: That's the only error I could think of.
But it used to work before..
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: Honestly, just because something isn't good in the laning phase doesn't mean it can't be broken. An assassin already has an obvious place in terms of strengths, namely picking off key targets as well as being able to snowball around the map. Giving him something that would just make his job much easier in teamfights, as well as just give him great teamfight power overall, which isn't something an assassin needs. If he manages to pick off a core carry, that should be a big enough reward for using him well. Just giving him the ability to destroy the teamfight himself after he picked someone off wouldn't be a smart idea in my opinion.
I have to disagree, I think it would benefit Zed as a character and as a champion while still maintaining balance in his kit. Adding an additional shadow after a kill will only allow the player to have more control over a teamfight, not by changing the way Zed teamfights, it's still a "hit & run" thing, but now he has a way to assassinate additional champions if he plays correctly. Thanks for your comment!
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: Simple answer - do a fucking search and stop being lazy and asking other people.
please don't enter the boards :)
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=omerhadar,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hWfoQoKm,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-18T07:27:53.601+0000) > > Would like to mention - I didn't get that much ip even tho it says 999 i still got the normal IP amount, so it's just in the after-game screen (sadly) Seems to be intermittent, we'll take a look. Much to your misfortune, this seems to be a purely visual bug, so you won't be hitting level 99 anytime soon :-P
I am level 99 in my heart!
Riryz (EUW)
: the chosen "ones". sorry, i had to.
: [By applying for a job at Riot](http://www.riotgames.com/careers) That's how Rioters get to work at Riot That's how people make a living
I like the idea of "A bearded man fell on them from the sky and offered them the job because they were the chosen ones" better.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Straight after. I got it again right now.
Would like to mention - I didn't get that much ip even tho it says 999 i still got the normal IP amount, so it's just in the after-game screen (sadly)
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi omerhadar, We had some post-deploy maintenance ongoing which may have caused this, can you confirm how long ago you received this? Did you post this straight after the match or was it a bit earlier?
Straight after. I got it again right now.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi omerhadar, Very rarely are skins/champions released exactly on patch day - they're mentioned as: "The following skins will be released during patch 6.10:" and "Taliyah, the Stone Weaver, will be released in this patch!" You can normally expect champions within a few days, however there's basically a two week window where these things can be released :-)
Oh bummer, I got overexcited for that Kindred skin. Waiting is no fun :(
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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Well, you know the CD gets reducded when enemies nearby die, for example minions? That means heal -> wave dies -> 2. heal Also, Alistar has a much more aggressive set than other classical healers. That means, yeah, his heal is pretty meh, but his aggressive set with Q W and R are just super strong.
Which is why his E is very underrated, it's just better to max first your Q and W even for just the cdr it gets you
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: It's small, but spammable. It adds up, it's actually a decent lane sustain ability. Not comparable to Taric and Soraka sure, but it does have a real effect.
yea if you're enemies are passive. but if lucian poke with his q for example alistar will heal only half of the damage dealt early game... wouldnt be very useful to get it early
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Rayz01 (EUW)
: I do but, why would you make a thread like this? seems like a breeding ground for hate and insulting people's intelligence.
why not? I wanted to hear our community, what's wrong with that? off topic allows me to post those threads so please if you post things like that - dont enter this posts :)
FooI (EUW)
: P.S Hope this thread to be locked as i see no sense in it in anyway Am not trying to be mean or anything but am sure this is the wrong place to ask people I do not mean no harm but am sure there is a lot of young people in here who wouldn't care and just troll you
You are underestimating our community my friend :) you'll be surprised of how much great answers i got here. No reason to "lock the thread" simply because this is an "off-topic" thread, means i can post thing like that, it's your choice if you watch it or not... ~Have a nice day!
: Hmmm for some reason I cannot vote? Its not that I dont want to, is that the thread does not allow me to vote. Is this a bug?
Guess so (If you planned on voting "no" then I guess it's God's doing){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: No I don't. But I don't mind if others do as long as they don't try to convince me otherwise. I generally think, believing in something can greatly help in going through harsh times and some people probably find the thought of a "greater plan" from an "almighty being" soothing. Everything is predetermined by "it", so whatever happens, there must be a reason for it. I very well understand why people believe in a god, I just feel like it is pointless. Whether there is a god or not, it doesn't change our life in any way at all (apart from whatever goes on in your head). If there really is a god, we will probably never know and if there is none, it never mattered in the first place.
True! Something to keep in mind - If there really is a great being beyond all humans, why would he even care about us? why would the prays make him love us? why would you think that god wants you to live good? maybe god is something fearful that human kind can't realize? maybe he causes our losses and not our gains..? ~Thank you for the support !
: Personally I do not believe in god or any similar concept. The logical contradictions are just something I can't ignore. I am not sure, but I think I am a rather unusual atheist because I actually would like to be religious. I think it makes life a lot easier, especially concerning death. Thats why I rarely debate with religious people, I really don't want to take that away from them. As long as they don't bother other people with their religion, being religious is a good thing imo. Maybe not for mankind in general, but at least for the individual person. Or in other words: As long as it remains a personal matter, it's good thing. But not for me, I simply can't believe something I know to be false.
Thank you for this answer, I love it.
Eveninn (EUW)
: There is literally no way to tell if there's fate or not, is there? Was it their destiny or quincidence... I guess that's why it's called 'believe'. x3 I do believe that there are like 'keypoints' in your life it's your fate to experience, but that it's more like you have your free will, and some Kind of force is nudging you towards those keypoints. If you were to completely refuse, you might even are able to slip away from some. Depends how important the nudgin force deems them. ;) If I'd really have to Name someone who's behind, most of me is tempted to say 'subconciousness'. Humans do some amazing things (positive and negative) subconciously, so why can't fate be influenced by that. (Effects like "Self-fullfilling-prophecies") But tbh, I try to not care about it. If there indeed is one single being behind all those forces, I will either find out automatically be starting to see a pattern, or I will not find out anyway. So worrying about it seems like wasted efford. ^^'
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=2OINZZNq,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2016-03-25T10:12:18.398+0000) > If you were to completely refuse, you might even are able to slip away from some. Depends how important the nudgin force deems them. ;) Refusal might be fate as well :) Thank you for your time and your support !
Eveninn (EUW)
: A supernatural force that can influence things at will... at least they don't seem to do it too often. I believe there might be, but thinking that we most likely won't know by what morals that force opperates, it's hard to judge or comprehend it. So, I do not believe in god/s like religions (at least those I know) view them, but I could believe in there being some Kind of force influencing things. Even tho... as I couldn't see any kind of patter in that force, I don't know if it might just be random. So I guess I belive in Luck and coicidences... but that's a bit far from god in the end. x3
I love your answer. out of curiosity, do you believe in fate as well? Does that count as a strong force for you? And the real question is - Do you think there's someone behind all those forces that make them happens eventually other than yourself?
: depends on your definition of god, the whitebearded man living in the sky telling people to kill their kids to prove a point.. nope, but an underlying consciousness behind all living beings, yes.
God really has no actual definition in this case, this is what you believe in. But as a guide line - This is a Creature with abilities beyond all humans that is always there for you.
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Mirrin (EUW)
: A month ago was pretty recent. I think they take into account all the behaviour shown throughout season 6, whether it be right at the start, or this very day.
If that's the case, how long might it last?
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Rioter Comments
: it is based on your WLR [Win Loss Ratio] the more wins you have compared to your Losses, the higher the MMR. Hope this helped. good luck in solo que and have a wonderfull day!
Thanks you <3 you too!
Smerk (EUW)
: Check this support page first https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204010760-Ranked-Play-FAQ#h3 , there is a lot of information about MMR and matchmaking, feel free to ask any additional questions if something is not clear
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Rioter Comments
: Not everyone is a self centric asswipe that can't bother to learn how a champion works and rather classify him as "annoying" because people can't afford to "waste time" to learn for a free game that isn't asking you to come back, just to enjoy it. (Takes a deep sigh) My rant gone, no. As a Teemo main, he's the only champion that ever makes me happy because of his smile, laugh and positive attitude, something not many people have these days. (Evidenced by the hundreds of posts of people complaining of others being toxic, right or wrong.)
you main Teemo and call other people toxic? Man.. that's just rude.
: Yeah this is not pokemon or yugioh or whatever
KAMEHAMEHAAAAAA (close enough){{item:3113}}
Saryn (EUW)
: Maybe for a game mode.. But not on the original game modes please... Singed laugh is more then enough when he uses fling.
You know, if it will actually come out, then riot will probably create a mute button to that feature so it wont make your gaming experience worse.
Rioter Comments
Rismosch (EUW)
As I wrote, some champions wont shout a particular skill but may still shout another. xD
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Viavarian (EUW)
: I already explained that an additional safeguard game is not of much use because your LP gains will be lower after having to make use of it. If you're okay with that, then you can build an argument on top of that, but you didn't even mention this. Same with promo helper by the way. While you can win your promos by going 1-1, this doesn't raise your MMR, so your LP gains after that will be lower than if you didn't get the free win and had gone 2-1. In the long run you're going to lose about 20 LP from that - the price of one game. So in the end the win was not free at all.
Well, this is fun and we can argue like that all day long, but I feel like this is really going nowhere, tho I get what you are trying to say and appreciate the long explanation. you win.
Viavarian (EUW)
: > it wont matter because as long as you can win more > you will gain more MMR Correct. Now what does that have to do with safeguards? > you will gain more MMR and in addition you will have more reasons to keep trying to climb. More reasons? When doing what?
more reasons because you are guaranteed a guarding game each time you fail and fall (just like with the new promotion series).
Viavarian (EUW)
: > you dropped for example, that way you would have a much higher chance to climb No, you would not. Please at least try to understand what I said. It's rather rude after I wrote up an explanation and quite frankly, why are you even making suggestions if you are not willing to understand how the current system works? > leaving MMR aside You can't "leave it aside" because it's the core of how the rating system works.
Exactly - it seems like you can't understand me either, it wont matter because as long as you can win more you will gain more MMR and in addition you will have more reasons to keep trying to climb.
Viavarian (EUW)
: I talked about losing because I have the suspicion you think that a safeguard would prevent you from losing MMR when you are at 0 LP. It does not. You gain MMR on a win and lose MMR on a loss. The important part here is that you gain and lose about the same amount, no matter what. To be clear, this is also true while you are in promos, so winning a promo 2-1 does not just promote you, it also gains you MMR. Each league and division has a certain MMR associated with it, e.g. Gold III at 30 LP might have a reference MMR of 1730 (just an example number). If your MMR is equal to the reference MMR, your LP gains are balanced. If your MMR is higher than the reference MMR, you gain more LP than you lose. If it lower, you lose more LP than you gain. Do you see what this means? Since your rank will always try to catch up to your MMR, your MMR is the only thing that matters. A safeguard does not affect your MMR. At all. It merely exists to prevent the annoyance of immediately being demoted after ranking up just for losing a single game, but it does _not_ free you from the burden of having to balance out that loss with a victory. If you've followed so far, you should be able to envision the effects of implementing a greater safeguard. You can observe this with the safeguards that prevent you dropping to the next lower league when you're in division V. These safeguards are huge, but when you actually are demoted, it's not pretty. You'll drop quickly even when maintaining a balanced win rate. Lastly, you might be interested to know that the safeguard is already not a fixed number of games, but it depends on your MMR. If your MMR good enough, you can lose several games at 0 LP without being demoted.
You are right! but forget about the MMR, this is not what I tried to say here, think how helpful it could have been if there was a number of safeguards added for each time you dropped for example, that way you would have a much higher chance to climb (leaving MMR aside). In addition, that would make summoners with 0 LP to stop fear from playing ranked - knowing that it will only make them stronger if they fail (more or less like anything in life..).
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