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: Snowdown shop.
im on phone so i cant post a picture but i got pool party graves - 40% off. sandstorm ekko - 60% off. omega squad fizz - 60% off night hunter rengar - 50% off. i own mecha so this sucks soul hunter kayn - 30% off. blood moon talon - 50% off. overall very good and i will be buying all of them.
: I agree with my other account. Acting like petulant children over here. The changes are fine. You get 50 essence per day plus other giveaways and stuff and levelling up comes fairly naturally.
wut, you get 50 essence a day and there are giveaways? i only get be from levelling...
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: To Riot about the Project event.
you are definetly correct dude, the previous events kinda felt like a scam, but now, we are garunteed 2 project skins, thats awesome!
: Rengar takes skill? That is news to me. In mt games he is always on the enemy team shouting "first time Rengar", 20 kills in 20 minutes... Seems like a good champ to main for me (Never played Rengar, but died to him and his stupid leap too many times, red.)
haha, same, when hes against me he is 50/0 but when i play him, i get shut down early and shut down in teamfights. thats why i like khazix, i can come back if i get shut down.
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