: Another upcoming nerfs for mages
Looks like a person don't know how to play against assassins... This mana change is balancing out mages since they became crazy strong with manaflowband and the ap item changes...
elin990 (EUW)
: 6 months into the game - I suck, will I ever get better ?
You have only played for 6 months! Don't expect to be a god :p Skill will gradually come to you. Just try to focus on one role at a time and try to practice combos on champions you like in practice tool. {{champion:92}}'s got alot of combos you can learn in practice tool. Jungle is the most difficult role to learn so i would recommend learning the others first!
Salvy (EUW)
: Reaching Gold as Main Support?
If you play like what you say you do its fully possible and you will climb quick! I played only support to gold in season 5. my tips are finding two champions you main, for me it was {{champion:79}} and {{champion:111}} . Gragas is kinda not a support but i made it work, and play some hard engage supports, cause they are insane atm. Gl{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Here we go again! New set of skins!
1. {{champion:79}} Gragas skin hype! They gave cass a skin only OTP's would buy.. so why not {{champion:79}}
: make gragas great again, best kit in the game
I agree on the best kit part! But hes fine... I like it when hes not perma banned or picked. {{champion:79}}
: thank you , but when will rewards been given out?
it will be given out over the month.. Just wait you will get it soon :)
: i don't have frame
Borders haven't been given out to everyone yet! If you managed to stay honorable this season you should get it soon. They are trying to give everyone their rewards, it could take a month before you get it but most likely not.
Aquaday (EUW)
: and their borders could have been from the last season
No it was the new season 5 border
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