: Beta client takes ages to load after game
So i have the same thing, and i can explain why it does this. One of the features of the new client is that the client stays openend when you are in game. This can cause problems on low spec PC's, thats why there is a low spec mode. Low spec mode closes the client when you start a game, so after the game it has to start again. This takes quite a lot of time because (I think) the client isnt made for that. Im almost sure that Riot knos about it and working on it since they are working to improve the client. My advise is to uncheck low-spec mode if your pc can handle it, otherwise you just have to deal with it for now. Hope this helps
: The most Abusive, Toxic and the worst thing anyone has every said to me...
You might come across one of these players one day, the only thing you can do is report them (dont tell the rest to do this because thats not allowed, a player should deside by himself wether he thinks the player is toxic enough to report). This guy might have a bad day or something wich influence this. IF thats not the case he will get banned on the way. Try to stay positive in game and dont flame back.
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: ShockBlade Zed Death Mark VFX
Shckblade zed is one of the older skins, this probally wont get looked at and this skin might become legacy in a few years (like riot did with the lagacy skins now, some because of there theme (snow day, halloween) and some because riot thinks there not good enough to be for sale. Not all old skins are lost, riot is looking into pulsfire ezreal atm because they know that the skin is a little bit underwelming for a legendary one. They might do this for other skins but i wouldnt expect that because riot rather spends time in balancing, making new champs, making new skins and reworking stuff. Wich is a better thing to do imo.
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: Lags without high ping
IF you use the new client, try checking the "low spec mode" box, it might help. This option closes the client if your ingame, this might avoid spikes.
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: 14 day ended. I am afraid for permaban, because follow reasons:
As most people already have said, fake reports dont have any influence, so just make sure that you are nice to other people and your fine Gl :)
: He is fine. Hp-Ap is still the best. Not full ap but also not full hp just balance in order to use passive effectively.
Hey, i own {{champion:240}} since his release and i played him a bit. He seems like a good 1v1 champion as long as you use your W on the enemy champion. so make sure that its up when you are going in for a trade. His early game seems good in my opinion, mid game is nice as well but it looks like he falls off a bit in the lategame since {{champion:240}} has single target dmg for the most part. I won top lane verry often, that might have something to do with the faxct that {{champion:240}} has a strong early game or that he is a fairly new champion. I would recommend to play him top instead of jungle. {{champion:240}} is really slow and weak when he is dismounted so take care! you are squisy and you can only use 2 abilitys. Also {{champion:240}} seems a littlebit underpowerd acouring to his winrate, about 44% in top lane and 40% in the junlge. And i dont feel as powerfull with kled compared to the meta toplaners. so we have to wait and see what riot will do with this champion. Maybe its just something we dont see that really good on him. The skillcap from {{champion:240}} isnt that high. landing his q isnt that hard, but i think you need to get a feeling for your ultimate so you dont use it to far/short. After 3 games you will be decent at this champion. after all {{champion:240}} is a really fun champion to play! im not sure about the early/mid/late game but this is my experience. I hope that i helped!
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: Which runes should I use? (Jungler)
I reccomend that you take a look at what the pros take (think about a site like Probuilds) Also a site like might help since it says what the most used runes are, and what the higest win rate runes are. Personally i like to use a lot.
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: Hextech Crafting: Trading

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