > So if a tank spams his spells, then he was meant to spam them, it's not because the items he buys happen to have cdr by coincidence. The same is true for the opposite though, they can reduce cooldowns as a base, which for a lot of the proper tanks is exactly the case where they get much lower cooldowns per level I just feel like longer cooldowns makes op abilities less op without making them feel worse as a result, and it means champs like fiora need to think a bit more about positioning as they cant rely on q spam _(just a quick example of the top of my head not a huge amount of thought put into it)_
Chillzo (EUW)
: Akali's shroud, true stealth should not exist in this game.
True stealth isnt great and we shoudl go back to pink wards and get rid of camouflage, but we ahve gotten used to it. Akali has more than true stealth, NOTHING properly reveals her
Solash (EUW)
: Kindred Wolf barely does anything despite the fact that the influence of the champion is meant to be pretty 50/50
Would anyone notice if Kindred just got removed?
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
If that were the case Sylas would literally be a reworked amumu, there would be no reason to play amumu unless you wanted to have both for a wombo
Febos (EUW)
: {{champion:43}} - Can use her empowered abilities. {{champion:76}} - Can transform into cougar and use cougar abilities. Can transform back to Sylas and his ultimate goes on cooldown. {{champion:60}} - Same thing as Nidalee. {{champion:77}} - Phoenix stance. Once. {{champion:31}} - Exactly what you'd expect. He can consume a unit, gaining HP and getting bigger. {{champion:29}} - The same thing Twitch gets.
You phoenix stance once, but the 3 hit passive would be permanent I presume
: I do feel that Nasus needs a rework. His kit and gameplay just breed "anti-fun" in any game he is in. He farms and leaves your team a man down. He gets extremely powerful while also being extremely tanky. You must babysit him if you are on the enemy team or else he'll free farm. His slow is annoying too.
Wrong, rework as it has meant with most of the champs, means removing him from the game and reusing his name
: Why is quinn, a marksman played in top? It's because people have tried her and found that she works there better than botlane. The reason why master yi is a jungler is because people tried him in different lanes and found that he works better there. Leona was meant to be a toplane when made by riot, but she is a support now. A lot of champions changes lanes after different patchs or changes (like the recent taliyah jungle). You can't lock champs and not make people play them, it wouldn't make sense at all the the meta will never ever change. It would mean nothing of those shifts would have ever happened. Also, someone picking something off meta doesn't mean that the player is trolling. A lot of people climbed with something like poppy support because they know how to play her there. I understand the need to fights trolls and people having fun in ranked, but blocking the champion pools we can pick in each lane is not the solution for that.
Yasuo was meant to be a jungler, which is why he has the shield passive, Look where we are now
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: wtf you fdont know from NA ?? imaqtpie Moe LLstilish Tyler1 xDD
I've only know of T1, i vaguely remember hearing of that imactpy guy though
: Game won't launch, Hextech repair tool crashes
Another clean reinstall later, still no luck, I managed to get hextech repair tool to stop crashing by disabling the gathering of logs then used that to clean reinstall and force patch. When I launched league the first time, it came up with repairing, finished then closed. Whenever I attempt to launch the game the logo pops up, then after 30 seconds (where the client should open to do patches and what not) disappears. I check my task manager, there is no league of legends process running anymore. If anyone has any further ideas let me know, have tried everything I have read on forums, reinstalled 3 times now. I have also moved it from my SSD to my hard drive so there definitely isn't a memory issue.
: i'm having the same problem do u play on mac or windows
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