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LA Losty (EUW)
: I got DJ Sona on both my main and my smurf through hextech crafting, sadly i already own the skin on my main :/ I wish i had gotten Pulsefire instead, that would have made me really happy, as its the only ultimate skin im missing.
You can get a permanent skin you already own? Or did you just receive the shard?
Four Star (EUW)
: Rito matchmaking sucks
Tell me about it. I've been promoting and demoting between Silver 4 and 5 all season now, and today I hit promos again. Here we go again. Sona who is new to the game and has no idea what to build, where to go, or how to hit an ultimate. AD kennen's first ranked with his equally inexperienced premade (they went 2-28 together). I know they've to learn too, but sometimes I really feel like I'm at the end of my wits. It's already bad enough that I've been spending the last 5 seasons climbing up to silver 1, only to be placed back in silver 5 at the start of the new season. Chill out Riot.
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: Post your "When i was a noob"
I tried to use smite on people. Thanks for adding items that make that dream a reality rito. I also spent way too much time trying to give items to my tower, considering towers also have 6 item slots. Ah, and I didn't know that pressing the spacebar would center on my champ again. My mouse would derp off to the side of the screen, and I'd see nothing but trees anymore, and I had no idea where my champ was. And as much as I moved my mouse, I'd only see endless trees. So I relogged whenever that happened. Like, 25x per game. And that's how I got my first ban for AFK xD Those were the days.
: Was just smurfing, and found this, hope you enjoy the laugh. Ofc its anonymous ^^
*So now you know, silver and gold players: You have to pick Meta or you will surely feed and permabanned **and the moon will fall!*** Goddammit Link, you had one job.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: I think this is probably the closest thing we have.
Wow, that guy had some serious dedication o_O
Severaice (EUW)
I can't tune in on her. In the TAB menu there is no option for it, there's only mute buttons. And she's already a mute :(
: Block ping signals
Not to mention when you're jungling and a lane is pinging for help 30 times per minute, casually ignoring the fact that you can't gank due to low HP/level difference. Sigh.
: Turrets destroyed on spawn
Read about this on reddit. Frustrating for you guys, but hilarious for the rest of us. The only way to get out of this game however, is if all 10 of you quit ^^ The game will then just simply stop existing without any trace in your match history.
TeiX (EUW)
: youm ightaswell take an early jungle camp efore you go into lane yiu might need the level advtange ot make up for the loss of a summoner in the 1st 5 mins i had an unpleansat game with one such support..and f my luck it was nunu :P they walked inotl ane after i assume instakilling the golems and later on this trandlated to chilling smite+ iceball spam
Excuse me sir, but I think your keyboard is having a stroke ;P
: Animated loading screens?
Unfortunately most of our toasters, hamsters, and potatoes would not be able to handle this :D
: Oh jeez lane stealers. It's one thing to instalock without calling lane or talking with team regarding composition. It's the worst to call an already taken lane at the last second and then never move from that lane to get your way. Ironically, every lane stealer I've met feeds.
Had something similar happen in one of my rankeds last week -____- Our first pick picked Nidalee. Just that- Nidalee. No lane called, nothing. I'm second pick, and I wanted to go mid or top, so I asked her where she's going so I could make a decision. She still didn't say anything. Can I have a hurrah for communication? I only had 5 more seconds to pick a champ or be kicked. So, since from my experience most Nidalees go top, I picked Orianna for midlane and called it a day. Of course, the second the timer runs out, is the exact moment Nidalee re-discovers her ability to communicate. "OMG. I'M MID. YOU NOOB. NOBODY PLAYS NIDALEE TOP. NOOB. NOOB.", you know the works. I then decide to take Orianna top instead. Been there, done that, and it's actually not as bad as it sounds. Our team casually proceeds to pick champions- our last pick takes Irelia jungle. About 10 seconds before timer ends and the game starts, Nidalee tells Irelia to remove smite and go top. Irelia, who has clearly not been paying attention [can't blame her], quickly removes her smite, just as the timer runs out. GG, no jungler. We spawn into the game, and the first thing Nidalee says is: OMG NO JUNGLE, IRELIA NOOB, REPORTED. Like, seriously man who lit the fuse on your tampon, get a grip already >.> TL;DR some randomass Nidawhore lost us the game starting in champ select simply by failing to communicate/mindfcking our jungler. Whoopwhoop :)
: Too bad. If it's *highly unlikely* don't visit the thread and don't post anything. I came here to report a bug, if you tell me that this bug doesn't exist and I saw it happening, that means it does exist.
It's not bugged, it works exactly as it should. Read the comment again and try to actually comprehend what's being said. When it DOES work, it's because you actually LAST-HIT the minion. It's only the EXECUTE function of the item that does not work with ranged. Ya dig?
: Well, it sometimes work, sometimes doesn't apparently flying bananas count...
When it does work, it's because it's a regular last-hit. You cannot execute minions as ranged, but if you last hit them the item still refunds health + gold to the carry.
: Is Passive Agressive a reason to be reported for ?
Well, I suppose passive aggressive falls under negative attitude. In which case I would also suppose it's reportable.
: Tell here your most hated champions
Whoever is currently kicking my ass in game.
: Bring back offline player list.
Thanks you guys are the best!
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