: To be fair, I am sometimes prickly to teammates too. Words don't hold all the power in the world, but disrespect sometimes just is disrespect and it gets to you. I'm a prideful person myself, so when people judge me on stuff I couldn't control that gets to me. I'm shocked that I haven't been banned or even muted either. Sometimes I will burn down a teammate to the ground whne I can't stand their playstyle and shit no more after a 20 minute split pushing ADC that constantly gets blown up by a roaming assassin. But in the end i've got a track record on both ends of the spectrum (I got the badge for 10% highest honor players in all categories). I've got my highs and lows I guess. My trick: Don't use swears or derogatory words. I like to think that Riot's autoban system is missing me cause my insults are a bit on the creative side. And that Riot allows me to have that black sense of humor to poke back at the people slighting me. As well as ''no u'' ''F#@k u'' ''%%%'' etc are just lame and no one is impressed by it. Nothing wrong with a good insult!
Yeah apparently you can be getting triggered by your whole team throughout a game (coming from people who do this kind of "flame") which isnt less toxic than the expression %%% in my opinion. The only difference is the first being completely honest when you are flaming, and the expression %%% being just a phrase which, myself, i never ment to say it as if it was to be done irl. But guess riot only bans people who use the word itself twice rather than people who constantly poke, demoralize and focus on making someone feel like shit. Its all about how you respond to those types of players wich freely play without getting any sort of ban, as they arent saying any "prohibited" word. Thanks for your words :)
Shacownz (EUW)
: No sir I am not confused, you are the confused one, this game is played by child aswell, regardless what division you play at and stuff your name is inappropiate and that is a reportable behaviour for inappropiate summoner name, you are literally offending everyone who is playing with or against you.
Well anyone could have reported me for that and I would just change my name it isnt that much of a deal lol, still i had this name for the last year, and i can tell you it doesnt reflect my toxicity at all, as it was just for pure comedy between my group of friends, Thanks
: What i do is i write down what i want to say to the person, then delete it and close chat. Mute him ( and everyone involved ) and continue the game. It works for me somehow, it's like i said it and he can't speak back to me. If he strarts to troll - there you go, you win, you got the reason to report him and make him regret it. That's it what works for me. Hope you make another acc and be more mature this time. You sound like someone who can do it in the end :)
Yeah I mean ive always been against flaming others and was used to the "just mute" phrase. But suddenly you just get to a point in the game (division wise) where people are just arrogant, disrespectful and will try their best to trigger you. And i did fall for the trap, and just because of 2 people (whos name i will always remeber xd) i got the 2 weeks ban and the permaban a month later. As those 2 can be all game saying bs without any real insult (the ones considered toxic by riot) and even if you report them, they wont see any trace of real toxic words, but if you are the one insulting then YOU are the one who gets in trouble. Im still a bit butthurt about the fact that Ill never get my account back but you get my point. And ye I will obviously just buy an unranked one and play again without getting into those kind of trouble. Thanks for your words :D
Shacownz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Menjam els ous,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cQdPmQUR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-13T19:18:31.865+0000) > > I've been playing this game since season 3 kicked in. I was just a normal player motivated by the competitive atmosphere this game provides, climbing up from bronze, to silver the next season, then plat, and for the last 2 ive been around high dia/low master. > It sucks that, as long as u put hours on this game, you get frustrated by people underperforming, triggering you, having yourself bad games and getting shitalked... this is all stuff solo queu player know about. > I've been a complete idiot by flaming myself ppl. I had a 2 weeks ban a month ago, with the inchat toxicity coming from a single game (you know, one of those) in which I just lost my mind about someone triggering me during all the game. > The second time, it was permanent, also from a single match i played in which I again was toxic to my teammates. > Both bans have in common using the '%%%' phrase, which I used a couple of times on each of those games. > All i want to say with this message is that I really dont mean getting people to kill themselves, it is just anger that comes from the frustration of that moment which, unfortunately, it gets the worst of us sometimes. So I want to say sorry if I ever offended someone irl myself, it never came from heart, just from the heat of the moment. > > For the ones who read this, if you value your account, and u are involved in one of those anger moments, its always better to shut up and dont type, just go next, be friendly, and ignore ppl who try to trigger you, as I have lost an account in which ive spent about 1000€ on for the last 5 years, playing every day on and showing progress in. > > Dont be an idiot, you laugh at being banned until you get the punishment yourself and regret talking all that bs to random ppl online, just dont be a %%%% :) > > Thanks for reading Tbh your name translates into "eat my balls" I think you just deserved it sir, no hard feelings but... your in-game name is like your presentation card and you already seem to be wrong starting there, have fun if you level an smurf now because its a grindfest as the system it is right now.
My name is just a kind of joke ive got with my closest friends, its actually not a big deal as it is in my language (catalan) and no one really gets it, dont be confused by that lol
MogzyH (EUW)
: You are literally an embodiment of what makes this game so toxic. "The game is no fun without flame" "I report for feeding" (And i just know you don't mean int, you mean people having a shit game don't you?) "people never get banned for building rageblade as 6th item on adc". You are the "report because I'm mad" not the "report because this person is a burden on the community" type, and sadly you guys outnumber the normal folk. But back on topic, a good reflection OP. It's nice to see you understand your fault and that you advise others not to follow you. Sadly, as Spartaaaaa here shows, the ones that need to learn, wont :)
Some nice words there, the first paragraph is a perfect reflection of toxic behaviours happening in lower divisions, which is something i havent seen in a while but i know it exists. My point is how people tend to flame one another in higher elo/ppl with more solo queu experience. It isnt about being childish, its more about ego cases and enjoying calling other people dogs/subhumans if they consider they are better than them. This kind of behaviour is the one I find more disgusting, as there is people talking like this most of their games, while I say k** twice (induced one of those times by these comments) and i get a lifetime bann. Thanks for the read :))
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Menjam els ous,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cQdPmQUR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-13T19:18:31.865+0000) > > its always better to shut up and dont type When I get mad at something, the worst I usually do is type something like this: "fnbasfj asfsa gdhj" You get the gist. I "smash" my keyboard instead of insulting someone.
Eveninn (EUW)
: \*hugs but is all stick of candy floss so it might not be all that comforting*
Saibbo (EUW)
: That magic 3 letters word became like an auto-trigger for a insta-ban from the game without warnings if you get reported.
Yeah i wish i had realized that sooner... Rip
: Words have power, actions have reactions and a player should know how to be responsible.By getting triggered and flaming you don't do anything in favor of your game, on the contrary YOU make it worse. We all have bad games, or bad days, that doesn't give us the right to do stupid shit. You got a second chance since your first ban wasn't a permanent one, should have taken it. People saying they are sorry for you, why? Your rank, your money spent, your time spent, they all mean nothing. You as a human, as a player failed to recognize your mistakes, failed to reform and got the punishment you deserve. End of story. Writing heart-warming articles to beg for sympathy, won't help your case buddy. Just call it a day, and look for another game, since I don't think that you have the ability to reform, and we don't need another toxic player coming back. Thanks for reading
I get your point there, but i really didnt come here to ask for an unban or look for sympathy of other people. I just wanted to write this message as an example of what happens if u say that kind of childish comments in this game, just making sure everybody knows what waits for them if they say this. Thanks for sharing your opinion thoguh, i honestly would see it the same way if i wasnt the one banned
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: Bruh If you really spent around 1000€ I feel bad for you, they should add unban for those who spent shit ton of money but you need to wait 1 year on the moment when you got permabanned at least I think thats a good span of time to get reformed, after that unban there is no mercy, what do you think guys? (never got a single punishment)
To be honest thats one of the things i regret the most, like the amount of skins i got on that account and stuff, its pretty much money ive lost you know... I dont rly think riot cares about that but hey, what can you do, rules are rules
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