: this mode could work, but would be funnier if all builds were deleted and all gold (from both teams) could get splited by all 10 players. and btw, what would you do about flaming? would u give a more severe punishment for it? (bc flame would be super big).
flaming is something that can not be stopped, i'm pretty confident there are different scales in the tribunal and report system, implementing a low rating of report on a game mode like this And with build deleted you mean you start over every-time you switch Character?
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: that means u don't need to farm lol, just go for nexus would be too fast, a team goes zzrot and banner of command one lane and wins xDD
disable banner and zz rot n the game mode :) Still it would be extremly difficult if youd change team ever now an than , or champ
: what hapens i i have a ap champ and get a ad one after?
changing the idea a bit to '' Change to a Random champ in game 'getting there build and rest amount of gold' '' For example you play {{champion:266}} with {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} {{item:1327}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3748}} and youll change to {{champion:63}} where someone had build {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3151}} {{item:1332}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3041}} than you will get that build, In the end still having enough gold to change the build to something differant
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: Also something for items... u need to get all gold back, all the gold you got and spend on items xDD would be kinda awkward to keep changing items and also u need to have right masteries, I would say that there should be less champion changing, like 5 times in a game or so, at certain time when you die you get the random champ, you should have all champions available even if you don't own them, pretty complicated gamemode
indd goldincome should be a tricky thing, what about starting with 50.000G so u can max out your build from the start? ads some extra insenaty and strangely new builds and stick to the champs in the game, that way always getting a champ with a full build ( witch u can change trough out the game so you change builds etc :) )
: so imagine you are very close to wining, like 1 nexus turr away, then its "random time" and u change team and loose the game because your enemies will enjoy the ez win that u gave them. (when did loosing became fun ??????)
well thats the thing, you go from winning, to Defend the shit asap :) , while you know where you team was etc :) makes a game with a lot of condusion ans spectacular moments also the changes will be completely random and you might switch team when an objective is triggerd, ( towers, kills, dragon , rift herald, baron Etc)
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: nice gamemode, but if u change champ they should give you all skillpoints back because of skill order, if u max E on yasuo then u get warwick will be pretty bad lol
thats a good one :)
Rioter Comments
: new game mode where players moves and models are swapped over
its should be possible its gonna be kinda like the item in the bilge water cartel thing right? the mirror thingy
: Pro Blitzcrank Tip
liked this one xD
: Champions for both rolls.
where the {{champion:17}} 's at xD
Communist (EUW)
: AP Sona
because its like most sups, u can build them support or Ap. going Full ap makes here squishy but dangerous. going sup makes her durate a lil more, while shielding warding, etc, so its a trade of on or the other, ever seen a full ap blitz? aka the Grab BOOM = dead :) full ap allystar? W Q Dead :) most sups are overpowered as a ap champ since there ap Champs. This is why u can also play them on other lanes ( doesn't happen enough though)
Mef1st0 (EUW)
: Then does EU gets hextech crafting?
in about 2 weeks, there was a post telling there fixing some stuff on Na, Than a new week of extensive testing, if it works out it will go to the other servers aswell
: Tank assassins...
there a addition to the game, New items means new changes new exploits, This might be annoying, but it still belongs to the game, just enjoy it and focus the juggernauts ^ ^


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