: Ok so far, my feedback.
This all depends on what you consider to be "flaming". If they're just being obnoxious and telling you to get cancer and all that garbage, mute. If they're calling you out for being legitimately bad at the game after you've inted, it doesn't constitute flaming imo. Before you go competitive at anything, make sure you're not terrible at it. If you go 0/10 in a ranked game, yeah, your team will probably "flame" you and rightfully so. You are costing other people elo. One thing you must understand is that League is a competitive game. If you don't like that aspect and would prefer to be chill when playing, stay away from ranked and go hang with the other inters and trolls in normal games.
: Hey pssst... low leveled players wanna win a PVP game? come closer i will tell you a 100% secret....
: I want to learn Riven but Im bad with her
Riven is a mechanically demanding champion that requires a lot of practice to get the hang of. I've also tried her out a few times and you really need to know her mechanics if you're hoping to get anywhere with her. She is what is typically called a "one trick champ", as in, you need to be a Riven one trick if you are to be successful with her. If you have seriously considered your other options for top lane and have concluded you want to main Riven as a one trick, there are many guides out there made by pro players and youtubers who are crazy good at the game that will certainly help you out. The rest is just up to how much time you are willing to put into learning her. P.S.: If you attempt to play Riven in ranked and you aren't good at her, you _**will**_ get rekt and you will be useless for the rest of the game, as Riven is a "snowball or useless" champ. Your team will likely flame you.
: Which lane is the best to carry in the current meta
Any lane can carry, provided it snowballs. This is a silly question. Best is only as good as the player in that lane is. Also, I think you've confused lanes with roles. The lanes are top, mid and bot. The roles you have put as options are not lanes.
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: Teach a friend quest for icon and advices!
Here's some advice for you. Advice has no plural.


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