: Will "Blood Lord Vladimir" get a visual update?
I can top that. Annie in Wonderland, just an epic skin with the price of a Legendary skin.
dattista (EUW)
: draft reporting
You cannot be banned for trying something out, especially in blind or draft. You can be banned for it in Ranked however, if you can't play it well. ( Like the one guy who lost to Crit Riven with Viktor. ) Don't let the toxic players ruin your experience, you can play whoever you want however you want.
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: Slumber party was the April fools event... so if they are doing another it’s prob gonna be in April
Forgot it was an April Fools event. It seemed so legit that it could be a winter event or Thanksgiving event... Still would love to see it again though. Grinding matches for Reverse Annie with my friends was fun. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Why is urgot so strong
Dude just play Ashe and shoot an arrow to his knee. He'll give up venturing for sure. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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Ibbi (EUNE)
: How Do I Get My Money
I know how that feels... I bought Pool Party Zoe thinking it would be a great new main until they reworked Akali. And they overnerfed Zoe, but Akali is fine as is? Yeah, alright. ( But seriously stop whining, it's a game which is ALWAYS updated. )
ßVƒ (EUW)
Original Pax Sivir will never be made available again. Neo Pax Sivir was available once in Gemstones, however it was for a limited time. You still have a chance to get it later if they have that event again.
: is the pass worth it?
I'll tell you this. If you can binge play around 7 matches per day, it's worth it. If you're someone who plays every 1 or 2 days or just 3 matches each day, it's a waste. The only things you'll get from it is a *chance* to unlock a few chromas for championship skins (Hopefully if you even have any.), saving and blowing all your tokens on a slightly less intriguing pay-to-lose chroma skin of K/DA Kai'sa. And don't expect to be getting a whole load of chests. Each orb is 300. You get 200 tokens + what you've gotten + what it's keeping from you. I think I could even say spending 10 bucks on the 10 pack of orbs will probably be more useful than buying this pass. It's not even really granting you much. But if you REALLY want one of those Championship Chromas, go ahead.
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sweetsas (EUW)
: nerf akali
Listen, Akali's rework made it so she plays like Katarina. It doesn't matter if she goes AP or AD, because she'll always do magic damage. Try to have a good MR tank or fighter on your team if you know she's getting picked. In other news, I think if this "new" Akali is balanced to Riot; why did they nerf Zoe? Same difference, they can both miss everything and still not be punished.
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Coxis (EUW)
: Personally, I don't know, but I really loved it too. So, I'm looking forward to have it back at some point. :D
Ah yes, when the enemy forces you to play nothing but supports and you force the enemy to have a Rammus on their team... ...then farm Rammus and unleash hell on the enemies.
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Nhirê (EUW)
: ***
Well if you looked into it, you know Jinx has in early game a short CD 1.2 AD slowing and vision granting poke along with a triple root which can zone enemies in early a lot. Then later the W slow is extremely increased and E is best in teamfights while she can secure or use as a mid-fight attack execute which is also on a really short cooldown. Her passive's movement speed can allow her to quickly CC targets running away so each champion the ADC can catch up to. But you play Leona Jungle in Diamond so it means nothing at all. Right?
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: Ezreal model is too big
Well to be honest; notice how detailed they're being when coming to human champion's sizes compared to other human champions. Lux is around 1'2" higher than Zoe in realism sense, meaning Ezreal; because of masculinity, would be taller than them. Obviously he'd be very smaller compared to a human-like champion like Aatrox. Along with this, remember this was a gameplay preview; as well as mostly a visual update. They need everyone to know exactly how he'd look in-game. They don't wanna let another God-King Darius, who was over the size of Galio on release; into public servers again.
: I want celestial body back as it was. I want this 100 hp early game as a tank plz riot remove time warp tonic and makes its a effects as a stat like u used to when u grab inspiration eitger as a primary or a secondary path. For the first time i wasn't so squishy early as thresh and i could finally play as a normal tank early on. Maybe cryalisis exists but it's good for bruisers not tanks since conditioning scales u better as atank so riot plz bring it back.
Me too, but there is actually a lot of people making use of Time Warp Tonic's early effectiveness. Especially people who build Majai's Soulstealer first item, because the first starting item TO make Majai's grants 25% longer effect from health potions. So I think it was so people who want to early tank would be getting health pots instead but... Not as great as that tasty +100 health.
: Skin Idea: Red Minion Soraka and Blue Minion Janna
This is great... but looking at their recent skins, they're cracking down on game clarity. The only skin that bypassed that is Odyssey Ziggs, who became legacy exactly after the event. These skins (Especially the Janna one) would fade in with the minions, and because they're mainly supports; will cause enemy ADCs into attacking them instead of minions. HOWEVER! This wouldn't be a problem to Riot if it was the purple caster minion. And maybe like a maroon for Soraka. But I LOVEEEEE that Janna. I could definitely see this being a great skin. And I love the fact her Zephyr's a rune, too. Imagine the model and colors on it too!
: Odyssey or Soulhunter Kayn?
Soulhunter. Though it just seems like a chroma at points, it isn't as much celerity like Odyssey. Odyssey retains the original colors and colored effects as Normal Kayn. One blue, one red. Soulhunter has a look in-game that looks NOTHING like Kayn, his base clothing and skin tones fade in with the map. The melee orbs in which he needs to transform are also green, which also fades in with the map. The ranged orbs however, stick out. But not as much as Odysseys. The sounds of his abilities in base form are softer, in return for more left over VFX per ability. The awkward coloring of Shadow Assassin makes him look much more like Rhaast than Shadow. Rhaast's coloring fades into the fog of war of the jungle much better, as well as his Q and E mixing in with the color of the river.
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: It doesn’t need to scale... the bonuses stack. So in a teamfight you can have 5 procs active at once, that’s a 100% attack speed boost and 50% move speed. So it scales with how many targets you can reach.
Actually it doesn't. The duration gets extended.
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: Do you want to know, which Champion is the fastest in pushing turrets?
Though, you haven't mentioned what phase of the game they push at. If early, definitely Jax. Mid-game is where Tryndamere shines. And Late-game Tristana can take down a tower per 20 seconds.
iKyun (EUW)
: Please dont rework Nocturne.
...I didn't think Nocturne was a Season 1 champion...? {{champion:56}}
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GateOfPain (EUNE)
: Challenger: Random Legendary or Higher Skin Shard. + 1000 BE. + 100 RP. solo/duo Challenger: Special Summoner Icons which change profile background when with full team + Matching skinline skins ( Epic or higher. ) flex 5v5 am i the only one here that can see the flex abuser that wants better rewards for flex than solo q with will never happen xD solo q > flex
Well that's not what I was going at. I was focusing on the idea of a solo player vs. a whole team. A solo player should be rewarded more for themselves. So a Legendary or higher skin with a load of BE is JUST for them. A flex team is going to of course; carry each other. So all of their prizes are lesser, but given to all members of the team. All for One, or One for All.
: they are removing the bubble on the floor? well i wasnt expect that much but... it was super broken how rewarded she was to fail a skillshot and creating a large zoning spot for like 4 seconds... i was expecting them to nerf the amount of time the bubble is on the floor, and maybe its radius... not removing it completely... but i cant blame them for doing so... if she lands her skillshots she should be rewarded with a kill... if she fails, then she should have to wait for the next skill usage...
She shouldn't be _rewarded_ with a kill. A bad Zoe should still do some good damage. A good Zoe should deal half your health on E > Q > R. A fed Zoe should ALMOST kill you, but not kill you. Also why does it seem like they're avoiding giving her more cooldown time? If Q was on a ten second cooldown I couldn't see much problem with her damage.
Zangetsue (EUNE)
: Japanese Voices
Can't be banned, before Season 8; there was a program called LOLVoc which allowed you to download and install each champion's regional voices. Meaning you could play Rakan in English, with your Xayah in French; the Ahri in Korean, the Gnar in Japanese and the Annie in Chinese. I think in one post Rioters supported the program since it didn't grant any advantages. But since Season 8 because people are getting more script heavy, all third-party mods ( Wooxy, LOLVoc, SkinSpotlights Camera. ) were disabled.
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Boomerang (EUNE)
: What are the next "Legendary vs" skins?
I personally would like to see Ziggs vs. Heimerdinger.
: I was thinking the same thing, actually. I feel like the theme of Order vs. Chaos would fit them really well. The problem with that is that not a lot of people play Morg and Kayle, so it might not be profitable for rito to make an event based around them.
: {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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: [Stream] Annie Onetrick Smurf 70%+ winrate
TEACH ME. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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: Skin Suggestion: Nightmare Fiddlesticks
I think Sand Waith Pyke is more like Raziel than Pre-void Kass.
lalolalic (EUNE)
: Deadpool Shen
I mean, Deadly Kennen. However if they did make a legendary skin for Kennen, I could definitely see them inviting the guy who voiced Deadpool for the Legendary Kennen. I mean, Rumble and Veigar are voiced by a person who voiced Zim from Invader Zim.
Glaiver (EUNE)
: It happens way too often that items win a fight, not actual mechanics and skill
There are some champions who can turn teamfights as themselves, Like Annie and Irelia for instance. But item-based turnarounds should only be for tanks and supports, not every champion.
PzyXo (EUW)
: CHaMpIoNs aRe BaLaNcEd
People are arguing about Akali and Zoe? First of all, Akali counters Zoe. Second of all, try playing Overwatch and complain about who is and isn't unbalanced. Blizzard knows how to deal with people like you.
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