Almighty (EUNE)
: It is IMPOSSIBLE to get an S on Soraka!
Like others have said, getting an S with Soraka is def. possible. I actually think it's not that hard with her with her cross map ultimate and insane healing output. I looked at some of your matches, and there's a few things I noticed. We also are both high silvers, so I guess it's pretty comparable. You killed very little minions. If there's a minion wave getting destroyed under tower and you're alone, last hit them. If the enemy is pushing 4 mid and the wave clear is lacking on your team, help clear that wave and get some cs for your efforts. Besides your cs stat increasing, it will give you some extra gold to play with, which will probably increase your healing and damage stats a bit by getting items somewhat earlier. Also, kill and place a lot of wards, also pinks. I see it is discussed whether wards do count for your grade, but it should improve the quality of your games and therefor your stats. No more suprise Rengar ganks to ruin your 0/0/much score, no more! Also no dragons sneaked away and things like that, all improving your overall game stats. Furthermore, if your adc sucks, just take a kill. And by sucks I don't mean an adc with a bad early game/laning phase. More like the adc's that tumble/dash into cc instead of out, have no clue how to lasthit, don't back off when you danger-ping them for a gank, that kind of silvery baddies. Just take that kill and look for the person on your team most likely to carry (you) and support them where possible with heals, wards and pings. That saved me a few games at least. Lastly, judging from your scores I guess you know this already but: know when to pick Soraka. I know which matchups I personally suck at with Soraka and against what enemy teams I rather play another support. Or when you're lastpicking and you're team has no tank whatsoever, I rather pick Braum or something like that. I learned that being dead-set on playing that one champion might not always be the best way of enjoying yourself and getting a nice score. But that might differ for you. Well, that's my two cents. Good luck on the rift!
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: Dumbest thing you've done recently on league ?
Knocking enemies to safety over walls with Janna's ulti is high on my list of dumbest things I've done and keep repeating.
: love the game, hate the people
I know right, I feel the same way. I sometimes just mute the chat. Just don't bother with em, don't make the mistake to talk back or ask questions or anything like that. I find that teambuilder is normally a bit more relaxed since there's no raging about the roles, but you have to like that gamemode. What really helps for me is to set a tiny goal for myself in the beginning of the game. Like when I'm playing Soraka I set myself the goal to not miss any Q. It makes me much more focussed on myself and therefore less on the potential trolls and flamers in my team. It does not make em go away, but I guess I just kinda tunnelvision around them.
Catchdown (EUW)
: Am I the only one...
To be honest, everytime a new champion is released, I´m suprised there´s another one already. I don´t feel the need for new champions that quick. I would love a quick fix for things like the horrible minion block right now, or as suggested somewhere else on the forum, a winter/christmass themed map.
Husker (EUW)
: Where do you play from?
TheSubZ (EUW)
: Riot, we need "warded" ping.
I see a threat with this subject ever so often on the boards. And YES, I would love this so much. It would really help communicating with your jungler if he should not gank or to ping the ward out for the teammember with a sweeper. The same with major cooldowns blown, I oftentimes type in chat when someones flash, heal or ignite is down. Typing just costs much more time then a simple ping.
Tenjirou (EUW)
: Do you want to actually ban them globaly, so they can't play any match with other teammates? Or do you just want to get them on some sort of blacklist so YOU won't get matched up with that player again? (Btw. does the ignore list work like this?)
A global ban would make players unable to play with anyone ever again I guess. I am indeed referring to a blacklist so you can choose to never see a certain player again in your matches. So 1 player blacklists the other. The ignore function does not prevent you from being matched with players again.
Emillie (EUW)
: So basically you want this game to be like real life, where if someone ever goes to jail, even just once, that person will never be able to make new friends, get a job, eat at a restaurant, sleep at a hotel, etc.?
> [{quoted}](name=u wot m7 m8 m9,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AJlhW0ko,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-08T16:28:39.194+0000) > > So basically you want this game to be like real life, where if someone ever goes to jail, even just once, that person will never be able to make new friends, get a job, eat at a restaurant, sleep at a hotel, etc.? No. Like I stated: 'Perhaps there need to be a certain 'reset' system in place, to unban players who have improved their behaviour, or to unban after a certain period of time.'
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gaby1best (EUNE)
: This bug has been on for more than 3 patches
I noticed this too for a while now. I used it often to watch very quickly during champ select what certain abilities do, it's anoying that it's gone.
: Why is Lux considered as a bad support?
I think it's the_ association_ people have with supports like Lux. I too am a bit sceptical if our team has such a support because many times they build like a mage and not like a support, sometimes not even buying a sightstone. I guess this also depends on your elo. But if you have seen a few Lux supports going full AP, getting all the kills, not bothering to provide utility and vision, your expectations of the next Lux support you encounter will be low and possibly wrong. But if you're really good with her, just show them haters wrong. A good Lux support must be killing to play against with that heavy poke and range she provides.
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: Yet another ridiculous DC
I had just encountered the same error... I finally clicked cancel to find myself returned to the home screen. The game is completely gone...
ferlondo (EUNE)
: an idea for showing ally ult icon for the player
: You turn into your last played champion FOREVER! What will you do?
{{champion:26}} I guess I'll become a time traveler!
: Can you please be more communicative in Queue?
I recognise this so much. I had a Shaco with flash exhaust a few games ago. Appearantly he wanted to go mid, but he didn't say a word untill someone else locked a mid. If you go something silly like Shaco mid(no offence, but it's not 'normal') you should clearify that. Same indeed with Ezreals with heal also not saying a word in the chat.
Nasse3 (EUW)
: ahri E charm Bug
I accidentally charmed a minion today, and indeed it walked away from me.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Both! You will improve in normals but you will also need ranked practice. I'd try to mix it up. Try focusing on improving specific things even when you're playing normals. Team not caring about objectives? No problem, practice early farm. Team picking absurd fights? No problem, practice split pushing/focusing the right target. Enemy getting absurdly fed and all hope is lost? No problem, practice not answering to taunts and staying calm. This way you will very quickly get used to staying calm and not caring about win and lose even in ranked and play better as a result. A lot of people play more relaxed when they're playing normals, start playing sloppily, excuse their own mistakes (meh it's normal who cares), or starts cheesing everything and dying. You don't HAVE to do this though, you *can* make it a productive practice. One more thing: you said mechanics is something you want to improve on. You could use these few days URF is up and spam champions you want to improve combos on. URF is terrific for reaction times and dodging too, since everyone is spamming spells at you. Speaking of combos and reaction times, ARAM also works wonders on those. If you find it difficult to concentrate during teamfights, focus the right person or even if you just want to improve reaction times and your teamfight mechanics, ARAM is a concentrated 20 minutes of almost *only* stuff like that. The reasoning is not the same but it's good for practice and it won't "spoil you" for normals and ranked if you just focus on your objectives. **TL;DR**: Don't leave your brain at the loading screen when you play normals and use other modes to relax and supplement your practice. Nothing is like ranked though, so you need those as well. Take break from ranked only if you think you need to shift paradigms and you know staying off it for a while will help you with that. Otherwise it's a good and invaluable feedback. **Disclaimer:** I'm a far cry from ANY sort of pro-play but I still think you'll find a thing or two useful in what I wrote.
Thanks for the long answer! I personally don't know about URF, but I'll take note of the rest :3
: You can improve by doing both. Normals are more for Basics and Rankeds are better for finetuning. **Normal Games** First of all, practice your basics in Normals. Things like lasthitting, warding, checking the map every few seconds, roaming, etc. Normal games are also useful to practice a new champion / role. **Ranked Games** You should play 1 ranked after 10-20 Normals (for you to decide, I'd make a personal routine) to see if you've improved and if you feel like you have more control over the game. If you lose the ranked, try to figure out what **YOU **did wrong (doesn't matter if you had 1 afk or a feeder/flamer) and work on that in the next normal game. Try to analyse what the enemy does and why he does it, try to find out patterns in their playstyle and use the good things for yourself. **My way to improve** I am currently Platinum II (formerly Diamond but I suck in this Season) and I've improved alot since I first started playing ranked. Here's what I did to improve: 1. I watched LoL Games, Streams or whatever - to find a champion I wanted to master -for me, this Champion was Zed 2. After I've found my champion, I watched streams and other useful videos **specifically **about my champion 3. I studied the item build, runes, masteries and skill order 4. I learned the basic mechanics of the champion 5. I fed -this is important. I'm not talking about purposely feeding. What I'm saying is, go balls deep. Play reckless and brutal. This is how you figure out the limitations of your champion 6. I played over 900 Games with Zed (Normals + Rankeds together) Of course, mastering just one champion isn't really wise, since that champion can always be banned or picked. Focus on that one champion, but pick yourself 4 more champions (for every role 1) and practice them when you're either bored with your favorite champion or when your favorite one is picked / banned. **My favorite Midlaner:** (Playable Mid/Top) {{champion:238}} **My favorite Toplaner:** (Playable Mid/Top) {{champion:58}} **My favorite Jungler:** (Playable Mid/Top/Jungle) {{champion:59}} **My favorite ADC:** (Playable Mid/Top/ADC) {{champion:104}} **My favorite Support:** (Playable Support) {{champion:40}} Notice a pattern? 4/5 champions have a gap closer and burst + either CC or an escape (My Renek is a bit more AD than tanky). They also have a limited amount of skillshots (Since I suck at landing them). After playing all these champions for a while I have become very good at playing champions which combine CC, Gap Closers and/or Escapes with Burst. Figuring that out has made it ALOT easier for me to learn more champions, since I could determine which champions I'll play good with ease. {{champion:64}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:131}} were some champions which I've learned with ease, some more than others. One Champion will be the key to a new world.
Thanks for taking the time to write such a long comment! Most of the tips are known to me, I love to watch the EU LCS, which is not really comparable with the level of play I'm at ofcourse, but it made me fall in love with Ahri recently(but much skillshots, haha). I also read up some builds and try some different things for each champion. But I'm still casual, don't have time to play 900 games on 1 champion anytime soon. I love your tip to go balls deep, I think I need to do that more, and it sounds fun too! :3 Thanks for your advice!
Mhyrion (EUW)
: How to improve myself: should I play ranked or stick to normals?
Wow, thanks for the quick comments. :3 I do have champions for every role, and I only play draft(got sick and tired of the who-called-what-first-discussions). But I guess practising CS it is.
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huisbbaas (EUW)
: Social experiment.
Not sure if you're really serious about this but if you are: how would people notice you're a woman(which you're not, but anyways) besides the nickname? Because honestly, if I take a close look at the summoner names(IF I do that) the only thing that really stands out to me would be offensive names or names that are geniunly funny. Would you be renaming yourself 'xXcutyXx' or something that cheesy just to stand out? Also, as far as I've noticed, people really don't care if you're claiming/telling/replying you're a woman. They cannot check it, therefore there is little value to it I think. Things change a bit when there's a voice communication involved, but that's gonna be a bit complicated for you guys. It also differs from game to game of course, but the LoL community never seemed really interested whether they've got a woman on their team or not, beside the usual stupid remarks and silly jokes nothing really happens ever. But that's just my little experience and I don't often chat that often in LoL, let alone tell everyone I'm a woman.
Evilzo (EUW)
: Massive packetloss.
I've had the same problem. I was playing a game and at certain points into the game my spells just didnt trigger. Also there was no response on rightclicking sometimes. The little green cross appeared on the ground, but my champion didn't move towards it. It made us lose the game hard.
: [BUG] Server not responding on user input
I've had the same problem today, after downloading the newest patch. I played a game with Sivir where I could spam W, but it didn't trigger. Also had problems with walking, sometimes it didn't respond to my rightclicks either. Very anyoning and also part of the reason we lost the game. Anyone else had this problem or knows something about it?


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