: > McGregor777: Just watch your %%%%in' game. > McGregor777: How to win your game : flash Q the %%% jungler. > McGregor777: %%%got. Swearing is bannable. The final message I copied is a word detected by riot ban system, and it gives you ban instantly (I told someone to stop using that word and got insta-ban after that for saying it)
Yeah, looks like it's the real reason behind the ban.
: "[PERMABAN] Just another** DESERVED** permban thread" There. I've fixed it for you.
You are 5 posts late for that joke.
: >I still don't get how insults are more a problem than trollers. Someone who insults can be muted, someone who trolls have to be endured in LoL. Flaming is much more frequent, so it already has a higher impact overall. --- Nobody says that flaming is worse than trolling, but just because there are worse people than you, doesn't mean you can do anything without having to take responsibility for it.
Right, I can understand that. But everyone crosses the line at a moment, especially in such conditions. We are humans, not bots. I can understand someone having a bad game and don't flame for that, I can ignore someone who's insulting for free, I cannot for someone ruining a game on purpose and no one can.
Smerk (EUW)
: Random player: "From?" You: "" there, easy way to avoid it
: Then if you're so mad about people knowing that you're French, a) why do you tell them you are b) why do you answer that question at all? Also I find people asking that in maybe 1 game in 50, so unless you say stuff in French in the chat, 98% of the time, no one either knows or gives a shit about your nationality.
I said I was mad about people knowing that I'm French ? Ah, could you tell me where I wrote that ?
: Are you sure that the are serious about that? There are prejudices against every country. 99% of those comments aren't serious.^^ If there is just this one comment and nothing afterwards, I wouldn't consider that as "real" flame. As a german I also heard comments like "You already lost two wars, why are you fighting here?". My answer is normalls just something like "Third time is the charm", "Yeah, I already have a white flag" and so on. Everything loves and we have a great game afterwards :D
That is not my point, my point is that the bot can pinpoint "homophobia" out of one word but not racism (no matter towards which country/community) and choose to ban one but not the other. This isn't even logical + I can easily not care about insults and can even mute to not have to read them, but having a game ruined is a totally different matter and you know it too.
Endellion (EUW)
: Experience. As from the thread title it's apparent that you disagree with the decision but in your chat log you say a word that is a trigger for a 14 day/perma ban. The thread instantly loses any justification you think it might have.
So one specific insult is more a problem than a troller ? I don't get it. Like I said, someone who insults can be muted, someone who trolls have to be endured. I get how I was "toxic", but permabannable ? Considering the conditions where it happened ? Btw, the conversation is more interesting when it's not only about trolling for free, right ?
: Homophobic slurs are a part of hate speech. It's funny how you're trying to be smart too without checking yourself. If you carefully read the options included in the report box, homophobic slurs , sexism and more are included into the "Hate Speech" category. And any of those in general would be a near perfect way of getting a 2 week ban at best. As for my previous comment on the other poster, click his name and check his comments, i did it after seeing him for the last 2 hours on the boards mostly flaming and raging.
Alright, I got it. Just noticing there that insults like "french donkey" and things about terrorist attacks aren't as much instabanned as "%%%got" as I never had any notification that someone I reported for such behavior had a punishment. Anyway, I still don't get how insults are more a problem than trollers. Someone who insults can be muted, someone who trolls have to be endured in LoL.
Endellion (EUW)
: Definitely smarter than opening this thread and expecting support for your position.
That is a matter of point of view.
Endellion (EUW)
: > [PERMABAN] Just another just permban thread Fixed that for you{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Guess you think that was smart from you ;)
: Despite the OP complaining as he does and not knowing homophobic words near guarantee a permaban , you need anger management therapy. Like really now, not a single comment you did was in any way devoid of rage, condescension and attempts to demean other people. Get some help.
*Judges someone's mind out of a forum thread to try to appear smart* Btw, homophobic words near guarantee a permaban but not the hate speech ? Interesting logic there from Rito.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Because you said you were insulted for being french. How would they know if not by speaking french in chat?
"From ? -France ? -gg wp french noob we lost" Typically what happens. And btw, speaking in another language than french isn't forbidden as long as I know.
: I'm French. No one knows, and no one flames me for it. How and why? I don't insult people in French in all chat. Shocking, I know. That's a free tip for you, you can use it on your new account. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Funny how you admit I insult in all chat in french, how could you know ?
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Indeed. We play League, you don't anymore. Well, maybe on another account I suppose.
Very lyrical, I don't think you are in-game tho. See you soon ;)
: >McGregor777: %%%got. Seems pretty just to me. Good day.
We don't play the same game then.
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