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: i think the wait period gets longer. like 5,10,20 mins
: leaverbuster does not punish for 1 minute. neither does it for only 1 game. you must have left some games before
ah maybe that why cuz my computer turn off in some matches and i have to recnnect thanks btw and i have one question what does happen when u afk or leave when u have that leave buster thing on u?
: But you left didn't you?
i had to but it was not for that long it was like 1 min
: You left a game in progress, putting your team in a disadvantage.
and btw the game wasent even a leave it was a defeat
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: If you were smart you'd bait his blind and then go in if you are AA reliant champion, or counter him by playing an AD caster where the blind doesn't matter, e.g. Riven/Fiora/Talon and to a certain extent Jax. That is the one thing teemo is good at, shutting down ADC's/AA reliant champs like rengar/khazix etc for 2.5s then being squishy as hell - you can't take that away from him.
Ok i want him to be nerfed tho but i guess no . i just wanna ask something WHY was khazix nerfed?!
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