GLurch (EUW)
: Bans for 3rd party programs happen in waves, not immediately after detection. These waves happen at random intervals. I don't remember there being any ban wave since november. It's quite possible the map skin you used changed something in your files that it shouldn't change, resulting in Riot detecting you in november and since there seems to have been a ban wave recently, banning you now. In the end, only the Riot Support can tell you what you really got banned for. This whole thing with the 3rd party programs is also just a speculation.
Cheers for the clarification, none the less I'm extremely frustrated - a level 82 account gone just like that, I've been perma banned twice before thus I made sure not to get banned a third time but here I am lol.
GLurch (EUW)
: If you got banned for 3rd party programs, the Support won't tell you which program you used, they'll only tell you you used 3rd party programs. This is to avoid the owners of these 3rd party programs to figure out how to avoid detection.
I did not use 3rd party programs whilst playing, I only used one to actually CHANGE (i used Wooxy from the files but i never used it whilst the game itself was running - plus this was all in November.
Magneset (EUW)
: Could be. Any tinkering with the files can land you a ban. Including map skins.
Well I stopped using it like a couple days after - also used a custom HUD for a couple weeks but stopped as said after a couple weeks, I sure hope support doesn't tell me that's why I got banned lol.
Magneset (EUW)
: My guess is 3rd party programs. This could cover a lot of different things, such as custom skins and what not. The other choice is probably some kind of payment issue. Those are the usual suspects.
I've used neither, I used the 'shadow isles' map skin in November but surely I can't get banned for something that long ago? Plus supposedly it was perfectly safe.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: what happens if u double click on lol icon on desktop and insert your ID and psw?
I don't get logged in - as i said this is disciplinary action therefore I get this popup.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: chatlog
There is no chat log, this is DISCIPLINARY ACTION not a reform card/chat restriction .
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Cypherous (EUW)
: > Mister Dunk: reported Report calling is against the rules > Mister Dunk: so %%%%ing leash me haider > Mister Dunk: HAIDER > Mister Dunk: CHEERS > Mister Dunk: stfu > Mister Dunk: good job u filthy yasuo main I'm "assuming" that this "haider" is in your premade, however i only assume this after you telling me there were 3 people in your premade, if you had said this during a match where i was the random i would have reported you for it aswell > Mister Dunk: %%%%% > Mister Dunk: %%%%ing slag Same again, from the outside you just look like another random toxic player, at this point i probably would have muted you and made a note to report you > Mister Dunk: LUL BOOSTED BONOBO TRIST > Mister Dunk: this jhin > Mister Dunk: can suck his mum Again as a 3rd party looking at the logs this would be punishable > Mister Dunk: gg ez "easy" is also reportable, yeah don't give me the "but they had an ezreal" joke, we both know what you're actually saying > Mister Dunk: it's too %%%%ing late you mong Yet more abuse as far as a 3rd party is concerned So you weren't punished for the language line, you were punished for what you said, yes there are some things that the automated system will pick up on, but it also knows you're part of a premade so won't instantly punish you but will add weight to any reports you get that match, and even IF it were an entirely automated system you should have already known that saying certain things would trigger it and you said them anyway, so was it a player being offended or a deliberate act of stupidity?
Mister Dunk: it's too %%%%ing late you mong You're absolutely right, that was from the second game and I am not trying to justify that game - I was solo that game and we lost within 20 mins so I said a few things in that game that I shouldn't have, however - from a third party point my first game looks very toxic, but that's not what matters - what matters is the fact that I was with friends - having banter, you are trying to justify that what I said to my friends is UNACCEPTABLE because of the THIRD PARTY'S PERSPECTIVE - that's NOT how it should work, the WORDS ARE ONLY COMING CAUSE OF MY PERSPECTIVE ON THE GAME - US BEING PREMADE, therefore chatting like normal and not bothering with not flaming due to riot's 'rules'. I can't be asked to argue with you. Maybe you're right, but if that's the case then I am literally encouraged to not communicate at all and I'll have to force myself to not type at all even when in a full premade. Let's leave it at that.
: I think, if you want to talk crap with your friends then use a discord or something. Keep it out of the chat. It's obvious that random player didn't mute you and reported you. Just use a voice chat next time.
It shouldn't be like that, but you're right - what I'm really salty about is the fact that I dropped 2 honor levels (i was honor 3 for over a month maybe longer, and I presume I may have been close to honor 4 but I'll never know now) down to honor 1 and i might not get my rewards for levelling (i play a lot of league so I'm already at level 36 :/)
Metro (EUNE)
: Everyone here is a special snowflake and knows the rules and how the system works perfectly. But really though, its premades and the other guy didnt mind, but the system doesnt know that, it just sees what you write, although I think its a bad system coz you´re just messing with your friends, the system doesnt know. So next time use teamspeak or discord, or type in private message.
yep, I'll see what support says to me, hopefully I can get it resolved.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Ok lets clear this up i'm not "implying" something i am outright stating it, you said something as a joke (that only 3 people would know for sure was a joke) in a public chat that other people are present in, that would be like me standing outside and calling my black friend the N word as a joke, he knows its a joke, i know its a joke, the other people around us aren't part of that joke and will take offence to it, this IS a fact, as a result you were reported for it, and in this case punished for it, next time you might want to watch what you say around random players or you'll end up with an even longer penalty next time
I'm sorry? Since when is 'do you know the very language you are speaking in' etcetera is toxic or INSULTING them? I wasn't punished for that - you do not know how the chat restriction system works - chat restrictions are AUTOMATICALLY SET - especially via trigger words such as swear words - which is MORE THAN LIKELY the reason I got punished - stop thinking you're right, the automatic system more than likely doesn't pick up "Mister Dunk: mate do you understand the very language you are speaking in rn? Mister Dunk: do you even comprehend your majesty's language? Mister Dunk: the very TONGUE you are speaking in, the very CONCEPTS you are using to communicate with other human beings Mister Dunk: cause my friend whta u just said made 0 sense" as an insult as there is no trigger word within those 4 lines, however there are many other trigger words among when I am speaking to my other 3 premades - please stop thinking you're right, cause you're not.
Cypherous (EUW)
: And how do you know he muted you exactly, and even if he did, if i mute someone in a match i'm also reporting them, and considering you're the one with chat ban i wonder which of us is actually the douchebag ;)
It's funny how you're so passive aggro implying i'm at fault for talking to my premade and not saying a thing to the random (the random said he muted everyone, that's how we know he muted us).
: Well then, it would seem that either one or more of your friends don't share your sense of humor or you don't share theirs.
No, they were in voice and I couldn't voice, it was the enemy that reported us cause my premade yasuo was talking in all chat a lot (I'd assume, or the random on our team) - either way it's fine, it wasn't my premade.
Mada (EUW)
: Maybe this helps: You insulted your friend for the lols. Someone (possibly your friend) reported you (possibly for the lols). You got punished for the lols.
LUL, nah it wasn't like that - the enemy team reported me most likely cause my premade yasuo was talking a lot in all chat and arguing with the enemy ( I WASN'T ) but I made a joke at the end (the do you understand the very language you are speaking in) in all chat, that was my only all chat text lol.
Cypherous (EUW)
: And you think people A) know its your premade and B) care Team chat is not the place to be making jokes like that as you still subject 3 other people to having to read it, as a 3rd party observer i would have reported you for verbal abuse and a negative attitude which would have been valid reports as far as an external observer goes and as such you were punished, maybe now you'll realise that team chat isn't just for you and your premade
You're one arrogant, rude person - 3 other people? we're 4 premade - the random muted us it was ALL fine - please stop being such a douchebag.
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