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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Tryndamere has a winrate of 47,6% for some reason.
: This is weird. What is your elo? I don't understand what challenges you are talking about, and how they became irrelevant. I play League of Legends because I am obsessed with finally becoming a decent player. To find my strengths and capitalize on them, but also recognize my weaknesses. I like the community and my collection (skins, icons e.t.c.), but as soon as I give up on my primary goal I'm out. I know this doesn't scream "fun", but it works for me.
The challenge was to stay on top of your game. Getting a good early and keeping it up towards late game. Every moment of the game required focus for me, to improve and to climb. The time that games regularly lasted for 30-40 minutes. It feels like there's no time for me to improve or to try something new.
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Fendokil (EUW)
: Am i the only one who things this would actually be a good change to a already way too strong ultimate? :|
: Positional Matchmaking is a Nightmare
Try to look at both ends. I do regularly play against G+/P+. And when I play against them, it's because I've had a couple of great games and they may have had a couple bad games.
: this season suck
It's to early to say it sucks. Abuse everything that is broken/busted. You can't be blamed for it. The only one at fault will be Riot
: What is your most favourite champion of this game and why?
9 Volts (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Llama Bell,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zzshxmxP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-17T08:37:59.087+0000) > > Greetings, > > 8.23 will be out next week, so I am guessing Wednesday or Thursday. is that when we get the end of season rewards?
Probably not, expect that around december
: Oh noo, that's the worst!
Well, I played a few games after it. Gotta say those were weirdly enjoyable. Wouldn't mind a freeze next game{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
VenoZaur (EUW)
: You give these examples: "get atleast 5 games where you had 6+ CS/per minute" _and _ "Get a vision score of at least 60 per hour", while you are complaining about a non-indepth guide. Getting a mission that says get 6+csd is probably a worse way to learn league than reading a shallow guide, in my opinion. Might seem like I'm offensive, but no flame to be honest.
Maybe I said it the wrong way, I meant that it should be more interactive. it is easy to read a guide, but to actually do it in-game "can" be hard. Adding these kind om missions, maybe adding a link or short tip on why that is a good goal to achieve, will set a standard for what's to come. And it is a good accomplishment for new players, making it feel more rewarding to improve and learn. > "Might seem like I'm offensive, but no flame to be honest." Nothing wrong with a opinion{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Game freeze
Thank god I'm not the only one. Sadly I dropped a tier because of it{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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: If the Guinsoo's Rageblade changes go live...
Does that mean Last Whisper get's a change too?
: Changes to Honor Eligibility for End of Season Rewards
This is wrong. It's is known since the honor update, that whoever breaks the rules and does not achieve said honor, they would not receive their end-season rewards. Stay consistent.
: That would be the worst deal in the history of LOL. 10K for a key.... lol
Well 100k for a refurbished warwick skin in the Essence Emporium ain't the best deal either.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Cedo (EUW)
: Riots Game Damaging Actions Towards Trolling Inting and Toxicity
It's funny, I see 100, maybe even more. posts about people being banned because of toxicity, but I never see anything about a ban caused by Inting/Trolling. The real question is, why are the options Inting/AFK in the report menu there, if they clearly don't work.
MrWaffle (EUNE)
: Got bored, don't need acc any more
Change password, smash the keyboard, copy ur new password to confirm it. It will still be yours and if you really want to play again you could just make a new password and tadaa. Never sell it
: When does the next season start?
It usually starts around the 2nd patch of January. This season started the 23rd
: kassadin
He can R more than 13 times(if played with pressence of mind). But he's weak in laning phase, anything with a stun/root/charm can shut him down during laning phase. In time fights he's next useless, unless the enemy team positions itself badly. Since Kassadin can just pick off your backline. One stun get's the job done against him. The only thing I do find funny is how tear works with Kassadin's W. It costs no mana, an AA with W refunds mana. But yet with Tear, he gets a stack upon pressing W. But I guess that has to do with the 1 mana cost on W.
: I have finished Play Like Pros III and i didnt get the 800 blue essence reward
You get 800XP. And are added with the xp of the match you completed it with.
AlanIsPr0 (EUW)
: Interface Visibility toggles not working
This bug has been known for me since the 8.20 update. Reported it, but nothing has been fixed, so I hope they'll fix it with patch 8.21
: Graves W - Mikaels Bug
It doesn't cleanse the W's of Graves, Cassio, Singed, because of the AoE
: Marksman comparison
What's the problem, your adc can focus on multiple targets{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Bodö (EUW)
: I completely understand that but I literally didn't even have a chance to play the game during these 2 games, I was just helping a friend in placements who was gold 2 last season to get to gold 5 for the chromas then we get 2 games with diamonds, masters and challengers, my friend ended gold 4 which isn't bad but I've had a terrible experience playing these 2 games and they put me on a massive tilt.
That's the thing that got you there. If your friend was in promo's he'll face way better players and worse. And it's based on their flex MMR. In which the challenger was unranked, so he/she had her provisional too.
: Bring back the bad player report option
Did it happen in normal? If so, you are matched if equally skilled opponents.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: So you mean i was so toxic that i deserve a 14 days ban for that chat? Thats fair opinion, even tho i disagree to the fullest :)
Yes, there are far more worst examples. But than again, you've got a team to work with. Criticizing gives them no confidence to improve and prevent these mistakes. I hate it when I have a terrible game and someone starts to flame towards me. And it's not because of their insults. But it's about them giving me nothing to work with and improve.
: i hope you red my suggestion :)
It would be fun for the players who have that amount of money to spent. But I'd rather have that Riot would create a skin for players who have been (long-time)supporting the game, by purchasing RP/Skins etc. I think everyone who has been spending money in the game would love to get some appreciation. But hey, we can all dream! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: So fair 14 days ban? mabye soon permanently ban :D haha, to be honest i find this kinda funny. Nothing in the text suggest that i should be punished at all. Nothing real retaliation or flame or toxic behavior. Tok a fun trip into the board and watched what other was banned for and if you compair those with this then it is a huuuge difference
It's not always about what you say. But how you say it. Give the players advice on what they should(n't) do, instead of criticizing them without solution.
: How did I kill Velkoz??
You hit him with W/AA + stormrazor
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Karrimos (EUW)
: what for a normal human thing its stupid and the leaver buster needs to be sorted out because its ridiculous
Why? If you queue up, go in game, you're saying you're ready to play and should play.
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: Riot can you make something little for me?
We'll probably able to review our year in the cliënt, just like last year. I believe it was around december/januari last year, so I'll guess it'll be the same this year.
Nonstopre (EUW)
: Was i demoted to bronze?
1. Go toplane 2. Pick Nasus/Garen/Trynda 3. Profit That's how I managed to get out of that "Hell"
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: SO this is worlds?
I believe the further it get's the bigger the stage. Atleast what I can remember of last year.
eisenburg (EUW)
: Climbing up from Bronze
: How do you get people into league?
It would be a great mission to add. Invite a friend to LoL and let them get level 20. It's a problem on both sides. I think most new player start to play league, because a friend does, and he seems good. So they want to be the same(or better). I started playing during preseason 7. Thought it would be amazing to be on the same level as my friend(s). Soon realizing that I was completely shite at the game and would take me quite a while to get up to the same level, so I started playing for fun. Doing what I want while learning what's there to be learned. And I'm still learning, challenger's need to learn but so do I, the S4 noob who needs to git gud. And even with the shit balancing I got from level 15 till 25 I still kept playing, cause I had fun in what I was doing.(And I like it that people are so impressionable in game, that whatever you do could ruin their whole game). It's all about having fun, don't tell others it's a competitive game. Tell them it's fun and show them that, that mentality will keep the game fresh.(And tell them about /mute all). Show them you can play it the way you want it wether you team likes adc leblanc or not. Don't even bother thinking about matchmaking and how it could be better. 2 years on and I'm still thinking what went wrong. I made four accounts before I took my first attempt at ranked. Yet I'm still here. Just have fun, it is, and always will be a game.
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fivos007 (EUNE)
: Do something with kasilta
I thought she was able to switch her oathbound. Since you can buy your passive at the shop at al times for 0 coins.
Biophilic (EUW)
: Ah, thank you very much, it's not worth it to have both of them then. Cheers!
Marlifier (EUW)
: Mission problems being added to my list
There is a problem with it. Don't know how long it wil take to be fixed. But at the rate the problems seem to be occuring. The complete 35 worlds mission can't be completed.
: think it took me 5 months this season to get honor 5, only 2 months last season. they made it harder
It's not that it would be harder since the new Honor system was released during mid season. Correct me if I'm wrong
Chímatá (EUNE)
: Judge me! Short info check my match history and judge me! Name Chímatá.
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: Help with solo que
Go play normals and learn other the other roles. It sucks to not get your desired role. But everyone needs to face it.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I wish there was a minimize surrender button
There should be a key-binding for Yes/No votes and make it dissappear after it.
1nf1nitum (EUW)
: Line selecction on normal match
Or you play draft pick
: Petition for a minor Nunu and Willump mechanics change.
Can we also change that Sion can cast his E in ult? No.
: let me guess, cho gath player?
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