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: Tilted for the day tnx riot
I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I thought it was just my crappy internet. I've stopped playing ranked because it happens so much. It usually happens when I'm in a party with other people tho.
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: All skins available in the Practice tool?
While it is a good point, there are YouTube videos of what the skin looks like. Skin Spotlights always do prerelease spotlights of new champions and skins when they hit PBE and YouTubers that have access to PBE often play with the new skin. To me, it's just extra coding that might affect the performance of the game (not sure, I don't know much about coding games so take this with a grain of salt) and isn't needed because of these YouTubers and YouTube channels. While it will be nice, I feel like it'll take Riot too much time and effort when they could spend that time and effort on fixing things that need to be fixed, like some of the bugs with Sylas' ult or the client. Ever had to restart your computer because the client crashed and you can't alt-tab out??? It's more of a waste of time than playing the damn game.

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