: Looking for some good champions to play with.
Try these: {{champion:15}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:21}}
Cakelyn14 (EUNE)
: Any other champions like lulu?
Well, as a Lulu-Ethusiast myself, the "Lulu is Love, Lulu is Live"-Phase can go on for a looong time (I main her since season 5). Don't be afraid to stick to just one champion. But if you need something similar from time to time try out Nami, Karma or Janna. All these three have something similar with Lulu so you won't have too much trouble picking them up. Have fun buddy ^^ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: How is shen as a support?
He is ok. But there are other tank supports who do a better job than him imo. Just don't pick him against a poke-support or even poke-botlane. You will get so f***ing destroyed in lane you don't even know whats happening.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Health Rune
There is one that gives you 100 health. A rune that gives 1k health at lvl 1 doesnt exist.
elin990 (EUW)
: When is someone a good support?
Your primary job is to get your adc succesfull through the laningphase and support him for the game. If your adc does well, you made a good job. If you can also help out other lanes, provide a big amount of visioncontrol while your adc does well, you made a great job. If you play support, it's not about the kda, it's about the team. (well, having a nice kda is pretty satisfying, tho) Good luck!
SenpaiRose (EUNE)
: new runes
Well, if you don't want to read you can just watch some Youtube videos about the new runes. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Random147 (EUNE)
: Question about pre-season
You are safe in preseason. The preseason doesn't affect your rewards in anyway. You can climb and get a higher MMR for the placement matches for next season but thats all of it. So feel free to enjoy rankeds. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
goodboy2 (EUW)
: game is full of noobs
This post is great {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Rioter Comments
: A MORDEKISER main's rank about the meta.
Another reason why people play the meta is the goldefficiency. You have 4 ways to generate gold: 3 lanes and the jungle. But you have 5 players. The 2 players botlane are just there to bring the adc safely to the mid-/lategame. Ofc you can place the support somewhere else, but then you will have a lone adc who will get destroyed and is useless in mid-/lategame.
: Can I run league on this PC?
You can run league on a toaster with internet connection. Only your desires for the graphics are affected by your PC. ;)
UpZone (EUW)
: After 6 Years
They implemented the Remake system. Is this not a solution for you? On the other hand: you can abuse the system so easily: You are not winning or beeing tilted? Just afk or your buddy goes afk and whoops, the loss doesn't matter anymore. It's not like Riot doesn't care. It's just nearly impossible to implement a solution that can't be abused and is still effective.
It's probably in your game settings. But if you didn't change anything there and no other person had access to your account (perhaps a friend changed your settings as a joke?), you should check your mouse.
Raijü (EUNE)
: Camera Zoom
Did you change your monitor? The resolution has also a big impact on how much you see. (If you play on a huge monitor or a beamer you can see like half of the map...)
: Refused sale of a PEGI 3 game?!
You know, in Fifa you can kick at other people and since this game so realistic, young players will make a school shooting. Trust me. And you surely are not mature enough to handle this with your 21 years of lifeexperience. :^)
Bubbarain (EUW)
: everything gets a reset what u always lying
Really? So all wins of my last 2 seasons will vanish and i start at 0? I don't think so...
Ridiator (EUW)
: Season starts at?
No, your alistar-games will still be 60. Just your ranking gets a reset and you will be able to earn chest with all the champions again.
: Level ~20 players in normal games.
Oh well... that really sucks. I know the feeling of supporting an adc way below your skilllevel. It was a friend of mine, so it was ok for me. But with a random dude? I totally understand your frustration. :/
: Book Recommendations?
If you want some good fantasy, go for "the name of the wind". It's the prologe of a trilogy. I forgot the name of the author, sry... ^^'
314exeexe (EUNE)
: This game is balanced
{{item:3075}} + {{item:3146}} OP
: Winning games by "trolling"
As long as your adc is fine with that, it's reaaally great. :D
Yeah... ofc... do you remember the old champselect? You didn't have any kind of possibility to get your lane for sure. Now you have a higher chance, just saying.
: How's your day been so far?
Well, my day was great. I had a workshop on how to tie a book (not sure how you say this in english. Just making a book out of paper...). But now you come to boards and ask yourself: Why are so much people complaining or QQing about support not beeing good, interesting etc.? Most of them don't even play support! That really tilts me...
: _!_
You can't get your money back dude. It's not possible. (No, this is no lawcase, don't come with this argument.)
Jebaja (EUNE)
: Diversity in support role / A suggetion for an support
You never play support, don't you? Every champ has his/her unique sides and there are multiple ways of playing every single support. It's not like support is a less appealing role than others, many players don't even try to understand the support role or are to selfish to support.
: Support has to buy sightstone or get banned?
If you play aggressive you really need a sightstone. Do you think the botlane is an island? There are 3 other players that just wait for a juicy overextending botlane without wards. I would heavily recommend buying a sightstone ;) You can not be banned for your stragedy, if you don't tilt your teammates with it.
: If you cannot make the difference between the role and the person playing it you have a big problem. You can "help others" withouth the need of playing an unhealthy role, tbw. Hint: For instance playing a role that helps others and that is not unhealthy.
You, my friend, are a hopeless case. Can the boards not convience you, that you may be wrong?
: It's an ancient key for you to unlock a secret temple where you will meet the 19th alien ! Lol Now seriously, i think it's somehow related to the sea because it looks like a trident ! I think he gave you an ancient atlantida key where you can meet fizz and nautilus, they are waiting for you ... :X
{{champion:267}} What? How dare you forgetting Nami!
: Supports, are they worth the gold they breathe?
Haha, I read this post and was like "what? There are two of these "remove support just because i don't like and understand it"-people". Well, then i scrolled up to read OP's name... This is sad. How can somebody hate people that help others so much?
Lian (EUW)
: Something you should have in mind is that there is only two drakes that your team must fight for, earth and infernal, others are a lose of time that you should expend taking turrets, kills or other objectives. I don't know if in that match that was the case, but well, this is something you should know.
I personally like ocean-drake. Even more when we can get one still in laning phase. It gives you so much useful sustain.
: Time to ask a very serious question:
The key of solo-Q are complex champion designs such as {{champion:1}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:33}} ... Just champions you can 1v9 with.
: Yes, I understand. But you dont understand that NOBODY IN FKNG EARTH want to... supporting. NOONE.
Dude, I live for support. Support is my love. And trust me, I'm not the only one. You are just ignorant.
: What happens if i get super toxic once?
If you don't get racist or homophobic you should be safe. Riot can punish you for one single game, but that needs a lot more than trolling and calling somone bad or a f*ggot...
: Remove the support role
Hmm... You do not understand the support role even a tiny little bit. You are SUPPORTING that means you are not making kills, you set them up or you protect someone. If you want to kill people just simply don't play support. You will never be a good support with this mindset. Ofc you think it's useless when you don't understand it.
: Solution to "Your Team Mates Ban Your Champion".
It's unnecessary. You could report them post-game and write "banned my prefered champion on purpose" or something like that. Your LP loss-suggestion is horrible. You can turn it around so easily: preselect kata and ask in chat to ban kata. Simply report your teammate for "banning your champion" and a new much worse kind of griefing is created. (No, a Rioter will not look at every case of champselect-reports because of this...)
SatoshiHP (EUW)
: """"Legacy"""" Client
The old client is a huge mess when it comes to the code. The new client isn't just for fun, it will be better for Riot to work with.
: Buffing Kindred
A champion doesn't suck, the player does :^) No, don't take that seriously. I recently played Kindred first time as adc and it ended up pretty good. I was fed and did so much damage... Trust me, adc is my worst role and i played her for the first time. She can't possibly be that bad.
: Recommend a champ for me to get me out of plat 3.
Windspeaker {{champion:114}} support. Trust me, I'm silver.
: I don't care what you think, but...
There will be some changes (nerfs) to her next patch. Stay tuned ;)
Hi 1M OP (EUW)
: Dude play chinese server in europe lagging 300ms
Yeah, so integration and learning english or the language of the country you are living in should be a thing. Don't ask for stuff like that just because you are too lazy to adapt. Seriously...
47857 (EUW)
: There's something wrong...
The proportions are not correct (look at the hips). And i think it will help, when you make her shoulder better visible. It seems like she has no shoulder at all. ;)
: Before they made some big changes the role, i just wanted to give some ideas to them.
Yeah, and the ideas are great! But i don't think it will really work out, without changeing the game too much. (If you are on the boards for some time you will realise: So many players hate change... Even when it's good for the game.)
: This needs to end now
What do you think how many matches are beeing played at the same time? You would need hundreds if not thousands of Rioters who want to spectate games. You can't possibly pay that much people if you still want a free to play game...
FuckOff (EUNE)
: Ask for 20RP pls RIOT!
Remember: You can only do this ONCE. ;)
proliarides (EUNE)
: Why are so many white knights on the boards?
Well, there are also people who think Riot is a kind of mafia, which only cares for money. And seriously: They are not the perfect company who can handel all the problems, but they at least try and do something. People are just ignorant and excpect Riot to be run by gods who can make everything perfectly in an instant and need no payment...
: Radical Support role suggestions.
Wow, so much effort in this post. (didn't read everything) If Riot would implement something like this, it will be a big change (for example season 8). But most likely they will not implement this just for people who don't like support. The meta works too good for such risky changes that need so much work, testing and balancing.
Zefirez (EUW)
: Bllitz ult needs a fix
It only activates when you are in a fight. So if you are casually walking in the jungle, the passive doesn't trigger. The same goes for hiding in a bush.
PröPléyer (EUNE)
: All champions award
Yes, give them 10 Teemo championshards. That would be great. :^)
: Need opinion on this unconventional build for Thresh!
I think the support-item is a matter of playstyle. If you poke or trade often as thresh, spellthiefs is by far the best joice.
: Off meta picks
I would not recommend off-meta picks in Solo-Q. People don't listen or try to understand what you want to do. Perhaps you have to play with premades or normals...
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