: Look, those happened on a single day. The system is not that fast if you only now started trolling like that
If you actually read my post, you'd see that I played with this player several weeks ago, and have been track his matches occasionally ever since - with no change throughout. Feeding every game.
: Logic.
Agree with NightKnightSai, you lose 3 LP when you dodge on champion select. Chances are the OP has had two dodges at 0 LP.
: I don't think he's intentionally feeding. Maybe he's just really really really really really bad. Possibly he is being silly and letting a younger sibling use his account or something, which is still a ban-worthy offence, it's just not intentional feeding. *Prepares for the wrath of the entire EUW forums*
It's possible. I mean he did actually do some (some might be being very kind) stuff and gets a kill in a couple games. There's absolutely no way it's the same Diamond player from last season though. It also doesn't explain the large degree of AFK periods of time too, unless it really is a NEW NEW player who hasn't realised AFKs are unacceptable too. I think the point being is though, there's still a rule being regularly broken and no acton taken.
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