: I'd say a lot of their recent patches have been on point with what champions get changes. As for the actual changes themselves, there's a lot left to be desired.   For example {{champion:89}} - 20 damage off her W isn't the reason she's broken and banned a lot. Leona's a nuisance to play against, her cooldowns are stupidly low and she's stupidly tanky even without items. She either needed to be hit on her cooldowns or her mana costs.   {{champion:111}} - 10-30 off his Q isn't the reason he's broken and banned a lot. Same as Leona, his lockdown is stupid and he's a nuisance to play against.   As for skin related buffs, Riot likes to claim they don't balance around skin releases but their actions speak louder than words. Many champions received buffs when they received their last skin.. Few off the top of my head would be Riven, Yuumi, Karma.   Sure, ADC Senna received nerfs on the same patch as her Prestige Edition but that doesn't make a scratch on their track record.
People who complain about Leona being broken are truly something else. Everything is a skillshot, except the auto attack modifier but you need to be in range for that and it will only stun for 0.75 seconds.... E is shorter range than any other hook (nautilus, thresh, blitz, pyke), Leona has no sustain in lane, no range, you can just poke her from distance. But no, most players prefer disrespecting her completely and not knowing how to position in lane... Provides no shielding or healing for her allies, no utility whatsoever (such as thresh hook), and currently has very low base damages compared to other supports (even worse with the most recent nerfs). You need to learn how to play the game.
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: Summoner Cleanse, or a QSS, Mecurial Sword... those stuff. A CC based team usually lacks in siege or poke, so if your opponent is all engage and CC, then have a strong tank that can take the initial DPS and CC, or go full poke and wreck them at range before they can CC and engage. Those are the usual counters, either tank it or poke the enemy out.
Thank you, this is the kind of answer I wanted to get, since I was sure it must have a counter, and what you are saying makes sense. Although CC is pretty strong, yeah I don't see a poke team auto losing vs it as we did. 4 players with an Ezreal can easily defend from the 5 man push and you can have a Camille/Trynda permantently splitpush because out of those 5 (ornn, qiyana, leona, lee, veigar), no one can really stop a good splitpusher alone, so that would disrupt them a lot. So yeah, I am going to try this out next time. Also people forgot to mention {{item:3111}} and Legend:Tenacity which can come handy, but they don't really auto win you the game or anything, just help a little tiny bit.
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: Norah, the Just
Passive is absolutely broken and the champion is too much like Leona (not that I don't like Leona, i just think they are too similar). Otherwise it's good and that picture is beautiful, gj.
: What about swain?
Uh, Swain is a very strong support atm, don't buff that champion.
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: Champion idea: Lynn the Patriot
tl:dr Stop trying to make aphelios 2.0 Make something simple and fun
: Balance???
I think everyone agrees with that. For me Blitzcrank is an example of a simple, strong and balanced support champion. Strong, definitely not weak. I am happy when I get blitz support. But then there is pyke, who makes blitzcrank look very weak. The champion is simply unbalanced, very unbalanced compared to other supports. However he has too many things in his kit, as you just listed, so I think removing him from the game would be the best option. But hey, the same thing applies to Zoe and many other champions, except that Riot will never remove a champion ;) enjoy playing this broken game
Morrhen (EUW)
: Imagine keeping track of 25 possible weapon combinations, while doing your job on the lane. More so on botlane where you have to be in sync with your partner. My solution to Aphelios when i decide to play draft? Play Leona. No matter how complicated and powerful your kit is, it's hard to do something when you're permanently stunned. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Like your idea, I will go Leona into him if he is ever not-banned for some reason.
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: Then dodge her cc... it’s litterally no different to lux or Morgana top same projectile size and speed. If you juke it out or bait it out she has nothing and dies immediately Obviously if she hits everything and you miss everything you die, that’s the same with all champions... and with her heal being expensive and her being bad at kiting it’s actually much easier to kill her than any other ranged top laner
Very bad examples since Morgana and Lux aren't marksmen. How are Morgana and Lux gonna bully me out of lane? Why would I ever engage on them? They do 0 damage with auto attacks i can just completely ignore them and farm, if they ever attack me, minions will out trade them. Morgana and Lux would have to hit very hard to hit skillshots to do anything to you, while senna can pretty easily auto attack you for a lot of damage. Senna can save her root for when you engage on her when it becomes almost impossible to miss (good luck dodging any skill shot in melee range). I dont want to discuss micromechanics further, it's simply not a good idea to discuss things like this on a forum in text, but the fact is Senna is much more annoying top laner than any other ranged top laner this, teemo included. Her winrate and playrate top confirm this. Lux and Morgana never did anything top lane.
: Senna on toplane is like playing against teemo on toplane, its free elo, you jsut scale a bit and hard engage on her, she can only flash away or die. its just about surviving lane and have proper wave management
Except that she will root you, you will take minion damage while rooted, she will run away from you and auto attack you 3-4 times, you wasted your engage and you are left with half hp because she does a lot of damage. Next time you engage she won't even need to root you, she will kill you with autoattacks because meanwhile she healed completely with her bullshit sustain. And don't even dare go for CS, her range is larger than teemo's. Teemo is nothing compared to Senna.
: Ornn is for sure over the top atm
+1 here. One of the many disgusting tanks in the top lane, but this one is definitely the worst. Ornn has too much CC and utility. Too much. He has two AOE knockups, brittles and also forges items out of combat. Ofcourse he is rather tanky as well. This champion should be doing bare minimum amounts of damage, but as you said, he does way too much, and his winrate is confirming just how OP he is.
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: What is wrong with Dr. Mundo!?
An ability on 4 second cooldown that does 30% of max health damage, really? Also camille is not your usual assassin, she is a fighter, like riven, and should be able to excel in 1v1's, especially when she is ahead. For example, I have no problems fighting Garen, Illaoi, hell even Darius isn't that hard when you are 2 levels and 1 item ahead. But Mundo? Impossible. I can't actually think of anyone that can stop him in a 1v1. This champion is like a nasus but he doesn't even need stacks...
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swtos2015 (EUNE)
: Opinion On Urgot?
Hm, I would say he is a lane bully, just like Darius. But I destroy him with something like Vladimir. Does he need a nerf? Ok
Game doesn't work for me either. Launcher to be specific. Black screen and can't start games. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Morrhen (EUW)
: Problem is... you may have learned to play against him but your midlaner probably didn't. Now he's getting screwed over by chamption with no mana, two passives, 100% crit after like 20 minutes into the game and healing, mobility and skillshot denial. No matter how good you are with your champ, you can't counter fed Yasuo. Unless you really 3/4v1 him down and have a relaxing time for another 40 seconds. Yes, Yasuo IS a hard champion to master. Whoever says Yasuo is a noob champ can't be more wrong. HOWEVER, his kit and scaling makes it pretty easy to play even for below average player.
Meh, a small nerf to yasuo's kit wouldn't hurt since he is definitely in a good spot now, but I don' t find him broken at all, and as a mid/top laner, I rarely have trouble against him. If you pop his shield with AA before doing damage, avoid the tornado, position yourself correctly around minions, there isn't much he can do... In mid lane I even beat him with something as immobile as Lux. Surprise Q out of nowhere, he windwalls, I just R him. No, it doesn't get blocked by the windwall. Oh and, my R has surprisingly low CD. If he goes top, any bruiser can teach him a lesson...
: You need to understand this basic concept: People play to win and if they wanna win they come up with ideas and strategies on how to win and this applies to every elo to all your temmates and opponents. Give your Teammates the benefit of the doubt. If they are struggling in things you're good at (staying alive in laneing phase for example) they are probably better at things you are not good at. Noone plays perfectly and people don't get to your rank if they aren't doing enough things right to get there. For me the game is much more about takeing chances than it is about playing safe because takeing chances feels SAFER than avoiding death as opponents will eventually close out the game if you let them do whatever they want- some might backfire but that's alright - I'll get better at it. You don't want to be the player that goes X / 0 / X and has his nexus blow up in his face. When my team is not doing that hot - i need to be the one that steps forward and leads them back into the game. I'd rather go out of a game with 10 Deaths having tried to win the game than with 2 deaths and cutting losses and surving for more minutes while watching your opponents play and do whatever they want. FOCUS on what YOU can DO - dont focus on your teammates mistakes- they can't undo them - you cant undo them - you can only look at what comes next SKT is out of worlds - they played it TOO SAFE. SAFE didn't win. It's G2 and FPX in the finals.
I don't think this comment makes sense since he is probably talking about low elo, it is about mentality, not what people are good at. In Low elo everyone is about those kills and crazy microplays that they will probably fail, in other words the riskiest plays ever with very, very little reward, and so much to lose. And they do this on repeat, even when they are 0/10 and the opponent is so fed that they have no chance to succeed anymore. This is something a lot of low elo players do and they need to stop. Taking calculated tower dives at pro elo you are mentioning or staying in lane on low hp to bait opponent under your turret for some outplay is a completely another story, in low elo people do this out of sheer ignorance and for the cheese.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I'm the worst player in League of Legends' history
I am worse ranked than you so I don't want to say too much here, but just looking at your profile I noticed some things that are usually, universally considered bad. Your champion pool is huge. You are playing all roles all champions, switching constantly from game to game. I don't think your brain had enough time to successfully adapt to any type of game style whatsoever. You don't have to go OTP, but right now you are the opposite of it and I think it's hurting you much more than you realize. Another thing I noticed is that u often pick extremely difficult champions such as Thresh. If you feel like you are bad at the game and you want to win, don't pick thresh. Your win rate of 27% on this champion just confirms this, it's rather terrible. You are probably backing at wrong times and therefore missing XP like mentioned already by other people here, but I would really emphasize that you should definitely pick something you like and see yourself good at, and master it. A role and a champion or two. Not all roles and not 80 champions that u played in season 9. And finally, you are playing adc/support often, and complaining about xp. I think you should know that it is fine for the botlane to be lower in xp compared to the solo laners and sometimes even junglers. The difference will be even bigger in s10 with new changes to XP.
: Only when banning new champions in unranked games is also disabled. You go 5 games in normals where you can't play the new champ because it's banned a lot for the same reason people ban it in ranked, they don't want it on their team. How to solve? - Leave it as it is - Disable the champ for ranked for 1 patch, but also disable the ability to ban said champ in unranked
or play blind pick...
: Bruisers are not balanced (few words about power curves in this game)
Bruisers are very balanced and currently the least broken category of all champions. Not gonna go into details and explain how you lost to a 0/8 shaco because we dont know how that happen, how much minion aggro, where, on what cooldowns/buffs and all the other details that fight went. But yeah, a bruiser should still be able to 1v1 you even after falling behind a bit, because they are bruisers. As a top laner I play into renekton often and he definitely doesn't feel broken or unbalanced. The only thing I agree with you here is Dr. Mundo and how he can do insane damage while building no damage items whatsover, and being a tank generally. This is becoming a serious problem with other tanks as well, such as Malphite, but the positive is I see Riot adressing this, they nerfed malpite's R 2 patches ago.
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: Process of removal lux from game
Lux is definitely not OP. She is an easy champion and many beginners have success with her, but she is definitely not OP and doesn't deserve to be nerfed. 0 mobility, maximum squishiness (her W is weaker than you think), and her damage is lower than that of ADC's. Oh and, about her R, its basically her only spell that deals some decent damage. E is poke, Q is CC, W is utility. R deals decent amount of damage.
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: Hello and welcome to the game! I'm sorry you're having a bad time, getting into the game can be very hard at first. I rarely play toplane myself, so I will leave the Camille vs. Mordekaiser matchup to a top main to explain as I dont feel too competent about that myself. Instead, let me try to help with the more general stuff. You managing to have very few deaths isn't a bad thing in itself, but are you maybe playing a bit TOO defensively ? With some toxic players flaming teammates for basically every death, new players can become too scared of dying. It is perfectly normal to die a lot at first trying out things that work and things that won't. Things that may help you: - Quick cast (with indicator) - are you using this ? Look up a youtube guide how to set it up and use it, it's very useful. - Adapt your build for a new player. I know sooooo many guides tell new players to look up some pro build and copy it, but in my experience this isn't very good advice. Most of these builds are highly efficient but they also require the player to use them well. for example, pros are very good at dodging skillshots, new players are fairly good at (no offense) actively walking into them. This means most beginners need more sustain in their build than pro builds offer. Try optimizing your builds and runes for much more lifesteal (and or mana regen on champs that need it). This wont make you win lane, but you wont feel so helpless anymore after each trade. - If your laning phase is where your main problem lies, dont be shy about trading away late game power/scaling for more early game power in your build/runes. For example, as an ADC you can try Hail of Blades rune to front load your damage, which is quite effective at early lvls. - Itemization - are you itemizing correctly against your specific lane matchup instead of using a generic build ? This can make a huge difference vs Mordekaiser, for example. - Try to learn the game on a small pool of simple to play champions at first, then expand and find whom you want to main. Try to find a forgiving champion to use at first. If you are unsure which champ you want to try next, make a smurf account, get 2-3 champs on it and test them. Rinse and repeat until you find something suitable to use on your main. - Keep playing, don't give up. It's hard to describe, but after enough games, some things will just make *click* for you and you will suddenly grasp them when you struggeled with them before. - watch streams of your main role: one high elo stream to see a highly skilled player, and try to also find a SMALL stream with a streamer that is Gold+ at least. Why small ? Cause those streamers are usually still very responsive to their chat and often willing to answer viewer questions and help you out with advice.
These advice help a bit, thank you. I won't give up yet, I will try to overcome this. Quick cast is something I am going to try out, never thought about it before.
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