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: Leave at min 2, come back 30 minutes later and win the game
So you afk basically? sounds like a bannable offense ngl...
korsa98 (EUNE)
: he is saying that if you were playing ranked that you literally cant play with 4 premades...
: No, this is fully different, because jayce isn't electric, he just uses weapon. Raixus is full fighter with just punches and ability to control Thunder element. Btw ultimate is short range cast. Btw: I am trying to make champion perfect to fit in role, so if any suggestions for better balance, then tell me. :)
I think it would be cool for his q instead of him punching, a little lightning fist extends forwards and punches
: [Champion Suggestion] Raixus, The Lonely Pilgrim
Sounds like mix between jayce with the electricity and leap, mixed with GP with the ult?
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: Basically this. It's not on the health bar, but it's on the champion itself [You can even see it in the champion spotlight from 7 years ago!](
yes but its so hard to see when in a team fight or focusing on other things where as pykes one is super obvious when you look at the hp bar.
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: Doesnt need a rework, neither visual nor gameplay. In fact he doesnt even need any buffs or nerfs. He is very balanced right now. On a side note, there are champions who REALLY need a gameplay rework, for example {{champion:72}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:76}} And those that REALLY need a visual rework {{champion:254}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:10}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: So this is the Odyssey / Guardians of the Galaxy characters?
: New Godking Sion - The Undead Juggernaut
Well a lot of other champions have only got one skin, so perhaps let sion wait his turn
: Oh cmon bronze silver and low gold is literally no difference
there is a massive difference because as riot said in a previous statement, there is too broad of a skill range in bronze and silver... So even some people who are great at the game could be hardstuck in silver....
: It's not that , but i don't find it reasonable that from getting more that 10 kills each game , i drop down to 2 , 3 or 4 . Also , i'm silver 3 again now , yet it persisted . Anyway , i tried another ranked and did pretty well that game , after so many losses i finally got 13 kills in a game . I hope i can keep this going .
Generally you have to get used to the new skill level as you would be used to stomping people that are of less ability... Once you adjust you should be fine and start to climb again
: Did i get randomly worse at my champion and in lane??
So you go up divisions and go up against harder opponents, and yet you are confused why you are finding it harder?
: You don't get bans for dodging, only by flaming in retaliation. Pre-game lobby interactions are included in the review conducted by the post-game report function.
> You don't get bans for dodging, only by flaming in retaliation. So what about the 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min bans that you get for 5 games? do they not count? also the fact of getting a loss in a promo.....
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TTekkers (EUW)
: I think you'll find that marksmen are back actually. It doesn't mean that all non-marksmen are out, but you need to be prepared to go into a lane against one if you're going bot, (in a 2v2) and Xin is really not set up to play against that in lane. Personally, for a normal I'd expect some justification as to why you think it'd work, but if you have enough perk points in the bullshitting tree and you can justify Ivern as the bot carry and it's cool by me. For a ranked you'll be reported if it fails :P
im just trying to understand why you can't think? You do realize that both xin and ivern have engage abilities and that is all you need to stomp an adc, it's not hard if you have played the champion enough. But obviously as a player who plays adc often you are going to want a boring sup just so you can feel safe even though they have just as high probability of losing as us 'stupid picks'
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Lari (EUNE)
: Get Level 3 on a champ to be able to play in ranked game.
Many people have already brought up this issue time and time again and it is never listened to, so i doubt it will happen even though it is such a reasonable proposition to make...
Reichs (EUNE)
: And what's the problem, kills contribute strongly to winning the game.
True, but not in the case where people will farm kills instead on trying to win read riot's comment below...
: Our approach towards Preseason micropatching and balance This video explains it to you all riot, and maybe you should listen because it seems to be a common view among the players that have been with you for years! Found it a couple days ago and i couldn't agree more with the explanations.
VaVoem (EUW)
: gaining or losing LP should be determined by your performance and behaviour. this is just wrong..
No it shouldn't because then you get all the yasuo and zed mains kill hunting and not actually trying to win...
: Add more layers of customization!
I feel exactly the same way, riot wanted to make any champ play anywhere but now all you see is the same champs with exactly the same runes because some champions literally need those runes to be good. But with this you end up seeing everyone run the same strat so each game is the same, oh look a toplane tank running demolish, what a surprise.... its become so guided and its a lot more boring than the old runes/masteries. Granted there are some i really enjoy like dark harvest, but most arent satisfying at all. If i play a tank in any lane i am pretty much forced to go for one of the tank runes, i cant be creative and go for dark harvest on a tank because it just isnt supported and will not be successful, which means every tank has the same boring runes to chose from so that they become chunks of meat that do no damage. As you can tell im a tank main...
: Map bug
They have noticed and have let the dev team know, it is a bug and the intend to fix it
Perython (EUNE)
: Kayn permanent E texture bug
do you not have a video of the bug at all? how are we supposed to know what you are talking about?
: Riot can you stop making edgy and sassy egoist champions?
I think you need to chill out a little, yeah there may be a few champions that are quite edgy but would you rather them all be cute and cuddly like zoe? NO, you wouldn't... the fact is there is a lot more cute and cuddly people than there is mad and desperate.... they are trying to mix it up a little so not every champ is the same, stop moaning and be happy they are making new characters all the time, and if you don't like a champion because they are toooo edgy for you then simply play someone else....
Ceausescu (EUW)
: Minimap bug ?
Riot have confirmed that this is unintentional and have let the game devs know
: > [{quoted}](name=MeGusteak,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cqjaFEfE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-18T13:51:29.351+0000) > > Its a lot more helpful for us slightly colorblind people, it no longer merges in with the rift itself!!!! Yeah, something that goes amiss by other devs - looking at you GW2
the colorblind modes dont help at all when it comes to things merging together...
: The New Cursor
Its a lot more helpful for us slightly colorblind people, it no longer merges in with the rift itself!!!!
: So I gave the gameplay team your feedback and asked them for some insight on towers in general for you guys. While I don't 100% agree with some of the response these guys know infinitely more about this than I do so I will default to their better judgement. To paraphrase the conversation: The difficult thing about this conversation is always that as a game element, towers are primarily objectives, not defenders. If we made them effective protectors, we'd also really hurt the flow of the game. There's probably some room to make them stronger in combat before things break down, but the end result would be something like "Tower dives are slightly riskier", not "Towers protect players well." For one example of why that is - if towers are effective protectors, then sieges become riskier, teams can defend their inhibitors better, and as a result the team with the upper hand tends to just go farm the map instead of trying to siege - which leaves them just about as likely to win, but can easily drag things out for 5-10 extra minutes without much better chance of a comeback occurring. He believed that part of the underwhelming feeling , was when they were made so big and imposing (and cool!) during the Summoners Rift Update - the visuals set the expectation that they'll be powerful but they really can't be, which leaves them permanently unsatisfying to play around.
What about the good old idea of 'hmm i seem to be losing lane, ill just tower hug to be safe so i can farm... oh wait, they can kill me under tower easily anyway, i guess ill just stand back here and do nothing...' {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Rellaes (EUW)
: Left click on mini-map while camera is locked
I think it was maybe intentional due to the fact that it would make it too easy to move the camera by mistake
: No... the list of champions that riot consider tier 1 for rework priority has got chogath on it but it’s not got any order for priority... nor so I doubt it’s any time soon with dark star cho just being released. So riot are looking into it, but we have no real infomation about it and can only guess that it’s not soon, maybe not even next year
Ah thats a shame, i really want to see some new mechanics on him to release his potential now that riot have better technology and power to do so
: So let's get some feedback for the team. I can't fix it but I can definitely share the concerns. So if towers are not in a good place right now what is the core problem and how should it be addressed in your opinion?
I remember when i first joined the game i thought towers were something to be feared as they are super powerful and can hold you off or kill you if you get too close, this forced you to wait for the right times and play tactically until the opportunity arrives, now with the rune demolish and being a tank some games i can pretty much walk down and take 2 or 3 towers without a challenge.... Make towers feared again and make them more powerful, maybe change the look to make them more daunting as well so not to look as a statue you would happily have in the middle of a city... Make them dangerous again! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: He is on the VGU list... so he will get an updated kit and looks eventually
Have the teased a time that he will be done at all?
: Old Cho´gath feel
cho to me feels very clunky and outdated.... i think his spells need a new feel to bring him forward and make him feel new...
AmJayBee (EUNE)
: Dragon Trainer Kled/Dragon Rider Kled
I really wish they make skins for kled.... he has a lot of potential!!!! WHERE IS MY LEGENDARY KLED SKIN ATTTTTTT {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
ChrisOmatic (EUNE)
: New Ranked Music?
Would love to see, and perhaps when you enter a team fight or close to victory/loss intense music starts to play...
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It would be a lot easier to implement than the others but it would add some much needed change to the rift to make every game feel that little bit different and more immersive.
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: Ideas for Riot & LOL .
I like number 3
KatScript (EUNE)
: Riot confirmed that they will make a skin for aurelion until the end of this year. As for Kled some day they will make him. Its non sence to complain about new skins because it might be one of the champs you like. Generaly the new champions dont get a second skin soon, like aurelion, illaoi ,taliyah, tahm, ivern etc. so we have to be patient about Kled. Xayah and Jhin are popular champs and mostly all play them ,thats why they make them more skins.
But that is exactly my point, the 'non popular champs' get left out regardless if they are new or not and it just shows that riot exploit the popular champs to rake in the money rather than making everyone happy...
KatScript (EUNE)
: Dont worry riot is trying to bring back some forgoten champions with reworks. As for the skins its better to make more for popular champions. If you say that for {{champion:55}} i dont agree with you. Katarina is an old skilled champiom and most of her skins feel old. Plus 4 of her skins cant be purchased whenever you want. So it will be only good if they make her a legendary skin. Also even if they make a skin for mordekaiser still no one will play him. Maaany champions have lots of skins and i dont understand why people are complaining about new ones..
So what about champions like kled and aurelion, quite a few of us still play them but kled only has 1 skin which in my opinion is awful and aurelion sol only has 1... I know they arent popular but all of the people that do play them for mains feel left out and forgotten because riot is turning into a massive money grabbing corp
KatScript (EUNE)
: Star Guardian skins for 2018?
Yeah, lets make more skins for champions that have too many already and don't make skins for the long forgotten champs that 'aren't so popular'
Mauro 64 (EUW)
: nah is not so much about just Kled at all, they need to polish the interactions with terrain collision and player made terrain, they dont get it right for some reason.
but i have not seen this sort of problem come from any other character, the most I've seen is for example someone glitching about in yorick's little demon circle because they right click to hit it but it tries to move to that space...
Mauro 64 (EUW)
: Pathing going spaghetti. Some times Kled ult cant calculate properly the rute over player made terrain (Taliyah ult etc) and goes nuts, either does a crazy turn around and finds the next sortest way orif the wall is made too close for the ult (like your video) to find other way it just skipp it, been that way since release. {{champion:240}}
seems like another case where riot only focus on the popular champs like ahri and yas....
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X1complex (EUW)
: (Champion concept) Kharn, Scholar of time
So basically you just either want them to rework ekko or make his twin brother?
Jofo2003 (EUW)
: Thanks for the tips! Flaming normally doesn't get to me the only thing that does is when they say to report. Not because I'm afraid of being reported but simply because it's annoying and people don't seem to understand the purpose of reporting.
I mean you win some you lose some, you just gotta hope that you win more than you lose... Dont worry if you have a bad game or a bad start, just carry on as usual and maybe take a different strategy if things arent working
Jofo2003 (EUW)
: Need some tips on jungling
Jungling is a lot of perception, you have to know the role to do well in it... And that may sound obvious but it just takes practice and a lot of playing to get the hang of. To start off you need to have a lot of map awareness, paying attention to where the enemy junglers and laners are is key to helping your team because you can alert if there is any danger on the map and it also allows you to be able to roam safely. Id say the map is the junglers main tool. Try to spot patterns of junglers, over time you will see the ways in which people run and farm and get used to where they will gank from, also ward places like the rivers so you can see if they are invading and what side of the map they are on. To gank, i would say it is all about mind games. Sometimes it is best to gank from the side of the enemy jungle if they are pushed up a lot to give the maximum time and space to be able to kill. Often it is about positioning as well, many junglers wait in a bush for ages for the right time but almost every time you can just look at the laners position and judge straight away whether you would be able to kill them in time from there current position and whether they would be able to escape in time. Generally you want to focus on the lane with the least escape moves or the slowest champions, generally a mage or a tank due to the fact that you can easily catch them out and get a kill. Try not to force the gank because that generally does not end well for your team and make sure the lane you are ganking knows that you are coming, spam pings that you are on your way and let them know that you will gank them soon so that they can prepare and be in optimum position to stun or slow or just dive on the enemy. Sometimes a gank is not even needed. If your laner is in trouble, just simply make your presence aware by either walking onto the lane and faking a gank (obviously not going in for the kill unless you can, just sort of standing off and being prepared) and most of the time the laner will back off as soon as you appear. You can also counter gank when the enemy jungler is attacking by just running up to join your team (not diving into the enemy but just once again making yourself seen to deter the attack and only fighting if you can kill or save your team). So main tips: - Only gank when you can, dont force it and make sure your ally is aware. - Make your presence known if your team is in danger or the jungler is near. - Talk to your team and alert them of the enemy's position and ping if they are going to get ganked or you think the jungler is near. - Ward the rivers and take the rift scuttlers to make sure there is vision of the enemy jungler. - REMEMBER, you are one person and cant be everywhere, help where you can and try to help the laners under the most pressure. - It is not always your fault if a laner dies, just help them when they get back to lane and if they flame simply mute. - Use a pink ward to ward either your red or blue at the start after your first back to see if the enemy jungle is invading. - Try to get drakes as much as possible but only once the enemy botlane or jungle is dead or at base. - If you see a weak enemy, abuse it and farm them, try to get your laners fed.
TheFgtRat (EUW)
: A Soccer theamed game mode
I actually love this idea but i doubt they will do it for this world cup, possibly the next if enough people get behind it
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