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Treycos (EUW)
: Actually diamond 5 players are pretty badly seen by others :/
am diamond 5, can confirm
Syrca (EUW)
: LF Diamond Scrimm partners
: Looking for E-girls. ♥
I went to this really great e-grill website finder and I found the best grill EU. You should add her ;) I Joé I
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Kaan Baba (EUW)
: Team City Of Light is recruiting for a Jungler/Midlaner
Yo WTF? Why did you steal the exact post from my team Cascadia?? This is literally copy and paste, but you added something for midlane.. Do you have no pride as a human than to just go and take my team's application and advert?
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BillGoD (EUW)
: Looking for 5v5 ranked team (main support)
Hey man if you're interested you coulyou there!d check out my post here, Though you would have to send an application first. I hope to see you there!
Zantonny (EUW)
: What is your IGN?: Zantonny How old are you? : 23 Where are you from? : England, South-West Main Role? : Top (Though happy to bend to the team) Last Season Rank? : Gold 5 Your biggest advantage in game? : Prioritizing targets (Be it dragons/towers or within a team fight) Your biggest problem in game? : Calculating teleport plays. Why are you applying? : Would like to be a part of a team that's consistently trying to improve and work together. Rank itself is not important to me early, that will come when we improve as a team. As for a questions, what days/times are you thinking of practicing/playing?
First of all thanks for the application! Now, to answer your question. Although I can't give you a full rundown to times of us playing as of yet(because we're not a full roster), what I Can say is that I would like to work with atleast 2 or three games a day if possible. Of course taking breaks, but none of that is set in stone and will need to be adapted for the other players' needs.
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Warchieƒ (EUW)
: Ranked Rage
To be honest, the rage made me stronger, as a person.. I'm also no longer affected, do I have some sort of antidote?

Mid is Carry

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