: Thesis about game addiction
Hi (again) :) Thank you all for you responses <3 I have one more question (maybe some more after that one, who knows) Do you think there should be restrictions to prevent playing too much of a game? (not just for League, just in general) For example: You could get a notification first that says something like: You've played 5 games in a row, take some rest! And if you keep on playing you're not able to play for a couple hours. I'd like to know your toughts on this :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Miss J Puff,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9YstAW10,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-31T16:15:24.812+0000) > > Hi :) > > For my study to become a social worker I have to write a thesis about one of the target groups we work with. > > I&amp;#039;d like to ask you what you think is addictive about games, League in particular. Please feel free to add any other information/links you think are interesting. > > Thank you in advance :) > > I&amp;#039;ll go back to studying :( {{item:3802}} Hello, I can answer this easy, in life it takes a while to complete something rewarding, it's sometimes expensive or extremely hard with little or no explanation like to make a movie or something like that, meanwhile in games you can achieve much more in a short space of time. a personal example is that I want to be a really good artist but it takes so much time and practice to see even a little bit of improvement and so from drawing to drawing i can't see any change in my skill but, in a game like this i know what I should do, what the objective is and there are emotional rewards for it. I hope this helps.
It helped! Thank you very much :)
: Eh, this pretty much says it all: https://i.imgur.com/Ltzs3XF.jpg BTW is video game addiction something social workers deal with? :/
Where I live we work with all types of addicts. We're not a psychologist we just help people get back to their lives, start a social circle, get a job, a house etc. The problem with game addiction is that a lot of people don't take it as serious as a drug addiction.. {{item:3070}}
Vashtrall (EUW)
: Games allow people to live and experience things they would otherwise not be able to do/feel/experience in their own real life. This makes people like games because they feel powerful, they feel rich, they feel good because they attain and achieve things that show and are known for effort (For example, the Diamond rank in League.) I think League is quite addictive because of the many outcomes a match can have, even if we come from a bad game, we always think of the possibilities to make very good plays and show off our skills, masteries and skins to the enemy, letting him know you are good.
YesYesYesYes! I had a feeling that the whole ranking stuff is addictive, I see other people saying that aswell. Thank you for your reply
: so uhm, what makes league addictive: idk, probably the fun and second, is League an addictive game? Hell yes
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am not addicted to LoL, but probably to these boards. I never had good friends, and because of that I have no social media or something like that. These EUW/EUNE boards where the first community I felt welcomed in, even though I tend to be a big asshole. Maybe that's why I have no friends in the first place. Well, social media is very addicting because humans are a social creature and social media allows you to never lose connection to others. I never had a use for social media, but the boards took it's place. I tried taking a break from the boards, but I couldn't hold longer than a month. I don't know how helpful this is for you, but this is my addicition if you will.
It's actually quit interesting that you mentioned the boards part of league being addictive. Some people believe that the social part of online games (it being in the chat or the community surrounding the game) is one of the addictive parts of gaming. Have you heard about the Maslow pyramid? It's about people needing basic stuff (like food, a house, social contact etc) to be able to grow and learn in their lives, so the league boards may fill that social part for you :)
: Wait, so you wanna know what makes League addictive or if League if addictive in general?
Both of those actually! :)
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