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: Hi McZubn, Unfortunately your name only transfers with you **if you have never been on that server before**. It's mentioned in our [Transfer FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751924-Account-Transfer-FAQ#h2q1) To explain it a little better: - I sign up on EUW with name "EUWDude1" - I transfer to EUNE. - Purchase a name change to "EUNEDude1" - Transfer to EUW - At this point, my name returns to "EUWDude1" - this is due to how our transfer system works as you technically already had an account there. If you contact support they can normally help to change your name, however in this case - there's actually another account using the summoner name you had on EUW :-( However, this account seems like it may be inactive. I've had a talk with Player Support, and it looks like the name you want might be possible to be freed up. If not, think about some other names you'd like and we should be able to offer you a one time name change as you recently purchased a name change. Keep an eye on your support ticket, I don't have a definitive timeframe but our PS guys should be back in touch once they've had a look into this further for you :-)
Thanks very much for your reply. Hopefully i will get renamed soon. :)
: Did you do this in EUW or EUNE? If EUNE then it could be availiable only on EUNE and not EUW
Yes but when you transfer you summoner name should transfer with you. Especially if it is available right?
: How do you know that the name was availiable on EUW?
If you go into summoner name change and type the name you want you can see if it's available or not
: It sucks that you wasted IP but two players cant have the same name on the same server :(
The name that i want is available on EUW and it was the name i used on EUNE.
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