Ôttô (EUW)
: I don't know. I have one mission left and the is "the second attack". But I have already completed "The final attack".
They might be separate because they're not (part X of X), but I'm not sure. I'm not Riot so I won't have all the answers. I'd say they are related but not restricted, as in you can complete the X Attack ones in any order, but they are related lore-wise (if that makes sense).
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: For braum i use domination+inspiration tree. Tends to make him a bit stronger. As for sõna...I use the same build as janna: Tank, with aftershock, font of life, revitalize and conditioning(Or if full ad, iron skin, full ap the magic resist rune). Get first defensiive item, then supportive, then second defensiive then supportive defensiive(usually locket)
Do you run Inspiration as the main tree, or Domination? I don't see a Domination keystone running well on Braum, but I might be out of touch :/ I'm definitely looking into building more tanky on Sona, as I'm a tank player myself and are more comfortable on them. I'll have to do some tuning and testing, I hope I can find something that works ^-^
: I don't think you should nerf tank supports or "regular" supports because they already have too weak of a role in general. Think about it, tanks like Leona, Kench, Alistar, yes they do become immortal in the late game, but only if they actually get to the late game - and they cannot get fed themselves. So while you can carry your game, get fed, and push your team to victory, somebody who plays support, regardless of how good, depends entirely on the brains of their adc and hopes that nobody else will feed. Plus, nobody would want to play support if you render their role insignificant. It's already hard enough to climb as a support, and they are greatly under-appreciated, so why would anybody bother... That being said, mage supports are very strong, but ufortunately, they are the only way a support can actually make an impact in the bot lane. I just started playing Lux as somebody told me to switch to mages, and I had a 10 win streak. And what can Leona do if her adc doesn't even bother to avoid Lux's stuns? Nothing. From what I can see, you don't really play tank supports. Regardless of your elo, play one game with it and see how weakless you'll feel when you go vs mage, get stuck with a terrible adc, or just watch your top feeding over and over. Only then can you tell support players that they need to have less impact. As for the gold, you need to take into consideration everything. You cannot just make adc items more expensive, because that will make them easy targets by lets say mages. So if you have Syndra or Ahri mid with 3 items, while you have 2, MAYBE 2 if you are not lagging behind, what's stopping that mid mage from going bot and just destroying the lane the first chance it gets? Even worse if the adc is going against a mage support, there is no way they could push that lane. It's all about the balance, you can't nerf just one thing or just one role without finding the way to compensate for what you're taking. Not meaning to offend you personally, but for a diamond player, some of your ideas sound like you're just mad and want to make weaker something you kept losing from instead of looking for ways to learn and counter.
THANK YOU. Tank supports have a really weak early game imo, as I think pretty much all tank supports are melee into a range or double range matchup. Just allows for too much poke. Also the fact that some forms of damage and CC can't be blocked by body-blocking (Lux Q, Lux E, as you've mentioned with Lux), you're heavily dependent on your ADC to be successful in the early game. Season 6, I played Braum in ranked and did just fine. When I try to pick up Braum now, he just feels super weak in the laning phase. Same with Sona, spamming Sona games the past 2 days have made me realise how weak she is in terms of HP and defensive stats. She gets a heal, sure, but that's mana you're spending. Mana isn't infinite. Having the HP/Armour/Magic Resist runes of old will surely help me, I know that much. I'm thankful that support gold generation actually exists. You're not getting gold from killing minions, you have to poke the enemy, secure it with a limited relic charge or passively gain it through a small coin mini-game. Mage supports have built-in poke (from being midlaners most of the time), and thus have an easy time collecting gold using Spellthief's Edge. If OP said towers were a joke, I'd agree with them. However, they brought up things that aren't actually a problem (Lord help us if we actually get some useful MR items besides Adaptive Helm), so I'm glad to see sense here.
Ôttô (EUW)
: Was I the only one that got all the missions at the same time? I had like 10 missions at the same time earlier this day
I had maybe 5 listed at the same time in the missions tab. Some unlock after doing certain ones, I believe (such as part 2 unlocking after doing part 1). Don't quote me on that though.
Smerk (EUW)
: Don't want to be that guy, but https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-lunar-revel-2018-event but they didn't show "secret" missions, so your info is a bit more complete
I didn't know that webpage existed, woops :P Thanks for showing me it though ^-^
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No problem ^-^ I knew someone would have to do it eventually (so many missions, man), so I decided to do it, seeing as I've been grinding for it :P
Rioter Comments
Gebba (EUW)
: A little thing to keep in mind of not to get ahead of yourself [Year in review]
I agree that the graph is unrealistic when comparing different elos vs your own personal scores. I almost solely play Sejuani when jungling, and that gives me bloated dmg mitigated and a slight increase in KDA (you die less if you can't take damage :^) ). My DMG mitigated is nearly 13k above the challenger average simply because of the champion(s) I play. It was a nice graph to look upon though. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 100% loss rate against Skarner ;__;
I have a 100% loss rate to Corki, I think I've only seen him once or twice in games. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: > I was happy to pick up AstroNautilus, as I needed a skin for him. yeah, I love that skin. I missed out on it when it was recently for sale.
I'd say it's the best Nautilus skin currently out there, so I'm happy that AstroNautilus was the one to appear in my shop ^-^
: Pretty sure you can't get Traditional Sejuani anyway it was given to players who had her before the changes just like traditional trundle and Karma which I own all 3 of the only Traditional skin you can buy was lee sin
Traditional Sejuani is simply a vaulted skin at this point. It was in my personal shop last Christmas, but sadly, I wasn't interested in League then so ignored it like an idiot :/ (Friend also got it from a Hextech Chest on PBE, for further proof :P )
: Snowdown store :)
My shop consists of: Star Guardian Janna -60% Winter Wonder Lulu -50% AstroNautilus -40% Fnatic Gragas -60% Arclight Vayne -30% Barbecue Leona -60% While I'm pretty bummed that the final Sejuani skin I need (Traditional Sejuani) isn't there, I was happy to pick up AstroNautilus, as I needed a skin for him. In terms of the others, I have a skin for Janna, a couple for Lulu (probably will pick up WW, because it's legacy), I don't play Gragas, I don't play enough Vayne atm to warrant a skin, and I have a few for Leona already. It was a decent shop, just didn't contain what I was looking for.
Phrase (EUW)
: one of yo champs got nerfed
You simply do what every Sejuani main did after she got butchered (pre-tank update), just cry about it endlessly. It works... A little :^) (A Sejuani Main ;-; )
Rioter Comments
: I'd hate to be normal. Maybe its because I have a very supportive husband who says that since having met me and learning how to navigate the many twists, turns and tangents our conversations take, he finds talking to normal people boring. My coping methods? To de-stim myself I pace up and down in a quiet room with some headphones in listening to music. When I'm inconsolable my husband hands me the one true cure...Jon-Jon the Pigeon! Yeah, we rescue Pigeons and this little guy has decided I'm his mate. He knows when I'm upset and is very protective of me. When we moved 300 miles to Scotland a few months ago it was very stressful, when we finally got to our new place I was very tired and cold. I pretty much collapsed on the floor. Johnny let Jon-Jon out who started patrolling up and down my body and grunting. We recently lost one of our Chickens, hell we just cremated her today and hes been so strong for me and my husband. https://imgur.com/cdzJTY8
Oh my god, Jon-Jon is so cute :o I often use music to chill and also pump myself up. Music can be magical for that, especially when out in public where there's a lot of stimuli at the same time. Head down, earphones in and you're good to go. That's how it pans out for me :P
: Autism that wasn't diagnosed until I was 16. I have sensory overloads that are much like seizures. My Autism causes bipolar-esque mood swings. I struggle with feelings of inadequacy and suicidal thoughts.
My Autism wasn't diagnosed until 16 as well, but now that I know about it, my whole life makes perfect sense. I'm pretty fortunate to not have a strong case of Autism, but I do sometimes get emotional overloads and social anxiety. I used to have huge outbursts of rage and anger, but I have managed to quell them over time and the amount of damage I do to my room is pretty much 0. It's nice to see someone else with Autism around, despite it being not that nice of a thing to have (Oh how I wish to be "normal"). I'd quite like to learn about your coping methods for things, as mine are pretty delusional in a way. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Ornn's passive: minor bug reports
Ornn's passive has a tooltip that says consumables (wards, potions, etc) are not able to be forged using his passive. I guess having them grayed out would make sense, but could stir confusion in some players.
CS Primo (EUW)
: Adjust Morellonomicon,create one ap path item which will apply grievous wounds?
I get what you're saying, but Morello is powerful in itself and I'm not sure if it would need this sort of change. (Mortal Reminder, not Lord Dominic's Regards btw ;) )
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Epic Capsules/Great Orbs?
The Epic capsule also has the chance for Neo PAX Sivir, as far as I am aware. Definitely will be a more sought after skin due to the original PAX Sivir skin being super rare.
Rioter Comments
: Replay + Sejuani Bug (Warning, play on low volume)
The Sejuani "bug" is not a bug, it's a feature. The bola has to become "empowered" by travelling a certain distance before it creates the storm area. Correct me if I somehow am wrong, -A Sejuani main ^-^ (That sound is horrible, no clue what's creating it)
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Eveninn (EUW)
: I like my shop. .-.
Your shop looks pretty cool, especially the Janna and Orianna skins. Mine, unfortunately, didn't come with anything I'd super desire. I was hoping for Traditional Sejuani (missed the short window recently, plus it was there last time the shop was up), but I instead ended up with 4 epic skins for champions I really don't play. Not to be down on it, but I was really looking forward to getting my final Sejuani skin :c Deep Sea Nami and Slayer Jinx are great, I will probably pick them up... Just not what I desired. You win some, you lose some. Maybe next year .-. (It means I can spend my extra RP on one of the rare icons :^) )
: >I'm probably being dumb, sorry No you hit the nail on the head, he will have 10 secs to reach the full bonus
Ah, okay. I thought it would be like that but I might have been thinking too much into it. Oh well =^-^=
TTekkers (EUW)
: I was about to reply with words to the effect of _"but it's not the same!"_. Thankfully I realised how that would look, that by extension I had the mindset of a spoiled 12 year old kid. I guess sometimes you just need someone else to help you realise that you're an idiot ... Thanks man.
No problem dude, I'm always happy to try and help others sort out their issues =^-^=
TTekkers (EUW)
: The thing is, I agree with every word you just said. Just in the moment, when I'm the one staring down the barrel of a bloody bazooka put there by my teammate's screw-ups, while they flame me for not being able to dash 3 screen lengths to join the fight and then one shot whoever they're looking at whilst taking no damage and protecting them from any retaliation, I kinda snap ... The weird thing is, I'm fine once mid-game rolls in, it's just laning phase.
If I'm playing top lane, I can get super, super salty. That also dies down during mid-game. I guess it's just a mindset thing, you just have to learn to ignore the negativity (pretty hard, I know), and just focus on surviving the laning phase without giving too much away to the enemy. Even if your team gives everything to them, you can still keep yourself in tact. Had a game with a jungle Elise who gave every double buff away to the enemy. Myself as a mid lane Ahri had to kill the enemies to get my blue. It ended up working out. We lost (sadly), but my 12/1/9 score with a S grade tells me that I tried my hardest, despite the outcome. =^-^=
Tarolock (EUW)
: lol good one
TTekkers (EUW)
: Rage-Quits
There's no method of controlling what your team mates do. All you can do is give calm and accurate advice of what to do, trying to make it as informative and solid as you can. Some may not listen and tell you to "F*ck off", but you can't help that. Everyone is their own person with their own mind. League of Legends is just a game. It's a time investment, yes, but it's one you willingly made. Regardless of the outcome, you yourself chose to sign up to it, so seeing it through till the end of the match should be what you do. Rage quitting isn't a solution to anything, you just run away from failure. Sorry buddy, I can't let bad behaviour slip by =^-^=
: yes
That would most likely be the reason why. There were several posts and mentions of restricting season rewards, regarding those who had shown toxic behaviour or negative playstyle (namely scripting and stuff). Basically, people who were banned for 14 days in Season 6 had their rewards removed. A chat ban that wasn't removed by the time of a certain date also removed a person's season rewards (I think). Sorry =^-^=
: How riot approve 'toxic' and 'negative' gameplay
> [{quoted}](name=Th3gr8Cornholio,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZkEiA6Vs,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-04T13:29:54.458+0000) > It's all psychological Not to be mean, but you're right. It's all in your head buddy.
: Hey mate, thanks for asking the questions :) > Sorry if anything I said was hurtful, I'm trying to be nice =^-^= Fully aware and you're entitled to a opinion, so don't worry. Also Q true damage slashed in half. > Also, the description of the Passive is confusing. Does it keep going endlessly? What if Vak' Shura doesn't have an ability on cool down as the Passive comes back up? Will it wait until there's one on cool down? Can other abilities be cast within the 10 second and add onto the counter for AP? So many questions :P >Passive - Gaze into the Beyond - For each ability on cool down, capping at four, Vak’ Shura gains 10+ AP for the next ten seconds, twenty seconds cool down period. Ok, so Vak' Shura's passive **CAPS** at four, as he has four spells, he can only have a maximum of +40 AP. This means that the effect will last for 10 seconds, as a static effect, it's not dynamic. So what is a Dynamic effect? A dynamic effect is a constantly changing effect. >Can other abilities be cast within the 10 second and add onto the counter for AP? Now you've caught me out here, how do you mean other abilities? I assume you mean allies as well can grant him AP and no that would be silly broken xD >My last comment is the second part of Vak' Shura's E ability. Having a 0.5 second snare is fine, but moving them to where you want? That's going too far. For what description you've given, Vak' Shura could teleport an enemy, at level 1, into your fountain if you land your E ability on them. Maybe add a short range on that ;) Now this was actually a typing error and I forgot to mention that it has a 1,100 range, same as amumu's bandage toss, thanks for pointing that out! :D >Something I forgot to say, but am too lazy to change my wording, is that the Passive ability on Vak' Shura's ultimate doesn't need to be a passive. It can be an extra line or two on the description of the ult, like with some other abilities that I can't name as it's late and I'm tired. It just looks better separate like this, that's literally the only reason why it's like that, pure preference. The arts not mine however there isn't a author so I can't credit. Thanks for asking the questions. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
> [{quoted}](name=REDEYE101,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=ye8kPAi9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-04T10:38:33.702+0000) > Now you've caught me out here, how do you mean other abilities? I assume you mean allies as well can grant him AP and no that would be silly broken xD That's not exaclty what I mean :P I mean that, once one spell of his goes on cooldown and the passive triggers, can your other spells stack on top of that initial trigger to grant the full bonus, or will you have to wait 30 seconds until you can trigger it again, but this time with more than 1 spell. A little bit hard to explain, but I hope you can understand me =^-^= Short example: Use Q once, passive activates. During 10 seconds, use E once. Does that add 10 AP onto the passive for the remainder of the duration, or will the E be ignored by the passive? ~~I'm probably being dumb, sorry~~
: Yag SI Nodnarb
Yag Si Nodnarb: well well Yag Si Nodnarb: hoping she gets ban Yag Si Nodnarb: there goes the 15 min ff Yag Si Nodnarb: just ff pls Yag Si Nodnarb: i won't waste another 3 mins of this Yag Si Nodnarb: next ff or afk Yag Si Nodnarb: so shut up dude i flamed her when she left Yag Si Nodnarb: u know what i afk now Yag Si Nodnarb: just cause u wanna ttrash Yag Si Nodnarb: u will lose no matter what now Yag Si Nodnarb: 97 lp anyways go %%% urself Yag Si Nodnarb: ok ff Yag Si Nodnarb: i am not playing this Yag Si Nodnarb: veigar Yag Si Nodnarb: do you farm at one pouint ? Yag Si Nodnarb: xd Yag Si Nodnarb: veigar mid and that kind of cs Yag Si Nodnarb: go to bed boy Yag Si Nodnarb: it is way past ur time Yag Si Nodnarb: that mastery is for %%% yes Yag Si Nodnarb: go to bed udyr Yag Si Nodnarb: past ur bed time kido Don't worry buddy, I've got your back. That's the main stand-out points shown in your chat logs for toxic behaviour =^-^=
: Vak' Shura, The Infinite
I'm not an expert on champions and balancing, but surely 120 true damage on the Q at level 1 is a bit... Overpowered? I wouldn't be sure how to implement it, but having scaling true damage per level of the Q would make it more enemy-friendly, at least to start with. Also, the description of the Passive is confusing. Does it keep going endlessly? What if Vak' Shura doesn't have an ability on cooldown as the Passive comes back up? Will it wait until there's one on cooldown? Can other abilities be cast within the 10 second and add onto the counter for AP? So many questions :P My last comment is the second part of Vak' Shura's E ability. Having a 0.5 second snare is fine, but moving them to where you want? That's going too far. For what description you've given, Vak' Shura could teleport an enemy, at level 1, into your fountain if you land your E ability on them. Maybe add a short range on that ;) Something I forgot to say, but am too lazy to change my wording, is that the Passive ability on Vak' Shura's ultimate doesn't need to be a passive. It can be an extra line or two on the description of the ult, like with some other abilites that I can't name as it's late and I'm tired. Sorry if anything I said was hurtful, I'm trying to be nice =^-^= ~~Is the art yours?~~
: Why exhaust nerf?
The exhaust nerf only affects the Attack Speed and Armour Reduction, and does not touch the Movement Speed Slow or the Damage reduction. Some of those champions listed are AP champions that do not require auto attacks. They will still feel the full effect of exhaust, so don't worry about that. For the AD champions, some of them are more reliant on skills, so the same applies to them as with the AP champions. AD Carries like Vayne won't see the reduced Attack Speed, which will actually give counter play to being exhausted. Vayne can still be caught easily, and won't apply the full damage. Don't you worry your little cotton socks about the nerf, it's only the small stuff that's being altered. =^-^=
Häxel (EUW)
: Help Information Purchased?
If you navigate around in the shop, you can find your account details including Purchase History. I believe you click the shop -> Click the small profile button -> Find Purchase History on the left hand side. I don't have League open currently, but see if you can find the information in your Purchase History. =^-^=
: make the game more strategy oriented and less kill oriented... it's ridiculous...
Hot damn there's no tl;dr in this thread, but that's not the point :P First off, the Assassin update. This brought a lot of things, with a lot of new mechanics (literal wall jumping) and new items (Mother fooking spell shields). Unlike the Mage update, which focused on the lesser played mages, the Assassin update had a larger focus on more played champions, such as Katarina and Rengar. Just like the release of Cinderhulk and Grasp of the Undying, this has shifted the meta in a huge way. Old champions are picking up new items, new champions are being showcased and so forth. Hell, even "I'll pick up this Manamune" Varus is building full lethality. It's a real pain. Secondly, it's 3am and I have no idea who I am, or what I'm doing at all. You don't have to take anything I say to heart, or at any varying degree of seriousness you see fit. Thirdly, addressing the tank meta. Gone were the days of Sion cheeses, and the unkillable tree that is the awfully cute Meowkai. Nowadays, tank roles are more of a stale sort of cheese, one that's very frigid and doesn't shape much. Staple tanks like Meowkai =^-^= and Malphite would remain the same if Meowkai didn't get nerfed. Now he's garbage, but oh well :P If you fear the tank meta, then you may fear the upcoming Tank update. My beloved Sejuani was the first confirmed rework and I sure as hell am scared. Putting less power on ult? Bad. Putting more power on other abilities? I'd like to see what they do. All we know is that tanks will change, and they may get tankier. Fourthly, just the mention of the name Jax triggers me to the nth dimension. Too much "random" URF has taught me not to face a Jax in it. Other than that, he can be shut down so your point is correct. Fifthly, is that even a word? Fifthly, come on. Anyway, the topic of OP champions. Fiora is a lane bully, designed to give the opposite laner a hard time. If the opposite laner plays like a bonobo (like a friend of mine), then the Fiora will get ahead, that's a given. With the way bruisers are now, they can build tanky and damage at the same time. Is this a problem? Idk, I never play against them. Also, a triple or quadra just by not messing up your skills is generally how you get triples or quadras. If you mess up your skills, you won't get kills. If you do your combo, you get kills. Example: Annie Flash + Tibbers into a W with Q to pick up fleeing enemies. That's a combo, and getting the stun on Tibbers sets up kills. Lastly, it seems sixthly isn't a word. Shame. I have plenty of experience as an "OP Tank" having a tough time against an ADC. Caitlyn, Jhin and Ashe give me the hardest times, too many slows and such range. I am but a mere woman on a boar, I cannot go into your face with Mr. Alistar down my throat ;) ADCs are weak in health, yes. They are able to get burst by Zed from the other side of the map, yes. However, having a reliable support with enough CC/peel to protect the ADC is what helps an ADC thrive. I have 1v1ing ADCs that I can't get in the face of, because I will always lose. ADCs are ranged, and that's how they should be played. If you're near their front line, you're probably doing at least one thing wrong. Saying your logic is not wrong is a bit ambitious, buddy. Try looking from other views, instead of blocking them. I can't find the Big Hero 6 quote about new angles and that's annoying me. Low ELO or not, you can have the brains but not the brawn. I reached Gold 5 last season, but that's just my mechanics and a bit of knowledge about when to fight, when to engage and a bit of "Fck it". Just because my mechanics are rusty and made of copper, doesn't mean my brain is solid steel. Think about what the role is, not just the champions behind them. Some can do the role better, but that doesn't stop others from joining in the role. **tl;dr** The distinct lake of tl;dr on the main post is noticeable. Also, take your mind out of your box and look from another view. <Insert Big Hero 6 quote> Annnd, I've joined the Wall of Text club. Have fun reading =^-^= _meow_
Swain and Garen see very little play, so there will be times that one overpowers the enemy team. That is usually due to lack of knowledge of how to play against them. If done properly, a Swain or Garen can be taken down by team coordination. They have no escape and little mobility, so running them down shouldn't be an issue. Instead of calling nerfs, figure out how to counter them and you should be fine and dandy ^-^
IshaBiceps (EUNE)
One solution is to go into your Riot Games files and delete the alpha client launcher (Local Disk -> Riot Games -> Scroll down a bit (for me anyway)). It's the one that has the new logo on it (so much help, I know). Then run lol<dot>launcher and it should reinstall and fix things. That is, if you encountered the same problem I faced before.
JhinsBaby (EUNE)
: gimme 210 blue essence
If you have 1700IP, you can buy a Mystery Champion Shard (Store -> Accessories) which may give you the essence you need to craft Gnar ^-^
: [GALIO REWORK COMING SOON!!!] The Hour of Need
Maybe I'll put those 2 skins of mine to use if it turns out to be a Galio rework. ~~The wings look so cool~~
Akali: She just recently got changed and is still being adjusted, so chill for a while. She was rarely picked, and still seems that way. Draven: Draven has been the same for a long while, from what I know. You let him scale, and he'll deal damage. Nasus: This one is easy- Just don't let him stack. Stacks give extra damage, so less stacks mean less damage. Twitch: Recently got buffed due to weaknesses and lack of play, although the lack of play can be disputed. Irelia: Irelia has only had minor touches now and then, although I believe she got gutted either this year or last year. Better nerf Irelia :^) Brand: AP burst mage, nuff said. Darius: There's a lot of negative views of the Juggernaut update, which the new Darius came from. He does seem to do damage, maybe a lot of it. Shyvana: Shyvana just got a change and is still being tweaked. Same thing with Akali- wasn't picked much. Sorry ^-^;
Husker (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Twintail Glaceon,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=NnVkvq9a,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-08-05T13:55:24.622+0000) > > Well, it looks like you&#x27;ve joined the right team. Well done and lets win for the underdogs! Everyone on my team except for Riot Draggles is team instinct. Marking my territory! http://imgur.com/a/TtOdX
Teach Draggles to not mess with Team Instinct!
Husker (EUW)
: Which team are you on Pokemon GO?
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Husker,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=NnVkvq9a,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-05T12:00:41.485+0000) > I'm Team Instinct Well, it looks like you've joined the right team. Well done and lets win for the underdogs!
Rioter Comments
: supporting 101
While your pain is understandable, those "statistics" are far off. I know they're not meant to be real and just a representation, but it just rubs me off the wrong way. -A ranked support main in gold ^-^
Eveninn (EUW)
: Dear boards, I'm addicted.
http://i.imgur.com/vWXDPdY.jpg Sejuani > Lux (EDIT: Fixed!)
Riddarn (EUNE)
: It's his new passive. It interrupts all of his taunts.
It stops anything (Not spells), even idle animations, after 5 seconds of not moving from a spot. Gives me the chills every time.
Swittz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Twintail Glaceon,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=HAQHfzlY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-01T17:59:13.799+0000) > > The only thing I can note about this is that the damage on ARAM being attempted to be replicated on Summoner&#x27;s Rift is skewed. You&#x27;re trying to replicate the damage of a rank 5 Sejuani Q vs a rank 1 Sejuani Q at level 1. Also, 30 AP vs 0 AP. Scalings, bruh. > > Also, the weird animations might be because of spaghetti code, or just the game being its unique, weird self. What? doesn't matter, I don't think you want to have a {{champion:113}} being able to deal double damage off her Q with {{item:1414}} +{{item:3001}} .
I'm just saying about what I saw in the video during the replication of just a standard Sejuani Q. With myself being a Mastery 7 Sejuani partial main, I haven't come across this kind of bug.
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