Larry (EUNE)
: That is the nature of the internet. It's not up to the game industries to fix that problem, it is categorised as harrassment/toxicity and gets treated the same way as others. It's a matter of education Superstition exists in the real world mostly, here is just a minor example. You see a guy in a suit and you immediately give them more attention if they ask something (watch social experiments, there are thousands on youtube) The same thing happens when someone in a game uses their age/gender or whatever that gives something to grab on and flame them. I personally dont like seeing "john99" because in my mind this dude is propably born at 1999 and is 9 years younger than me, a "kid" to my eyes. Same happens when a girl puts "sweetykitty" or a guy "macho" or whatever. Other people might make a connection and dislike you/like you or whatever. I get attention in many games due to the name i use, but its mostly friendly attention (and its not even a girls name) i never pay attention to the comments nor add people as friends, and that is more likely to negative comments. Nicknames are a representative of your personal character as well and whatever flame you get on that, you take it personally. This just happens to everyone, it's just girls that are more emotional and expressive than guys and yea, that is a stereotype and stereotypes exist for a reason. Mindless flaming has no reason, and must not be taken personally. Edit: Okay they might tell you that you suck d!@#$% and that they f@$* alot. So what? That's what almost everyone does in the real world and that's what i tell them when they use that harrassment. "So what?" and i keep repeating this "so what"... It's not an achievement or a thing to brag about, its a really common thing in reality
It's a matter of education? Yes, in a way i might agree to that. Kids today only get taught how to be safe on the internet, and not how to behave towards other people. Therefor I feel like the industry/game itself should help them realize that what they're doing is not acceptable at all. You don't know who you're talking to on the other end? They could suffer from anxiety or depressive thoughts - and with this harassment they may get online.. it could drive them over the edge. Now I bet you're going to say ''but that's their fault for playing online games when they know they could get exposed to those kind of things.'' No - they shouldn't have to worry about being bullied on the internet as well if they already suffer enough in the real world.
: U know, u dont need to let people know youre a female, consider changing summoner's name into something that doesnt indicate a female player
You know - I shouldn't have to change my name to avoid abuse.
Someone16 (EUW)
: so first you make sure everyone knows youre a female and then you play victim when they gave you the attention you desperately wanted lmao
Excuse me? I never told them I was a female - I never do "brag" about being one. Also - I'm not playing a victim. I'm allowed to express my opinion towards things that in my point of view is not acceptable
: This HAS to stop.
I want to thank you all for these positive responses. It means a lot to me, and I do realize not everyone are complete douchebags :) - Then again I really do hope RITO takes actions soon.. Many players suffers from sexist/racist/religious harassment every day.. and it's NOT okay what so ever.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Ok you do not need to be affected by these jerks. This really HAS to stop. It's very offensing, and s3xism. They need to stop. Miss Milla, next time have some trustworthy friends that may protect you. I am just 12 years, but I hate these bastards.
Oh my! i couldn't just NOT reply to you. You are such a sweet person! Thank you so much. <3
: First of all: good job on blurring their names out. Not because they'd get more attention, just because Naming & Shaming is not allowed and your thread would get deleted. As for the actual topic: Mute & Report is the best option. Trust me, it may not look like it's doing a lot, but they will get punished. Trust Rito. Don't let it take you down... Do something fun and don't immediatly play a normal/ranked again. Watch a comedial sitcom, listen to some music, wait 15 min, play with friends... TL;DR Report, Mute, Have fun / forget about them. Kind Regards Nobel
Thank you for being so kind. I will most definately not go back to playing for a little while.. ^_^
Materisna (EUNE)
: Just mute them..I do it all the time You think that isn't gonna help but it really does I do this even when the enemy starts being a "f**kwad", Aka start bragging after every kill with _easy, git gud_ etc. After the game report them or if you're late send a message to the support Anyways, hope it didn't affect you a lot, have fun playing the game :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you for your kind response! I will try to not let it affect me too much ^_^
: you are not alone. made my own exp with situations like that... just mute them ._. ... and report all of them aftergame >:3 mauahahahaha
I like your evilness :O
: if you know you're gonna get flamed, why do you point out you're female? it's like going to iran and having gay sex on the street. it's not wrong, but why would you do it if you know they're gonna murder you? i'm a guy and nothing in my name indicates it. why would i provide information about my sex in my name? it's against the rules to discriminate, but it will always happen. and it will always be ignored by riot most of the time. so...what do you plan to accomplish here? you can check their accounts on tomorrow and you'll see they will most likely still be playing tomorrow.
I never pointed out I was a female? Yes, my name may be Miss Milla, but what does that really have to do with me putting myself out there? :) In another perspective - you have dragqueens that call themselves by female names.. but they are males, are they not? I have many times thought about changing my name. I don't plan on achieveing anything here, i just honestly would like to see a more strict punishment towards these ''people''.
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