Lari (EUNE)
: No i m proud of my jokes no matter how bad they are :)
oh just go knead your stuffings {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Lari (EUNE)
: Dude it is a joke/ advice why can not you think out of the box? But i guess you have the Riot rules to follow :(
jokes are usually funny tho...
Lari (EUNE)
: no but you should "know your surroundings"
yeah and every time after that i ask him "where's the food" -_-
Lari (EUNE)
: %%% is misunderstood
of course, i missed a gank and the midlaner told me to kiss my sister...suuuuuuure
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Well it would be the adc's job to fight tanks. Unfortunately the situation right now is that: Adc's are so weak that they don't fill any role properly. Tanks are where they should be. Assassins are too strong, so instead of killing carries -> being defeated by fighters & tanks, they just kill everything. The reason it never gets balanced, is because instead of solving tanks when assassins are nerfed, they buff assassins instead of adc's. ----> you have a class that can kill everything, and has little to no counters ----> You have a useless class that is best at nothing, and no real role in the game ----> you have one class that can be played, but isn't filling it's actual job.
yeah, they aren't doing a particular good job at balancing lately...
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Eh.. He is hard to play, but the fact is that other assassins are way stronger atm. Not that, I don't think Shaco should be buffed, but that other assassins should be nerfed. A lot.
yeah but every time someone says "nerf assassins" everyone starts to freak out about the tank meta -_-
: Right now Shaco is weak...
shaco isn't weak, he is HARD TO PLAY, that's different. you need to know where to use your Q and where to place boxes, do that wrong and you risk sending the opponent under his own tower.
: > [{quoted}](name=MirirPaladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4bUFgLUA,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-17T21:26:17.364+0000) > > because giving her AoE true damage doesn't make her an hyper carry, it makes her a time bomb. after level 16 there is no counter to her because, you know, TRUE damage. change it to magic damage (maybe %max HP) and she would still be a late game champion but at least she would make sense I did an in-depth calculation on this in another Nerf Kayle thread an basically changing her true damage to magic damage would not be noticable versus squishy targets with some MR (e.g. ADC with QSS or Maw) and it would enable tanks to live about 2 AA's longer which is less then one second (at 3500 HP 250 Armor 200 MR and 3,5 item kayle). Those calculation were for AP Kayle though and it seems that AD-Crit Kayle with Trinity Force is the way to go. Since the True Damage can crit, that shifts the calculations. The bottomline, however, is that taking away her True Damage wouldn't do as much as one might think and it's definitely not super broken.
again, i just suggested a change, how that change is implemented (or how much of that change is) it's up to riot. as for now, kyle is a permaban in my games because i don't like having to win a game before ONE of the enemies reaches level 16 or be doomed to lose it.
Shamose (EUW)
: > take that away and she would be ok as And how do you know this?
because giving her AoE true damage doesn't make her an hyper carry, it makes her a time bomb. after level 16 there is no counter to her because, you know, TRUE damage. change it to magic damage (maybe %max HP) and she would still be a late game champion but at least she would make sense
Leakor (EUNE)
: Nerf kayle
they will probably wait until they release a 1820 skin for both her and morgana then they will nerf her
Shamose (EUW)
you can have a hyper carry without true damage, take that away and she would be ok as, so far, she is the only one with free AoE true damage
LuCilL3 (EUW)
: Remove the autofilled mode on jungle and midlane roles.
dude, do you know how many "don't worry, i carry, i'm main!" end up losing my games?
Häxel (EUW)
: Fiora w can block everything too, even Cc. And countercc you.
not good with her but as far as i know only does that in a line, jax does it all around so while she might still block abilities she can only stun you if you are in front of her
: I know the meta build is to max one of damage stances based on what you want (tiger for an ad build or for PvP, Phoenix for farming or on hit/ap builds), the bear and turtle based on what you need more. Ultimately it’s up to you, and there’s arguments for maxing any stance first (bear for high mobility teams, turtle for difficult match ups), it’s one of the things uydr’s kit lets him do, he’s able to build almost any way and you can do what you like with at least some success... there’s very few bad ways to play him.
i max bear first because i use aftershock on him (and shield bash) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Attack speed lowered, and W damage lowered. Makes the attack speed build a lot less efficient to do... though they reckon they went OTT with it so she’s getting a few buffs later
: Don’t forget it wasn’t too long ago that the meta was to max Phoenix first... uydr tends to switch between Phoenix and tiger depending on the meta, as ganks are favoured over power farming the jungle uydr specs for PvP rather than PvE, aka tiger stance... but during feral flare or devourer metas he always went Phoenix.
i personally go bear -> turtle -> phoenix -> tiger, then max bear, then tiger, then turtle but that's just me and i'm not that good with udyr (shame since i have his spirit guard skin and wanted to use him and rank him up)
Evidence (EUNE)
: Jax is imune to auto atacks,while kayle is imune to everything,pls consider that tho.
yeah but jax stuns everyone while kayle deals damage, plus hers is an ultimate while jax's is up way more often
harbleu (EUW)
: Is Riot going to ignore Udyr forever?
yep, he has no mobility, high damage (but only 1v1) and his "unique" ultimate is basically useless as nobody goes phoenix 5 (there is no need to as bear and tiger are a must and turtle gives you sustain).
: Udyr? What kind of minion are you talking about?
hard to miss, it's the super minion who stays in base all the time {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: They literally hotfixed her on hit build two days ago. She will get another tone down in the next patch. The fact they did a mid patch hotfix means they know shes broken as f
what was the fix? i literally discovered this strat right now XD
: Nerf On-Hit Neeko
Still me, i wanted to point out that in your last match you were vlad and, despite not being an optimal build, going FULL TANK in that situation could have saved you since you convert bonus HP into AP (spirit's visage, thornmail, dead men's, warmog) i want to see what neeko can do to you in THAT situation
: Jax rework based on Kayle rework
he is not hitting you with his lamp
: Nerf On-Hit Neeko
then we should nerf vayne top too EDIT: also, you were building no magic resist, wit's end deals magic damage, her passive deals magic damage you only had zhonya. i get it, it's hard to build against these guys but if you pay close attention, SHE has no defenses either
Kibel (EUNE)
: Chromas for Victorious Skins
if they added chromas for past vicxtorious skins then they would need to make the skins purchasable for everyone (to maximize profits) and that would make the whole theme meaningless
: cant log in
same, are they bringing clash back?
: So when are tank stats actually getting buffed?
look, i get it, the problem is: league isn't overwatch. you don't have 6 people going against 6 more people in a big teamfight at the start, for the first 10-15 minutes, you are alone. this means a "tank" needs to be able to deal damage from minute 1 AND take damage from minute 1. buffing them too much results in things like old ornn, that dealt damage while building just defenses. Balancing tanks is harder than balancing assassins because those guys can be killed (let's not get into the whole "hitting them" argument tho) so you could buff tank stats but you would need to nerf their damage considerably, thus relegating all tanks as supports because top and jungle would be impossible to be played as a tank. still, i hope they will find a way to fix this that doesn't involbe giving true damage to everyone
Mada (EUW)
: Don't make me tax your opinion!
Mada (EUW)
: But it might be connections to the server might be taxed
dude, if the africans are using the europe servers despite not bing in the EU, i'm pretty sure the UK will do the same
Ahries (EUW)
: Yeah, there's literally nothing you can do if Kayle is there. While my spell is on cd I just get melted lmfao. Had a match, where we needed 4 man to just kill Kayle and 2 of us died for it. She wasn't fed either, it's just a point of no return.
exactly. but we all know how this will go, she will be like this for a few more days then Riot will "suddenly realize" that THE CHAMPION WITH FREE AoE TRUE DAMAGE is a tad OP and they will nerf her (too much). THEN they will "suddenly realize" that the now nerfed Kayle isn't played anymore and they will buff her again (too much, usually with a new skin in the works) then nerf her get the idea.
smolboii (EUW)
: I got my main acc banned bcs i said it. First i got a 14 day restriction and then i got it banned. ( I was a toxic piece of sh*t and i deserved the ban pretty well ) thankfully im reformed now
Ahries (EUW)
: Think you forgot the Kayle's late game no counter melt away. :D
i can confirm that, i was kayle jungle with conqueror and had an HELLISH game, they almost won (2 inhibs down on us) but my team managed to give me enough farm to get to level 16, i went from 1/7/1 to 10/12/10 in 6 minutes
VoidLaser (EUW)
: You forget that they are meant to shred tanks, otherwise, there would be almost no counterplay against tanks and that would mean that a tank meta will be very likely, and you're playing Darius, his ult deals true damage too, I could be wrong on that one though.
they could simply introduce more %armor/MR shred items or give them %HP damage instead of true damage, there are other ways
: Yes, because this true dmg without counter isn't healthy ...
true damage should be something special. i get it, there are champions like master yi that can deal 50 TD + a small % of his bonus AD but in order to do so he needs to use an ability and only deals that damage on AA for 5 seconds (plus the timer still goes if he uses his Q to evade damage) and after that he loses hi bonus AD from the passive. Garen deals true damage to the one that has more kills, darius needs a full stack of bleeding and cho has it on his ult. You know what they all have in common? they are single target. Between conqueror and Kayle's AoE attacks you can potentially whipe out 3-4 enemies without breaking a sweat. Also there CAN'T be a counter to true damage and there SHOULDN'T be as that would make true damage meaningless. I really hope they change this soon
: True dmg
or make it %HP (missing or max, don't care) hybrid (half physical half magic) so it's still hard to build against and makes the champion "late game" but doesn't F-up the meta
Grjóni G (EUNE)
: do you think there might be any posibility for a riot member to look over it or something?
nope, i checked 3 days in a row, the guy had been playing like nothing happened
: Kappa y s (Or commiting not alive) is banned on sight, unfortunately, the context doesn't matter, so be more careful what words you do quote.
that is actually bullcrap, i had one teammate say that exact same thing to me and even if i reported him, he was still playing 2 days later so, no, those 3 letters aren't banned on sight
RazerX (EUW)
: I don't see how RIOT needs to apologize for general female wear. I see women with a neckline like this all the time. It's just peiople feel the need to look for something to complain about to make their point. Most of those are SJWs that have made it their life's work to judge others based on nothing.
RazerX (EUW)
: Vaevictis eSports all female roster
those girls are allowed to go against pros because Rito wants diversity points, screw respecting the other pro teams, Politically correctness is the important stuff. I honestly feel bad for vaevictis, it's not the players' fault if riot is a shitty company
: Kayle players, what is your opinion on her kit?
remove the true damage at level 16 or half the value of the true damage
: Being reported for trying your best...
it's the same reason i'm opting out of normal matches lately and only doing bot matches since i'm having a REALLY bad streak lately (i think i'm on my way to depression if this keeps up -_- ). This game punishes you if you play badly, period. By this i mean that, if you are not snowballing and are dying a lot, you cant do anything but try a surrender vote (and we all know that there is always that premade of 2 that goes "NEVER SURRENDER" even if the game is 1 to 25) if you try to fight back and, with the enemy being fed, die, you are feeding (reported); if you DON'T fight and decide not to help the enemy get more gold/exp, you are throwing the match and are being toxic (reported); if you disconnect, you are afk (reported). And pray to whatever god you worship that you don't end up with the wombo-combo: premade that refuses to surrender on your team AND enemy team that wants to drag the match as long as possible
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Stop buying this recolored skins it's all chroma. Prestige is just simple name to fool you
Well i agree with you but, after all, i'm just human. so when the bonus RP were still a thing, i did it. i bought that golden beauty for aatrox as it's by far the best skin he has, all shiny and golden i HAD to have it for myself {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Billion dollar company....
it mostly depends on whom answers your tickets. there are some swell gals and guys there but some of them are...a bit on the slow end
: It is a SUPER common mistake, because the concept of lethality sounds like it's good at bypassing armour, but the stats math out differently. I thought the same for the longest time until I actually looked the stats up on the wiki. Easy true damage is a bit of a problem atm, though access to true damage is what's keeping brawlers in toplane afloat(unless patches over the last year have buffed all of them to a good spot). I'd rather have super strong brawlers than go back to full out tank meta, that was horrific. Finding a better alternative is a little difficult, since conquerer has always been a bandaid fix(though it is a little weaker now). I think giving champs better base stats on tankiness and making tank items a lot harder to get, or adding a runes that counter bonus armour and MR(maybe not in the same rune) could help a bit.
well, they could add some %max HP damage and make it so it deals magic damage (if the user is physical) and vice versa, making the user hybrid or add more %resistance penetration items (mainly armor)..oh...and stop making champions like ornn and malph that deal damage scaling on their armor XD
: I agree with you on that tho...conqueror being added was a mistake because like you said all they had to was give PTA %damage if tanks where starting to get really good or make it give %adaptive pen..
yeah, there are a lot of ways to make champions "late game champs" without spamming true damage
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: To be honest that rune has only 2 states: Busted or useless. So, yhea, it won't work. It's proven time and time again that too much true damage unbalances the game hard. And Riot does not listen, or even look in the past.
my feelings exactly. but, apparently, i lost a lot of games so i'm permanently in the wrong {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: My only issue with those champions is that they're "late game champions" yet they can freely bully most champions in lane with they're kits allowing them to play the laning phase without much concern and if they get fed they can 1vs5
which is why i say "no more true damage" the precision tree was good as it was, PtA was for damage oriented champions, FF for sustain and LT for attack speed champs. Conqueror gives stats, a damage buff and heals, why they made it is beyond me
: Actually the new conqueror is such a bait it's not even funny. The previous version of conqueror made it an assassin rune believe or not because you had to wait for the 5 or 4 seconds in combat an than on your first auto you'd get 20% true damage allowing champions like jax or riven or irelia to almost 1 combo you at the first levels. The new version is only good if you're able to proc it fast and MAINTAIN it meaning it's only viable for champions with low cds that can keep it active or auto attack champions like yasuo or jax for example.
because yasuo and jax really needed something to make them more cancerous
: The odd thing I've noticed is that, looking on your, until a few days ago, you were spamming Conqueror on almost every single match, and actually not performing very well. Then in your most recent match vs human players (last 2 games were vs bots) you got stomped by a Nasus with conqueror, who used it successfully (you even mention him in your OP), and you come here to complain about it... There's always going to be stronger runes than others, in the sense that they can be abused by a lot of champions. Remember DH Karthus? Remember HoB Jhin? Conqueror is not a problem. There are always mechanics that can be abused, and in comparison Conq is not that bad. And even before runes reforged, there were still certain runes and setups that were abused. I'd stop trying to blame Riot for your deaths/losses, if I were you, and focus more on playing the game and getting better.
ah yes, i lost matches therefor i'm not allowed to say anything. tell me something, does show you the whole match? does it show you WHY i lost those matches? True, i used conqueror and, at first, it was ok. then i met people that weren't idiots. they started camping me, preventing me from farming. my team started taking my jungle because "you are behind, you don't need it" quickly followed by "useless jungle, you never help". so tell me, why does losing matches make me unworthy of complaining about a trend that is just going to damage the game long term?
: Lethality is very ineffective against tanks. Tanks actually counter it because they outscale it easily. The max lethality any champion can have is 74, this will reduce armour of the target by 74armour at level 18 for a given attack. You can get 75 armour with just a Sunfire Cape and Cloth Armour. A single item and cheap component would counter the absolute cheesiest full lethality build at endgame. Lethality is more about being able to delete squishy champions easier and safer. It's an assassin stat. To counter tanks, you want % armour reductions and %HP damage. Like a Lord Dominiks and Black Cleaver or even a BotRK, orrr ideally you want some true damage. mean to tell me i used it WRONG this entire time? D: oh crap i feel dumb now...still, the true damage isn't something that should be given for free like that :\
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Runes should be removed completely. They are changed in every patch, so riot provably can't balance them. Would also make balancing the champs easier.
seriously tho, the least they could do is remove true damage for everyone
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