: The addiction to this game is too high lol. Anyway did you tried to configurate the firewall and your port forwarding?Take a look [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues) and see if you can fix it alone. If it doesn't work try to contact your ISP,some providers may have problems reaching the LoL servers.You said that you upgraded your connection,did you do it with the same ISP?
haha its like some kind of drug. Anyways, yes i have attempted that and it didnt help much. Contacted my ISP 3 times since then, they continue to say the internet is stable and there is nothing wrong with it. Thank you for responding.
: contacted support yet? if not do it, they have always been a great help to me with reasonably fast responses.(usually within a work week atleast)
could you leave me the link or email to where you contacted them please, i couldnt find it. Thank you in advance.
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: Greeting's I may help you but first i need you to answer those questions - What ISP you're using - What Country you are from - When did this issue begin (approx.?) - Is this issue 100% reproducible, or intermittent? (IE: Every game or only some) - Are you using a wired cable or wireless - P.S i advice you to completely stop playing ranked-normal games until you fix your issue to avoid ban's or account lifetime ban. You could play in Custom games or arams may be more forgiven then ranked-normals.
ISP: MEO PT Country: Portugal Issue began about 3-4 weeks ago Recently found out this is hapenning only between around 6pm and 10 pm. Between those times it is as if i cant connect. I am using wired cable. Thanks for the response.
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: some things you can try - disable all programs that run in the background and uninstall Pando Media Booster - Check your computer for virusses - Repair your league client -Delete the game and just reinstall it again - play on another ones account (in case its due to the low priority list) good luck bro
thanks a lot for the suggestions man. gonna try it and see if anything works.
: A HUGE problem i have. PLEASE help me. PLEASE
3 weeks and no one has even had a suggestion about what to do. PLease anyone help.
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: A little problem i have
I am desperate for help since i havent been able to play a game normally for 2 weeks now and no one has replied to me before
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