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: stop right there .. and don't try what i did . for 2.5 years i was looking for a team and tryed to make one . no one ore 95% of the players you will find ... will never work as a team or they don't think at all or they think the world move arund them or you will find a players who just make shity joks every time you open a chat . and if you start talking abut playing some games to work on the synergy of the team or somehting like that ... a game or 2 and no one will play once more .. and if you wanna make a team logo and ask your team abut a good look for the logo or a name for the team they will tell you you do that you are the one who made the team and if you tell them what to do in the game or ask them to play a champ nooooooooooooooooooooo you are but a player in the team . and things like that pls don't think of this game for more than a game you play after you finsh you real work .. don't be like me and loss your life tryig to make this work . this game is full of brain dead gay shit players who know nothing abut the game and if they pissed you off or made you angry after 5 games of inting ..noooooooooooooooooooo you are toxic ... there is no logic in this game all you will find is toxic kids or brain dead players or some who think they are funy
Okay thanks for the advice :)
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: Draft broke and i got a 10 minutes ban
Seems to be happening to everyone
Spurious (EUW)
: Option to re-arrange rune page order
Atsuran (EUW)
: [Client] Unable to press "lock in" for bans and champs
Been happening to me too for the last 10 minutes, cant even queue up half the time. I have been in champion select roughtly 15 times in the last 10-15 minutes
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