: i've got the same problem right now i got blocked for 14 mins -_- also when i don't have the bug i have so much 'loss' of ping in champ select ONLY ! and that caused the first 5 min ban u_u
I've had a problem where I couldn't ban a champion and couldn't lock in which caused me to dodge twice and lose 13 LP :/
NeoEñvý (EUW)
: Jungler Champions for beginners?
Really recommend warwick. Don't try amumu he is complete garbage, lee sin is good for early game damage but requires quite a few mechanics if you want to do good, jax is fairly good too.
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: Got my 96 revel tokens, what should I buy?
Revel orbs. I got a revel bag with it ^^
: How do i counter Yasuo
Akali {{champion:84}}. Yasuo beats her level 1 the rest levels akali beats him
: So... Top lane...
I've lose so many games in a row that I personally no longer care about winning but care about improving ;)
: Through the gates of hell, as we make our way to Gold V, through the Silver lines
Good luck on your journey! I had gold 5 mmr while i was in silver 3 promos and now I'm silver 4 with silver 4 mmr :/
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WiseNoise (EUW)
: Revel Orbs
you use the tokens to craft the revel orb... which makes it look like you received another revel orb
: From plat 2 to gold 5. who else dropped this hard with flex rift?
I went on a rough 10 win streak from Silver 4 to Silver 3 in promos won my first game lost the other 2 and now im currently silver 3 0 Lp i had a 62% winrate overall and 69% winrate with illaoi over 70 games its a bit bullshit tbh unless you're challenger who can go on a 40 win streak. Not only that in my silver 3 promos i had gold 5 mmr hoping i would skip division after my promos and now i have silver 4 mmr :/
Pyrosen (EUW)
: What's the most efficient way to spend the revels?
Revel orb i bought 1 and got a skin and another bag with it which contained 5 skins including lunar nasus and pulsefire caitlyn ;)
: Looking for a champion te main... advice?
Bursting enemies down? {{champion:84}} unless you're vs lot's of CC it will be hard for you^^
Sniigisnek (EUNE)
: I just lost 3 games in a row with Ahri.
Ever lost 20 ranked games? Sounds pretty bad right?
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As a top laner i really do recommend playing illaoi, nasus, ornn and possibly kennen (going to try him out soon) because they are reliable carries.
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: What happened to the rotating game modes?
They said they are working on specific game mode ( forgot the name) where your team plays the same champ and enemy different same champ. Some adjustments or something
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leannn (EUW)
: question
Saying "report him" or whoever MAY count as flame but if you did nothing wrong like being racist as they mentioned even if you was not racist then nothing will happen. The system goes through the chat logs of those type of things.
: Too afraid of normals - let alone ranked placements
/mute all and play the game to your specific lane you won't improve in bots game unless you practice mechanics other than that you cannot improve.
Insidi0us (EUW)
: Hard stuck
Honestly, last season i was hardstuck silver 5 for over 100 games because i was not able to carry my own team until i duo'd with a friend and nearly instantly went to silver 4 this season im silver 5 gone to promos already and coming into my second promos all because i duo'd.
S4 last season got S5 this season 6-4.
: Win 5 out of 10 pomo games and get Bronze 5.???
You were bronze 5 last season? This is a soft reset, not a hard reset meaning you will remain lower or on the same rank as you were.
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Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Not even a week in and I'm already fed up with ranked.
Silver 5 the only reason i win is because of me carrying 90% of the games (top lane illaoi) because the jungler is probably afk but things happen its better to duo with a jungler that's fairly good at ganking and game knowledge
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: elo
Most likely bronze again because most of the time in a new season it is normal to go down 1 or 2 ranks but since you're in bronze you will stay where you are
fabsrv (EUW)
: Rotation game mode
Next event i believe is "Blood moon" which is currently on the PBE, "when" I'm not sure
: I need a rioter to look at this please :)
Good luck to any rioter who will attempt to say this to millions of players and expect them all to change
Materac (EUW)
: What is the Fastest way to lvl up new acc ?
aram, 3v3 inter bots end at 9 mins and its around 86 XP
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: My new personal best cs/min at 10 and 20 minutes
: Thing is that in League you're only 1 out of 10 players that affect the game. That is why you need to play more games, lots and lots of them, that's when you see how good you're really doing. If you're popping off in one game and feeds like crazy in another, that's not good. You need consistency. Also don't worry too much about rank man, have fun. If you're waiting till you get higher rank to have fun, then you're probably not gonna have any fun when you get there either.
Yeah, i know i play for fun considering its pre season and not really worrying about rank anyway cause ill climb eventually
: So you reasonably believe ranked is rigged with a sample size of 2? I wanted to get in before the salty idiots get in who would for whatever reason say it is no its not you would want a much larger sample size to even think of suggesting that its rigged
If you mean im salty i didn't mean it that way, I just sometimes think its "weird" to receive the same score i believe it also happened few years ago when i rarely played
: Honour means nothing
I agree pretty much in all my games im positive trying to keep my teammates positivity and have hope for winning some still flame or whatever but mute exists but overall i don't think some people deserve the honor they have.
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DeadAqua (EUW)
: Best teleport/escape champion?
{{champion:84}} Is fairly decent at escaping and can use her W + teleport it will only make you visible for about 1 second and make you invisible again. Not to mention she can also W over most walls.
Alihra (EUW)
: Level gain in ARAM
I play aram for the xp and botting usually tends to happen at lower levels and lower mmr, i haven't seen an aram bot for months now, i also was an aram player last year barely even cared for this game eventually started playing new champs got really good ones and started playing normals/ranked.
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: What are your favourite items for AP/AD champions?
{{item:3146}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}}
: So i get 10 game chat restriction for talking a bit too much in a game...
I personally mute people who talk too much about information that's not needed but that's just me {{champion:84}}
: Climbing from honor level 0
It's weird my friend who has never been banned was stuck on honor level 2, i have been banned im still stuck on honor level 0 and i barely talk in my games, i mainly ping say gj, we can still win etc. im able to earn chests and stuff but it doesn't seem i can go higher than level 0
amielzzz (EUW)
: should i focus only one champion?
Well, I one trick {{champion:84}} in Top lane it is always better to have some kind of other champions in case he/she gets banned or picked before you
: Looking for People to play with (EUW)
Sure, ill play with you if you want to ^^
Zykolf (EUW)
: What is better
{{champion:84}} the only one
FizzyGnar (EUNE)
: Akali or Pantheon
Panth bullies akali top lane quiet easily, annie bullies akali mid lane akali has amazing burst so i'd say go for her
: Project Hunters
State the obvious - No. You cannot.
: can you alter mmr for normal games riot please
Some people come to play normals to practise (like me), so i was akali top s4 vs darius p5 and i beat him quite easily only because he hasn't really played darius, but again it depends on the situation
: I came back after a long break
It depends on your internet and the amount of tasks your computer is running (I think) when i was installing PBE, i was stuck on 45% for 30 mins because i was watching videos after i closed that down next half hour it was finished, but this is only a theory but it does affect the speed.
: So I just played the most horrible match ever...
Typical trolls, welcome to league
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