Sachi (EUW)
: Bt users unable to login/connect
**UPDATE** My computer just logged in on the support website
: just an update ive restarted my pc to no avail. ive then checked my match history online and it seems the match continued on with out me so just a 'me' problem then, i still unable to navigate the client this has never happened to me and im quite concerned
it isn't just a you issue, there are multiple reports of this
: Client Black Screen after Disconnecting
Me too, looks to be an issue with people connecting on a BT line by the looks of things
Fakekko (EUW)
: same to me, I m getting tired of all this, I mean I understand the game is free, but that doesn t mean that the people works behind has to ignore all the bloody bugs of the game, they keep creating new skins new chmps new this and new that, but NEVER try to fix a shit in here
ok, as this seems to be affecting users on a BT line, this is possibly a network issue/ban through the BT lines. Can anyone on non-BT please advise if they are having the same issues?
Aethesth (EUW)
: Troll Picks in Champion Select
and it all depends on what ELO you are in and what you term as Trolling... I play new champ Senna adc and get called troll all the time, but I not lost a game yet playing her that position. Does that make me a troll or everyone else narrow minded?
Sachi (EUW)
: Bt users unable to login/connect
I am on PlusNet but I think they use the BT lines, exactly the same issue
Gohnaku (EUW)
: Crashed/Login issues
Yeah I just got the same thing, mid game "Attempting to Reconnect", then wont let me log in again after closing I will probably get a ban, but it isn't my fault, I can't even log on to their support website to log a ticket
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