: It IS toxic behaviour. You don't need to point out a fact. Nobody wants you to point out obvious facts. Everyone knows how the current situation is and you don't need to tell demoralizing facts.
Pretty sure they don't understand.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mid Prodigy FIN,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WxfN7OAG,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-12-28T13:59:46.757+0000) > > Might be but everyone else says the same stuff in the games so why do I get permaban but not 90% of euw? Because you show such behaviour in nearly every single game, while others don't. You have to keep this up for quite some time in the vast majority of your matches to even receive a first punishment, then you need to continue. And thats what most other people don't do. You still didn't realise that it's not this chatlog, **its your entire history of toxic behaviour** that got you permabanned. > Or maybe 12 year old kids should not play the game and get offended by stating a fact? Your behaviour is what i would call childish. Your inability to stop harrassing others is childish. You are a very annyoing person that blames everything on everyone. You are no fun to play with at all. And thats a fact.
Isn't it funny how I still haven't offended anyone single time in my games yet you say I do?
: You are drawing conclusions too fast. The difference between having a bad game and feeding, and toxic behaviour is that feeding is an inevitable result of playing a game where only one team is better, while flaming is a 100% conscious and intentional choice you make.
I didn't flame/offend anyone in the games I've played only pointed out the facts why we lost the game. If you can't understand the difference then keep living in your wonderworld :DDD
: Sorry, I have to disappoint you. 85% of the playerbase is older than 16. Punishments for behaviour as your behaviour are not handed out because everything it so offensive. They are handed out because such behaviour is annoying. It doesn't contribute to a good team atmosphere. ------------ When you play League you are committing to a team game and therefore you are expected to act like a teamplayer. Although positive behaviour is encouraged, you don't need to show positive behaviour. However, negativity and aggressive attitudes ruin the team spirit, which can have a big influence on the outcome of a game. What you say might be true, but the only thing you do by stating facts, is lowering your teammate's fun and reducing your team's chances of winning. There is a reason why toxic players lose significantly more games than players who aren't toxic. Even if a game is won you are still causing other players to feel less happy about the game they played.
So why do I have over 60% win rate and yet I lose more than the amazing 0/10 riven mains I get on half my games? You just seem like a frail human that gets offended by anything :D!
: By your logic i should call my lawyer for that bad perfoming/feeding player breaking my mood by ruining my game and Riot should permaban him as well.
: This game turned into child's garden...
: So what's your opinion? :/
Okay, I respect everyones opinion on this matter but I just want to say that if you get banned for asking/saying your team go ff at 20 cause the game is basically over then over half of the players on server should be banned forever.
: Nobody gets better of it. The only thing you do is moving your frustration to somebody else, while you can just control yourself and not say anything at all. You are allowed to say anything, as long as it doesn't harm the team cooperation. In the end you are playing a team game.
So you say that someone int feeding and trolling is good but me saying go ff is worse? Gosh darnit :/
: As a person who never got any punishment for more than 2 years of playing (so yeah i am not a toxic player) i think banning someone for pointing WHY EXACTLY his game is ruined WITHOUT insulting anyone is stupid.
Seems like you get banned nowadays from anything you say. I do understand that pointing out a intentially feeding person is wrong and should be allowed in ranked games. Of course it's ok that someone doesn't try to win the game but when someone is a bit negative and tries to carry it's like the worst thing you could possibly imagine.
: And you were passive-aggressive. Negativity and passive-aggressiveness are both considered toxic. They only frustrate your teammates and make your team perform worse.
Or maybe 12 year old kids should not play the game and get offended by stating a fact?
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, did you read report options carefully? First one has funny phrase between parentheses: "giving up". That's pretty much all you did in all three games: "game is lost", "just ff", "open mid". That's all negative attitude. It probably wouldn't be enough even for smaller punishment, but after 14 days ban even smallest misbehaviour is enough to get permaban
Might be but everyone else says the same stuff in the games so why do I get permaban but not 90% of euw?
: Hey, These chat logs only are not enough for a permaban. The truth is however, that you didn't get permabanned for only these games. You have been warned several times before and you ignored these warning and continued having a toxic attitude. Since you didn't improve your behaviour, you got permabanned.
I'm negative but not toxic tbh :/
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You are rather negative. Also it's not about whatever it's worth or not, it's just 4th last punishment. Punishment here isnt really based on severity of the crime.
Yes I'm so into winning I get really stressed in the games!
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